April 12, 2013

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream Review & Swatches

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream is available in two shade selections and recently launched in Korea. This is one of the more interesting CC Creams I’ve run across lately due to the innovative compact packaging. You wouldn’t think of a cream base being packaged in a compact but that’s exactly how the Face Shop serves up its Aura Color Control Cream.

Take a peek!

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream 4

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream 6

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream is housed in a chunky light pink compact with mirror and sponge for application. This is a CC Cream with a richer, creamy texture so you wouldn’t expect to see it in a compact like this as typically BB Creams, CC Creams, or cream foundations of any kind are served up in pump packaging.

It’s interesting because this style compact makes it easy to travel with it and apply it on the go. Quite innovative when you think about it.

How does it work?

It basically has a tiny hole located in the center of the compact with a small push mechanism. You simply push the little button and the perfect pea size amount of CC Cream pops out of the spout. Nifty eh? Of course, if that amount isn’t enough for you just press the button again and more product flows out. This is great packaging for a few reasons…obviously it’s easy for travel but also it’s mess-free and the CC Cream remains fresh.

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream 7

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream 8

You can apply the CC Cream with the included sponge by patting it onto skin or simply use your fingers to apply it. It’s entirely up to you.

The formula has an SPF 30 and promises anti-aging benefits as well as brightening skin. It’s quite moisturizing so it applies with ease and blends out to a picture perfect finish. It has a surprisingly semi-matte finish for something so hydrating. The formula is actually designed to not oxidize on skin or darken so you get long wearing coverage without fading or going dark, ashy, or orange on skin.

It’s named Aura for a reason as it creates a rather beautiful luster on skin. Nothing glow-y or shimmery, it’s just a brightening healthy effect. They market the wear as 12 hours but I get about 6 or so before it starts fading and showing wear.

I purchased the 02 Natural Beige shade which has a peach undertone. Coverage is sheerer but builds up to medium easily so you can conceal minor acne issues, redness, darkness, and other skin issues/problems. 02 wasn’t a perfect fit for my skin but it set and adjusted perfectly.

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream Swatches

Overall, it’s a rather fab CC Cream that creates brighter skin. In this case the correcting aspect is the fact that it eases dullness and creates more of a healthy glow on skin giving the illusion of a no makeup look.

I quite liked it.

The Face Shop has several stores in the US but unsure if they carry this yet as it is a fairly new product. E-bayer F2PLUS1 also carries it (not affiliated) as well.

I purchased this item.

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  • Sara

    What intriguing packaging! I might try this if the it cosmetics cc cream doesn’t work out. Have you tried it by any chance Muse? Happy Friday!

    • the Muse

      testing now πŸ™‚ review should be next week, very promising so far sara ;-D TGIF!!!!!!!

      • Sharon

        I have tried thΓ­ over the last three days after reading your review. Actually this is also in my “plan-to-buy” list. The texture is light I love it and the smell is not strong or do not have smell at all – I might be overwhelm by my moisturizer which I apply before this cc cream layer. However, with the temperature of nearly 30oc in my country right now, I get shinny after 1 hour applying and I must say It do not control oil very well compare to my bb cream – the face shop smart digital bb cream which can last for half a day before I need to use my blotting tissue. Anyway, it does make my face brighter and I love it, might stick to this cc this summer! Thanks for your review anyway!

  • Sara

    oooh yay! I hate returning to QVC! It’s en route to me:) Shipping takes forever to Cali….
    Thanks for the response!

      • Alexandra

        Hello~! ^^ I am on the verge of buying this cc cream,thanks to your review for the most part. The only thing is that I don’t know which shade I should get. I have a fair complexion, very fair in the winer time,even though I don’t really get tanned. But now I got sunburnt and I think I got a bit darker,though I really can’t tell. I’d say that it’s a very subtle difrence. And,at the same time,I don’t want to look like a walking dead,considering how it’s summer right now. Would this shade be appropiate for a fair skinned person?

  • Jennifer F

    I was wondering where you peg the shade of natural beige on the MAC scale? Do you think it would be appropriate for NC25?

  • Elaine

    Thanks for the review! I find the centered compact very intriguing and can’t help but be reminded of Jung Sae Mool (Korean YT artist) line of makeup. I believe she uses the area as a ‘palette’ to mix illuminating primers, shades and moisturisers to create an ideal base (:

    Will you please review Banila & co. CC radiant cream? (: it’s been getting a really good response on the YouTube community but I’m still on the fence as there’s the tony moly luminous aura as well as Γ©tude house CC version. Too many choices!!

    Thank you (:

    • Tran

      Korean brand now attack CC :))I saw this CC line on Etude House, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Skinfood, Nature Republic. Wow so much, well the list must be cont, maybe Pepipera, Holika Holika ect…
      I have my eyes on CC of TFS / Skinfood and Etude House

  • Coco

    Interesting packaging! Looks so nice. I went crazy at The Face Shop during my last trip to the US.

  • Jaykee

    ooo this looks super interesting… since 02 has a peach undertone, does that mean 01 has a pink undertone?

  • Tran

    Its seem liquid type so I don’t think it will last long in humid weather like where I’m living now (Viet Nam)

  • Elaine

    Oooh, I got this the other day in the store in Manhattan! I really like it, but it looks kind of patchy on my nose (oily) and chin (has a bunch of dry ache scars) πŸ™

  • jenn f

    hey muse,

    whats the oil control on this? can’t wait for you to look at the tony moly one. am deciding between these two.

    • Cindy

      I don’t think it does anything for oil control. I have an oily t zone and within two hours, I notice considerable shine and at hour 4, I have to blot because my face is mega shiny. I have the Tony Moly Cooling CC cream but haven’t tried that yet.

      • Natasha

        I have dry skin and find it’s awesome for keeping me from getting dry patches… is it supposed to control oil?

  • Kari

    ooooh this is interesting though I still have several tubes of bb cream to finish. but ooooh

  • Attika

    oooh cute packaging! how well is the coverage muse? i really want to try this but it’s more expensive than bb creams so i’ll have to do more research lol!

    • Attika

      whoops sorry just noticed you’ve written about the coverage :p i’ve read really good reviews about the loreal CC creams that are released in the UK, have you tried it?

    • Cindy

      I find that it has considerable coverage compared to other CC creams. Like Muse mentions, it is sheer but you can build it up to medium. I have tried to get full coverage, which it did. However, it felt really heavy.

  • Peachy

    Oh my, this sounds just right up my alley! BB creams can be so heavy for me sometimes….also, I’ve noticed on the product pages that they sell refills for it as well? That’s a huge plus right there!

  • Hon

    Hi Muse! Thanks for all your reviews, I love reading them with morning coffee πŸ˜€ I’m really intrigued by this CC cream – but I’m worried that the colour won’t suit me! I’m somewhere between nc25-30 in Mac, will strong yellow undertones, and for example, Missha perfect cover in n. 23 is perfect for me! Will it be too light and ashy on my skin? Thanks!!

    • Cindy

      I am medium skin tone as well. It is a little light on me but when I used bronzer, it helps the color blend in better. In a couple of hours (2-4), I find that starts to oxidize and blend in better with my skin, making my skin look very natural and flawless.

  • blueraccoon

    So #1 looks like it might be light enough for me…so I bought it. If it’s not, I’ll mope but be unsurprised. But #2 looks light enough that #1 might just be okay. Hope with me πŸ™‚

  • grace

    Is this oil free? Is it good for someone looking for something really light that has spf i’m 18 years old!

  • Christi

    I must get this! I adore the packaging, it’s so nifty! I’m waiting to get some other CC’s first tho, but I’m sure I won’t be ale to wait too long knowing me. I just ordered Smashbox CC cream and It Cosmetics CC Cream, both are en route..I also just got my Γ‰tude House CC cream today, I haven’t worn it on my face yet, but swatched on my hand it’s very pink for me, and light coverage, which I prefer. We’ll see how well the color adjusts on my face tho. I ordered both types of the Etude CC, # 1 silky, and #2 glow from 2 different sellers. Silky is the one I received today. It does have a very nice texture I think, but until I actually try it on my face I can’t say anything for sure yet. I’m becoming obsessed with CC Creams! And just when I was happy my bb obsession was dying down since I own over 20 bb’s (that I’ll admit to lol)! Oh noes!

  • Mizu chan

    They do the same packaging as MULE. The first brand that done this type of packaging.

  • Reehana Shah

    I’m so glad there’s a Face Shop store in Dallas! Hopefully they’ll get this soon so I can pick it up for the summer.

  • sara

    Can you list out the ingredients? I’ve heard this is one of the better cc creams with higher coverage so I’m considering getting it. Thanks!

  • Cealina

    Hi!, what shade does no2 match to in mac?:O thanks!! πŸ™‚

  • Natasha

    OOOH! They’re opening a store in San Diego this week-end… I am going to hunt for this CC cream to give it a try! SOunds perfect for summer travel.

  • Cherrypie

    Have you tried “TFS face it aqua uv color control cream”? Do you think this kind of CC Cream oil control?

  • Steph

    The Face Shop in Hawaii has this CC cream and it is also available in 03medium beige. Also they have refillable cartridges for it! Very cool!