November 26, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Here’s a little treat, the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palettes launching November 29th at The Naked Basics Palette is for the matte lovers out there. Six shades of neutral matte eye color to use as bases to pair with bolder shades, on their own, or even in conjunction with the Naked and Naked 2 Palettes to creating outstanding, basic eye look!

Matte was never this cool!

Naked Basics is a smaller more travel friendly palette for the gals that love a good shade of basic matte. The palette contains five wearable matte shades and one demi-matte shade with a tiny touch of satin that you can use to highlight with.

Every since the launch of Urban Decay’s cult favorite Naked and Naked 2 Palettes fans have been clamoring for a matte version. Naked Basics is that palette. All six shadows are full size and contains four new and exclusive shades and two re-promoted colors.

You get:

  • Venus (soft, off white demi-matte)
  • Foxy (very light yellow beige matte)
  • Walk of Shame (light pinky nude matte)
  • Naked 2 (rosy taupe matte)
  • Faint (warm dusty brown matte)
  • Crave (deepest, darkest brown black matte)


The Naked Basics Palette will be $27 and launches this week at and for Spring 2013 starting February 1st at Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s stores or online from,,, and

Will you be hauling it?

Happy about the addition of a matte “Naked” palette?

Do share!

My review is upcoming later today!

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  • Jennie

    This is what I’ve been waiting for. I hadn’t bought the previous Naked palettes because I rarely use shimmery eyeshadows. I only use matte shades for college, so this is perfect for me. I’m so happy right now!! I’m definitely getting this one.

  • Hillarie

    I probably won’t buy this right away, but I really like the look of it 🙂

  • Jenna

    UD’s matte shadows tend to be disappointing, but I know this will end up on my Christmas list anyway.

  • Vanilla

    Hmmm I’m kind of on the fence on this one. Even though I’m one of those people begging for a matte (neutral) palette, I was kinda hoping for mid-ranged shades. My suspicion is that all of the 3 lighter colours will swatch rather closely in tone with the purpose of being highlighting shadows, where as the matte black… how many matte blacks does one person need? So in this palette, I see maybe 3 colours as something I really want, and the other 3 are just there. Will probably pass on this one until another family and friend sale comes around unless reviews and swatches persuade me otherwise XD

  • sara

    ooohhhh I have to have this!!!! Love matte colors and like that there’s light colors, good with my fair skin!! Must haul!

  • paintednightsky

    Probably a pass for me. I’m feeling at this point all the various naked palettes from other companies as well is overplayed. It makes me wonder if UD will now do a Naked Palette Basics 2 with all shimmers? I have enough neutrals to last me a lifetime and the shades in this palette don’t look all that unique.
    If they had expanded and done more shades of mattes than the 6 they did, I might have considered, but it seems like something they threw together last minute from packaging to shade choices.

  • Priscilla P

    I do like matte! I’ll think about buying it, though I recently bought the Naked 2 palette. I hope there will be some tutorials floating around using this palette (I am still a makeup newb)

  • Lipstick Boulevards

    I wish it didnt have 3 highlight shades :(( UD is just disappointing to me these days

  • Tiffany Martin

    Looks like a super nice deal, I won’t be hauling it though; I’m more into shimmers and wild colors and not super into mattes.

  • dia

    I like this concept but I fear the lightest shades will be indistinguishable on the skin.

  • Abbi Wallace Pemberton

    I LOVE mattes, I’ll def be picking this up, especially for pairing with glittery shades I own, travel, and of course to wear all by it’s pretty self!!!! 🙂

  • Sai

    I love this palette!! But I am not sure if I need it….I have already own Naked and Naked 2….

    This is definitely much better size for a makeup pouch, plus a palette of matte eyeshadows..?? I WANT it… hahhha

    Can’t wait for your review, Muse!!!

  • Cristi

    Hmm… I think I know what will be under the tree for me this year. :3

    My only complaint is… it’s plastic. Yes, I know that plastic could be considered that most “basic” of packaging for eyeshadows but… it kinda cheapens it for me.

    Looking forward to the review. I need to know what the non-matte-loving Muse has to say about this one! XD

    • the Muse

      it’s actually a rubberized palette cristi not plastic 🙂 reviewed already! I likey. It’s actually pretty good. It’s exactly as marketed, basic…it’s easy enough to hit pan on some of these shades if you’re a true matte lover ;D

  • Melody

    =^^= OMG! An even more portable palette from the Nakeds! Oh I would do my happy dance if it was a shimmer palette! They absolutely must come out with that next! 😀

  • Renee

    Might work on lighter skin tones but i dont see me using those lighter shades on my golden brown skin

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Love this portable, matte version! I could see myself carrying this EVERYWHERE and getting a TON of use out of it!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Too basic for me. I’d run out of the darkest shade in no time and be left with all other shades, lol 🙂

  • Joanna

    I am a huge fan of matte eyeshadows. I think this palette is amazing. It consist of the basic mattes which is wonderful can’t wait to see swatches 🙂

  • Sarah S.

    Hmm, haha, I definitely don’t need this b/c I’ve got Foxy and WOS in my build-your-own palette 😛 $27 is a decent deal, though.

  • Basak Celik

    way too pale for me… I am a bit disappointed by this palette. Thanks for the review 🙂

  • Jan T.

    Oh yes I will be hauling it. I have naked and foxy on my to buy list so this is a way for me to try more matte shades. As an “older” woman I find matte shades look so much better on me and paired with eyeliner the light shade on the lid makes them pop!

  • Icaria

    They could have skipped 2 of those light shades like Venus & Foxy for darker ones. I’ll be looking forward for your review.

  • BLee

    I love matte and just got the build your own. I got three mattes to start with. Ill just finsh it with more of the mattes that are in here. Ill be looking for your swatches and review, Muse 😀

  • Elizabeth Maiorana

    Love it!! Want it. Thank you for this- hope all is well and that things are back to normal for you from Sandy. xoxo Beth in Pgh 😉

    • the Muse

      aw thanks beth! I’m fine 😀 thank goodness! Appreciate your concern 😀

  • Cindy

    I am SO excited they finally made something like this! I do already have colors that are very similar to what is in the palette, but I would (and will) pay 27 bucks to have them all in a convenient little travel sized palette. I tend to wear a bold lip so this little gem is perfect for me.

    Alllllso Muse! What are your thoughts on L’Oreal buying Urban Decay? I kinda can’t believe it!

    • the Muse

      I’m in shock cindy! was very unexpected!! I’m not sure how I feel…I always worry it’ll somehow change the brand’s formula, which is kinda silly ;-D

  • amy

    I don’t *need* this, but I’ll likely pick it up, anyway. I’m loving Venus & Crave, and I’ve been eyeing W.O.S., so at $27 it’s totally worth it. I just wish they would have skipped Foxy, and replaced it with a charcoal brown.

  • Lorraine

    There’s too many light shades. And I think the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral palette makes a much better companion to both of the Naked palettes. All matte, great formula, twice the shades and more variety and a lower price…

    • Caitlin

      I just got the Stila all-matte palette, and that was def a better mix of shades than this, too–pales, warm browns, cool browns, and greys. Very nice formula, also.

  • Susan

    Well, they’re on the right track, but too many pale colors. They needed more in-between browns….nope, pass. Good idea though (smaller matte palette to accompany the Naked I & II palettes). Thank you for the great preview!! <333

  • Danii

    I really like the look of Venus but I’m not even sure what I’ll be getting myself for Christmas (rather than get presents, I get money that I can use to whatever I want. Saves the trouble and any disappointment!). I definitely like the look of the palette and can always use nice basics for travel. Maybe!

  • April D.

    This definitely will be mine! I love mattes, especially neutral ones….and it’s what I’ve been waiting for – yes! 🙂

  • thalia g

    My skin tone is too tan for UD’s matte’s shades. I have to really pack on the two lightest shades in theSmoked palette to even show a little, I will definitely pass. UD is lacking in a lot of imagination.