March 25, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Etude House  Baby Choux Base

As you know Etude House launched three shades of Sweet Recipe Baby Choux with their new Spring 2013 Collection. I was excited about this because I adore their Peach Base (of a similiar idea) released a few years ago and expected these would be the same formula.

Turns out they aren’t quite like the Peach base but they are however, just as brilliant.

Take a look!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base are available in peach, mint, and berry shades. I picked up the peach and berry both of which address duller skin and brightening, whitening it where as mint is for redness. Technically peach addresses dullness where as berry acts to whiten skin but really both perform equally the same function in my opinion so you might not need both if you’re looking the save some money.

Berry does indeed have a faint strawberry scent however, I didn’t really smell anything with the peach and to my nose it was more of a play-doh scent than anything else.

These are one of the few products that deserved a back up purchase for me. I used to be all about purchasing back ups of LE products however, when you have beauty coming and going out of your life so often you learn that you really DO not need two of every single product and color around. Things start to get out of control very fast. So you can imagine these are pretty special to warrant a back up purchase from me.

Each comes in a glass jar with a screw top lid and spatula for application. If you own Etude House’s older Peach Base this is nothing like the product in terms for formula. The old Peach Base was a dense formula versus the Baby Choux which has a loose, thinner, runny yet creamy texture. I know that was a mouthful but this is indeed runny yet it still has a certain creaminess to it. I thought it would be a mousse texture to be honest and probably would have thought it twice as awesome if it was but I’m ok with this creamier, looser texture as well.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Berry Baby Choux Base

Etude House Sweet Recipe Peach Baby Choux Base

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base Swatches

Etude House Baby Choux Base Swatches

Berry and Peach

I wouldn’t bother with it if you’re not into brightening or whitening bases as that’s basically its function. Both the Berry and the Peach look very similiar on my face so as I mentioned above you don’t need both. The texture absorbs easily into my skin, leaves it delicate hydrated, and has a soft, smooth finish on my skin. It isn’t dewy nor is it powdery, it has soft, natural dry down that adheres to skin beautifully.

As I said, it does brighten and it does whiten. If you put enough on you can take your skin tone down an entire shade so in this case less is more. A tiny bit dotted on cheeks and blended out is enough to brighten your skin up and creates a beautiful base for makeup. It eases my dullness, perfects my skin, and gives me a flawless finish that’s no less than perfection.

I absolutely love what it does for my skin and have gotten many compliments asking what I was wearing on both Musings of a Muse and in my “real life”. It’s the type of product that creates a beautiful base for makeup. It doesn’t necessarily prolong the wear of foundations or BB Creams but it does perfect them and creates a flawless base for them. If you want you can use a very tiny bit as your makeup as well and go without foundation for a more natural look however, more is less as I said.

Needless to say I love what these do for my skin. It brightens, eases dullness, and even whitens when enough is applied. It makes an excellent base for BB Cream and wears well on its own as well. If your skin is duller and in need of a pick me up I do highly recommend these.

Absolutely a gorgeous base for creating a flawless, beautiful appearance!

Muse Approved.

I’d recommend E-bayer, Zinoparks, for a purchase (Not affiliated) as he ships fast and has fairly reasonable prices.

Tried the Baby Choux?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Ella

    I have the peach version of this and I adore it. I’m so fair that it pretty much matches my normal skin tone but I find it prevents BB creams and foundations that normal oxidise on my skin from going orangey.

  • Livi

    would you reccommned this as a skin perfector/wear alone for paler skintones? I’m white as a sheet, maybe like an nc15? [im not sure, i havent been color matched in a long time but i am very very pale] because i think it might work for me : )

    • the Muse

      hi livi yup I mentioned in the review it could be worn alone as a makeup of sorts. 🙂

  • Audrey C.

    Augh, I was trying to stay away from these but you’ve convinced me with this post! I want the berry one, right meow!

  • Alanna

    I wiiiiiiiiiiiiish these were not LE. 🙁 they are hg status for me


    Now those look lovely! It seems like only the asian market really appreciates brightening, whitening makeup products… These look lovely I want to purchase either the mint one or the one of those two above!!

    Muse, quick question I recently bought the Dior Perfecting primer that you raved about and ( I love it by the way!! ),
    I was just wondering, these baby choux primers have a more noticeable effect right? 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

    • the Muse

      baby choux has a way more noticeable effect Linda. Dior def brightens but Baby Choux, applied correctly, whitens as well as brightens 😀

  • amy

    The peach actually matches my skintone *exactly*, LOL. I may have to pick one up… I’m supposed to be on a face-product no-buy for the rest of the year, but I will give this some serious thought. Maybe I can justify it as “skincare”…

  • Liz

    Sully from a girl band called “f(x)” is the face for this product, and it has the brand record for fastest sold out.
    As all from this collection, I simply love the package, but is not for me.

    • the Muse

      it contains sunscreen jessica but I always recommend sunscreen prior any base or makeup.

  • Tiffany Martin

    I haven’t tried it but this is such a promising review, it’s going on my wishlist. Peach is a lovely color, not pinky looking thankfully!

  • beth

    Ah, I love this! I have the Berry and love how it whitens but not too drastically! I usually wear it alone and my face feels so soft and healthy and hydrated with it too XD if only it weren’t LE….. :/

  • 앨리스

    I’m pretty afraid to use this because I don’t want to damage my skin some more. 🙁 but I definitely bought it just because it’s useful for places that aren’t necessarily my face – it’s almost like costume make-up, since it does cover up some blemishes pretty well underneath BB cream too! But thank you for the review, and swatches! 🙂

  • bebe

    I just ordered the Peach shade from Amazon, and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the review.

  • Jasmine

    Yesss! I’m so glad you reviewed this! Do you have any other seller reccomendations? unfortunately Zinoparks doesn’t ship to Alaska.. (and they have the cheapest price on ebay too!) I’ve looked at Kollection K but I don’t know if they’re legit, and shipping is insane!

      • Jasmine

        They also don’t ship to Alaska as well! wahhh. Alaska and Hawaii are always neglected with shipping rates! I might as well buy a ticket to South Korea and purchase it for myself at this rate! 😉

  • Cj

    So… It’s like a skin perfecter? Not really a TM or foundation but it brightens and evens out a little?

      • Cj

        Cool 😀 ordering now! I think I’ll get the peach one, unless you like the berry one better :O?

        • the Muse

          both are excellent but the peach will be best for your fair skin dear!

          • Alanna

            I want one of these other shades since I already have the mint, and I’m also really really fair but also really cool toned… I was leaning towards berry but do you think it would just make me really pink? I’m scared of looking yellow with the peach ahahahaha!

          • the Muse

            it doesn’t make you pink Alanna, it does make you white/bright but def not pink.

  • StellaDiva

    I have also found this and the Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish at and he ships for free to US.

    So you use this in place of a primer? I have been using the L’Oreal Miracle which lets my Cho Yo Bang BB slide on like butter and not grip onto every little flake or pore on my face. Would this do that same or do I need both if I want to brighten up a bit? Thanks.

  • blueraccoon

    I think I want the mint, because I do have some redness in my cheeks. And maybe the berry. Have to wait until I move, though! (Ugggh so hard)

    • blueraccoon

      edit: I ordered berry and mint last night from F2PLUS1 as it won’t arrive until after I move, so I can just give them my new address. I’m so bad at delayed gratification, and this looks so awesome!

        • blueraccoon

          Just coming back to note that mine arrived today and I love them to pieces. I like the mint better than the berry because my problem is more redness than dull skin, but they’re both awesome and feel fantastic on my skin. I’m going to try the mint all over tomorrow and see if I need anything on top of it.

          • the Muse

            yay happy to hear it blue 😀 does the mint smell like mint!? curious minds!

  • karayray

    i’ve heard that all the shades are better for people with fairer skin… would that be a problem for me since i automatically start tanning no matter what once it starts getting warmer…? :/

  • carrie

    This sounds amazing. I think the mint would work well for me too…I get both the pale-ness as well as the redness on my cheeks (thanks to my family being both Norwegian and German). I would LOVE to go to Korea and do a major haul…never been in spite of having been a Korean linguist and being close to fluent…sigh

    • Alanna

      I think you’ll love the mint! I’m swedish and german, and I have the exact same skin. :p I look really moonlit and porcelain with the mint base on though!

      • carrie

        Thanks Alanna! Its great to get recs from people with similar skin tone concerns!

  • melissa konowitz

    I’m soooooo not into whitening. I love my medium slightly tan skin BUT I have a huge lemming for this and I might just buy it because I have a problem LOL. Is there a a 12 step program for addicted to buying products you don’t need? Ha.

  • Yiyin

    Hi! I have acne prone skin and lots of red spots on my face! Do you think the mint one might help reduce redness?? I dont want to wear makeup cause its bad for the skin so i was thinking i will just use this as a base then some concealer. Will it still be bad for my skin?

  • coralcara

    hey muse, I don’t know if this is too late now or not but do you think this would be suitable for medium skinned girls? I’m an nc30 right now and I’d love a new base but I’m terribly conscious of how Korean cosmetics caters to paler girls and I really don’t like the ashy-ness that comes from wearing a base/bb cream paler than your skin tone.

    • the Muse

      sure, you can def use it. It’s not as whitening as you’d think. at NC30 it’ll brighten you up nicely! def not chalky or ashy looking imho. You should try it, I think it would do nicely under your regular bb cream/foundation.

      • coralcara

        Thank you so much for replying! I’m off to ebay to buy this now 😀

        • the Muse

          my pleasure cara, I think you’ll like it. update me when you tried!

  • Aya

    What is the difference between those two? Which do you think is better? I have been wanting to buy this so much but i just can’t seem to decide which one i should buy. I want the one that covers my pores completely. Thank you seriously for this lovely review i have been looking for someone to have them both 🙂

    • the Muse

      hi aya I mentioned in the review what the colors do hope this helps 🙂

  • Isa!

    Hi Muse!

    This is the first time I comment but I couldn’t help it. I am really interested in this product. I’m a latina, with fair/fairly light skin. Do you think the peach or the berry would blend in better? Also, amazon has it for 17 dollars including shipping. Too much?

    • the Muse

      either would work fine Isa…the peach would be brighter/whiter though and the berry more subtle of a brightening effect. Be careful with amazon, TOO many fakes. and yes $17 is a little bit much you can prob find on E-bay for less.

  • lil’eve

    I love baby choux! I gave my sis my regular foundations after I tried it. I took a huge chance because I received no samples previously and at $13 is a huge risk for me. What I do to deal with my pores is that I push it in the pores with my fingers, them spread it out. And just like u say, less is more exactly. I’m just wondering what choux means.

      • Stephanie

        I have to laugh because choux is French for cabbage and is also a term of endearment. I think I want to try the Magic cushion version of the green ♥

        • Isabella Muse

          it’s actually a reference to the pastry choux, they had this pastry themed collection called Sweet Recipe from last year and “baby choux” was the name of the base aka what is now Magic Cushion 🙂

  • Eva

    I bought the product in peachy tone. It’s just too pale, guess most Asian products have a whitening kind of effect 🙁
    The first time I used it I didn’t apply any foundation just a thin layer of loose powder.
    I know Muse has dry skin and so do I. Maybe my skin is drier? It gave me crack looking lines on my face after a few hours I applied it. Ended up giving it to my pale skin obsessed Korean friend.
    It does have a very nice scent though XD

  • Melanie

    I purchased both the berry and mint based on your recommendation. I had already bought the Holika Holika based on a sample I received with some BB cream. Since that stuff is the best thing to happen to my skin since BB cream, I cannot wait until it gets here! Thanks for the great review!

  • Joyce Ho

    Dear Muse,

    I loveeeeeeee your blog.It’s so informative especially on the Asian beauty section.

    I just have a question. I have trouble putting on BB cream, it just rubs off and getting flaky on top of my moisturiser. I’m pretty sure my skin is not dry and I do exfoliate very often…
    Help please??? :'(

    • the Muse

      thanks so much joyce so glad you enoy Musings. hmm not sure. Have tried “palming” it on? that’s typically my application and it melds beautifully to my skin! I’ve never had any flaky issues with BB Cream and I do have dry skin.

      • Joyce Ho

        Thanks so much for your reply. I did tried the patting and palming, like all the Korean beauty products suggest…Not very good…I realised I would just have to really massage(in circular motion) all the moisturiser in, and then apply my sunscreen and BB cream. Btw, your review about Missha sun essence, totally awesome, I’m so glad I bought that product. Now it will always be my primer 🙂

  • Linda

    Hi Muse! I bought the mint/green Baby Choux and it doesn’t smell like mint. It’s more like the play doh smell you describe. The green shade totally obliterates redness, especially around the nose and eyes. LOVE this product. Thanks for the recommendation. I like wearing it alone on no-makeup days, and under foundation on work days. I really hope I can keep finding it on eBay and Amazon for awhile longer. Thanks for all your great reviews, Muse!

    • the Muse

      happy to hear it Linda!!!!!!!!!! that’s great news 🙂 aw my pleasure glad it helped!

  • hasya

    hi! I really love your blog and spent most of the time browsing your articles about korean make-ups especially Etude House ones, it really helps me to decide which one is suitable for me.
    my face is acne prone and kinda red in t-zones so I’m thinking to purchase the mint-green baby choux base, but I’ve recently bought etude cc cream silky which they said can be used as base/primer. do you think I still need the baby choux or should I just stick to my cc cream? thank you xx 🙂

    • the Muse

      it’s up to you hasya…not sure if you use bases normally to sooth/ease redness if so baby choux would be a good pick if not maybe you just wanna stick with the EH CC Cream. I’m unsure how you prep and prime so it’s entirely up to you if you do layer products or not.

  • ming

    Hi Muse,

    So what’s your top 3 make up base and primer so far?

    Is there any make up base or primer that can prolong the wear of foundation or BB cream for oily combination skin? Doesn’t have to be from your own experience (I know you have rather dry skin) could be a review from a friend or something?


  • ming

    Sorry, allow me to add in any recommended primers/make up base for oily sensitive skin as well. I saw one of your older posts on choosing the right primer for different skin types. The one recommended for sensitive skin – Lorac aquaPrime, it says No Longer Available on its website. Not sure if it’s been discontinued or just simply out of stock.

    I’m still pretty new to this make up base/primer area. So, really hope to get some tips anyone out there. Thanks~

  • Kopikido

    Hi Muse! I was looking around the internet for reviews about the EH Baby Choux base and I came upon your site. Actually, I’ve been looking up at your site for Korean product reviews (yes, I’m a bit of a silent follower).
    Right, getting straight to the question. I just want to ask if Baby Choux base is also ok to use as primer for a mineral make-up like Bare Essentials.
    Thanks and more power!

    • Isabella Muse

      hi kopikido! thanks for following/reading! I don’t use Bare Essentials but I will say I think it makes a better base for BB Creams and liquid or cream foundations! It can be a little pasty so a little goes a long way and I think that pasty finish is best eased with a creamy foundation where as a powder might not really cover the issue so you might look a little whiter than you intended to if that makes sense?! Hope this helps!

  • Amber

    Hi Miss Muse!!

    Love your website and go on it almost everyday. :-). I have a question about this product. I just received my baby choux base in the peach which is in the jar. Can you please explain how to apply it? I haven’t found any videos online that demo it. If you do know of a video, please send me the link. Thank you SO much!!!

    Love, amber

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks amber you’re too kind. I apply on my face after skincare and prior to bb cream or foundation. No trick or special technique just dot it on and blend it out! Hope this helps!?

      • Amber

        Yes Miss Muse!! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question with such love!! :-). Truly an honor. I will try this tomorrow and keep you posted on how if goes. :-). Xxoo

        • Isabella Muse

          oh gosh no prob amber 🙂 <3! Looking forward to hearing! Good luck!

  • Amber

    Hi Miss Muse!
    I went ahead and applied baby choux after my skin care last night for the first time. :-). I opened the jar and thought nothing of it! I dotted and blended just like you recommended and voila!! The results were way better than I expected. I loved the way my skin looked. Thanks Miss Muse!!!