September 25, 2012

E.L.F. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield Review

The new E.L.F. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield ($3) was supposed to make my life easier dude but I nearly poked an eye out using it.

This handy and quite innovative tool has a flexible silicone shadow shield which you can hold above or below your eye to catch eyeshadow fall out or mascara smears. It’s completely reusable, washable, and perfect for makeup application.

It’s just tricky to use.

A long time ago in a land no so far away I discovered eyeshadow shields but I must admit that after a brief love affair with them I wandered away and didn’t look back.

Fall out is a bitch, fact, but I find placing some sort of shield under my eyes during eyeshadow application kinda screws with my technique. Hey, not that I have much of a technique but no reason to hinder it eh?

Now shadow shields are far more forgiving to use when compared with E.L.F.’s nifty little tool as they are a matter of peeling and sticking under your eyes. The E.L.F. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield you have to hold in place as you apply eyeshadow or mascara.

I purchased it for eyeshadow fall out as I don’t have issues with mascara smearing. It’s handy and it does a great job of catching loose eyeshadow no doubt. The silicone is rather large and fits comfortable under your eye while protecting not only your eye area but part of your upper cheek as well.

My issue was I can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. I found it tricky holding it under my eye as I applied and blended eyeshadow. I dunno why it was an issue for me but it was. I felt like I was juggling as I applied eyeshadow and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

This one has potential but it also has a learning curve. You have to be willing to use both your hands during eyeshadow application and if you’re the type that likes to hold your lid a certain way as you apply eyeshadow you might need a third hand just to hold the shadow shield in place.

I’m going to keep trying.

Nifty but I found it a little difficult to use.

Tired it?

Do share!

For $3, it’s well worth checking out for yourself.

Available now at

I purchased this item.

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    I’m not going to lie, applying eyeshadow and holding that thing would be SUCH A PAIN!! I would feel like I was juggling too muse!
    LOL even holding a mirror to apply mascara gets in the way! I think I don’t like using both hands at once…..

  • Cindy

    Such a great tool, but I’m the saaaaame way. I can not to two things at once. I also have a tendency to always poke myself in the eye when applying mascara. The two hands I have aren’t enough.

  • Monica

    It seems like this would be better for fallout if the silicone could be bent to the shape of your face.

  • Christina

    I just use business cards to shield my lids from mascara. Its a one handed deal anyways so this probably would be easier to use. Will have to check it out thanks Muse! Just one question, do you have to hold it upside down if you’re actually using it for mascara shielding and not shadow shielding?

  • Marina P

    I need this, I just got the return of sexy palette and the glitter fallout is driving me crazy!

  • Quinctia

    I’d need a third hand to use one of these! I already need to hold a mirror up close, since I’m blind without my glasses.

    • the Muse

      ha ditto! ;-D maybe two sets of hands so we can do our blush and shadow at the same time!

  • Daintynymph

    I generally don’t like glitterbomb eyeshadows much anyway, but sometimes something’s gotta be done about fallout. I used to use the ELF makeup remover pads (they came in a little disc like 20 for $1! Those were perfect for cleaning up fallout because the edges were rounded or I could fold them in half to be more precise. I am really bummed that I can’t find them anymore, but now I just use my cheapo WnW makeup remover put on a cotton pad. It still works, it’s just not as portable.

    • the Muse

      a little tap wrapped around your finger and dabbed gently under eyes is good too dainty ;D

  • Jen F.

    I was really excited about this, as there’s nothing I hate more than when I’ve just messed up an expert eye shadow application with stupid mascara smudges. But I agree, it’s really tricky to use. I think maybe if it wasn’t curved to fit around your lashes so well and was a bit more straight (like the business cards we all seem to have used), it’d actually be better.

  • Ivy

    I think this is for makeup artists mostly. Either they or the client holds it up for a flawless makeup look;)