March 20, 2013

Tarte Park Ave Princess Gel Bronzer & Cheek Tint for Summer 2013

Tarte Park Ave Princess Gel Bronzer & Cheek Tint

The new Tarte Park Ave Princess Gel Bronzer & Cheek Tint popped up on QVC today and I think I want it, even if I’m not a bronzer girl. Launching for Summer 2013 this 2 in 1 liquid bronzer contains a liquid matte bronzing gel in the popular Park Ave Princess shade with a creamy blush in the perfect sun-kissed shade to compliment the bronzer.

I dunno about you but when I wear bronzer I tend to like pairing it up with cheek stain, cream blush, or powder blush to make it easier to wear. Bronzer just feels easier to sport when you’re wearing a little blusher on top so this is the perfect solution to add a little peachy pink glow to cheeks as well as that sunny bronze glow!

Tarte Park Ave Princess Gel Bronzer & Cheek Tint Summer 2013

It’s available now at

P.S. Happy Anniversary Yoko. We’ve had our differences over the years (Beatles politics, you know how it is right and you forgive me yes?) but I still believe you’re the best thing that ever happened to John.

Thanks for inspiring John and being partially responsible for the amazing person he was. Damn shame he isn’t here to share it with you. It wasn’t easy but I’m sure it was always great.


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  • Christina

    Wow…can’t believe you posted this. I truly adore, and simply have had my whole life inspired by and motivated by my love for The Beatles. This is awesome. Thank you.

    • the Muse

      mine too especially John 🙂 completely inspiring! I’m glad SOMEONE feels the same 🙂

  • Christina

    Girlfriend, you don’t want to get me started on that! Being a Beatles fan completely eclipses everything else for me. My SO says I love them more than I love him! 😉

    • the Muse

      that’s incredible. I’ve been a long time fan myself since like childhood, my sister was a lennon fan and I kinda inherited it…although for her it was all about the the music but also love what John stood for and believed in.

      • the Muse

        ps I also happen to be one of those crazy people that believed John actually did some of his better work after the Beatles. EEP don’t kill me!

  • Christina

    Nah, won’t give you grief for that. I love the post-Beatles stuff and have collected all the solo material. I am happy that you appreciate John’s music and get what he was trying to do. I cannot even begin to tell you here how important they have been In My Life (pun intended)…everything from working in the music biz, to my first UK trip (including Liverpool, of course), to my dabbling in art (I think my frustrated artist embraced makeup after I stopped sketching)…you name it, I can trace it back to loving the Fab Four.

    • the Muse

      I think some of the solo material, between both John and Paul (and even George, sorry, I happen to be that crazy person that felt Ringo just didn’t add much to the band LOL) was some of their best creations. Together it was great but alone, they did some amazing music as well. Their late 60’s stuff, prior to breaking up, was incredible. Hehe love the my life reference (ps did you like ozzy’s rendition) wow you worked in the music industry!!? now that’s interesting!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    Your other loyal readers will be wondering what site they’ve logged onto after reading our converation!

    But I have to add one thing in defense of Mr. Richard Starkey a/k/a Ringo Starr — The Beatles did not make it until Ringo was added to the line up permanently. He was an essential member to their success and incidentially, he does have the most #1 hits in the post-Beatles era! I do enjoy each Beatles solo stuff and so much it is better than most bands ever produced BUT I do find Beatles music, as a group, to be my number one love. That, and I think Paul McCartney himself is perfection.

    • the Muse

      are you kidding? I’m queen of off topic discussions here on Musings ;-D hehe! I gotta admit, Ringo has simply never done it to me, it feels like he was the odd man out. I’ve never really followed his career outside of work he’s done with the Beatles. So paul is your number 1 Beatle? 😀

  • Cindy Ramirez

    The tip of the product screams ‘Strawberry Sherbert’ and ‘Eat me’ at me.

  • Christina

    OK then, I don’t feel so bad about veering the topic waaay off. I warned you not to get me started! And yes, although I love all The Beatles, Paul is my fave..I still react like a teenage girl when I see or hear him. OMG we really need to take this conversation off-blog or I will never shut up.

    • the Muse

      don’t be mad at me but do you feel like Paul’s voice has changed a little bit with age? I’ve seen him on several shows recently singing live and I hate to say this but it was awful 🙁 one of the greatest things about Paul and John was their ability to sound so amazing when singing live, something not many artists can actually accomplish well. oh please talk all you like, I enjoy our chats 😀 be it makeup or otherwise related ;D!

  • Christina

    I know I am far from objective, especially when it comes to Paul, but he has really been doing so many live shows back-to-back-to-back, that his voice is just in need of a rest. Most people don’t realize how many shows and appearances he does but I try to keep up on all things Beatles. The man is a workaholic! But if you don’t believe me, you must see the LIVE sessions he did for his latest album (which won a Grammy this year) “Kisses on the Bottom”. And of course listen to the tracks if you haven’t already. His voice sounds like velvet.

    • the Muse

      i love that it made me smile, “His voice sounds like velvet” 🙂 I’ll be honest, I’m more of an old beatles fan and don’t really follow Paul all that much. I imagine if John was alive I would follow his career very closely, he’s always fascinated me as an artist and just his general beliefs. Paul always seemed the quieter of the two 😀 I admit did have a thing for Wings, Paul did some great work with the band 😀 and P.S. I love Say, Say, Say hehe!

  • Christina

    I had “Say Say Say” playing in my car just this past weekend! I have a McCzrtney CD in the CD player, and my Beatles only iPod plugged in, too.

  • diane

    I want this new tarte bronzer so bad! I prefer cream and liquid bronzers over powders. I am wondering how different it is from the globe trekker bronzer & rainforest glow bronzers that came out last year..i love both of them! this shall be mine eventually!!! if you buy it, please review =)

  • Icequeen81

    I agree with you, my blush is in a bronzer color perfect solution too lookgood

  • sjgsjg

    I love in the Beatles Anthology where John says that even though Paul said he wrote “Hey Jude” for Julian, it was really about John falling in love with Yoko…”You have found her, now go and get her.” It’s the eternal thing of you kind of hate seeing your best friend hook up that intensely with someone and separate from you, but you love seeing them so incredibly happy.

    But on an actual makeup note, I love that color even though it would probably look like ass on me.

  • Miss D

    Wow, haven’t checked your site for a few days…can’t believe I missed this Beatles post, but must put in my words too. LOVE, love, love them- they were just the greatest band at being musically diverse EVER. Hands down (and this comes from a girl who loves lots of music from the 60s and 70s, even stuff older than that!).
    Love John too…but from what I read he could be a serious butt to both of his wives at times- Cynthia and Yoko. 🙁
    Love them all but my faves are Paul and George- I can barely go a day without listening to some of George’s solo stuff- seriously!
    Hugs to all the Beatle luvas! 🙂