December 5, 2012

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil Review

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil is a newly launched cleansing oil to the brand that’s made of eight different botanical origin oils.

I was running low on cleansing oil anyway so I indulged in the large bottle of this. I generally love Shu’s Cleansing Oil so I was all about a new formulation.

Take a look!

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil is supposed to improve the skin texture as it cleanses with a selection of different botanical origin oils which were carefully selected from Chinese medicines and beauty oils all over the world. These oils are proven to have the highest skincare efficacy for creating softer skin. I had a quick glance at the ingredients and noticed no mineral oil.

The formula is supposed to hydrate, conditioner, and nourish from within. Shu’s always had a successful cleansing oil and one of the best I’ve tried and have had the pleasure of using.

I think one of the most shockingly misconceived notions about cleansing oil is the fact that people think it’ll leave their skin oily or that if they have oily skin it will make them greasy and/or even more oilier after use. That’s not the case in the least. This is indeed a thick oil which you’ll be applying to your face but it rinses clean away and doesn’t leave behind any oily or greasy feel after use. You’ll apply two or three pumps of oil on a dry face full of makeup, massage it in, add a little water to emulsify it (as water touches it the oily will convert to a milky, emulsified finish on face), massage a little more, rinse, and presto! Your makeup will be removed, your face clean, and NO oily feel after.

Unlike other formulations of Shu’s popular cleansing oil I didn’t feel like Ultime8 Sublime Beauty emulsified as much. It doesn’t really go milky on me when water touches it. It seems to rinse clean away sans the process of emulsification. The oil seems a touch thicker as well compared to other formulas. For something with several oils in the mix I didn’t feel it was any more hydrating than other formulas from Shu I’ve tried in the past. The main differences I noticed was the emulsifying factor and thicker texture of the oil. Other than that I didn’t notice too much difference in my skin. One thing I did take note of is some of the formulas I’ve tried leave my skin a touch tight after use, Ultime8 did not. My skin was soft and smooth after use sans any dryness.

On the upside, Shu’s cleansing oil always does such a great job of removing all makeup easily. Left over waterproof mascara, hard to remove cheek stain, etc….etc…it pretty much removes it all SO quickly and easily.

Overall, the formula is excellent as any cleansing oil from Shu is but I’m unsure if it offers any major hydrating factors. If you don’t need a new cleansing oil there isn’t any reason to indulge however, if you need to stock up on a new bottle you might want to check this formula out.

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  • Elaina

    I used to LOVE the green A/O Shu, but ever since they left the states and I could only get it from their website, I noticed it completely changed. Didn’t emulsify the same, wasn’t as easy to rinse off, it didnt even smell the same! :'( I’m still considering ordering it from Selfridges, but I think shipping would cost more than the product itself! Lol. Thanks for the review, as always you are pure perfection my dearest!!!

    • the Muse

      elaina REALLY? I just finished my last bit of shu’s whitening cleansing oil, it was actually before Shu left the states that I got it so this is my first restock….very interesting about the formula change. Something of interest, this oil can be used wet…which is odd..I tried it and it actually works better this way lol! You are most welcome! Have you tried Jill Stuart’s Cleansing Oil? If you’re considering ordering from Selfridges might as well in JS’s version ;-D great stuff!

  • Elaina

    Oh m’ gosh! Please tell me you have seen the stunning Karl Lagerfeld edition Selfridges has!?! And PUHLEASE tell me you have a hookup on a legit way I can order it!!! 😉

  • Ilona

    Hi Muse, I’m really curious about cleansing oils but almost all of them, including Shu’s, contain mineral oil and I read that they are pretty bad for our skin. Is that something that worries you? Do you know of a good cleansing oil that doesn’t contain mineral oil but is still effective? Thank you!