July 2, 2013

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask Review

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Masks

As you know the new Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask is available at drugstores now! I purchased two boxes recently at my local Walgreens as, well, I was pretty darn excited facial sheet masks were available so locally. I mean, we are sorely lacking in the sheet mask scene here in the US. We have a few higher end brands that offer them but they aren’t readily available at the drugstore. Within Asia the sheet mask is extremely common with a wide variety of brands that are cheap as chips.

Sadly, here in the US that selection is kinda sparse if not completely non-existent.

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Masks are a follow up on Garnier’s popular Dark Spot Skincare products. These masks address dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin tone.

Sounds great right?

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask

Unfortunately Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector and Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight Peel didn’t really do it for me but I was excited to try out the Dark Spot Treatment Masks in the hopes they would actually brighten up my duller skin.

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Facial Sheet Masks

These come in a box that includes ten individually wrapped masks for $16.99. Each mask supposedly contains 1/2 bottle of hydrating serum based on a 1 oz bottle. The masks are a typical thinner cotton fiber with holes for your eyes, lips, and nose. They fit very well and have a stretch so you can maneuver them around if your face is wider or longer. I’ve been through tons of masks and I must say I was impressed with the fit of this. It just fit perfectly. The eyes were lined up perfect as was the mouth. It didn’t tear easily either and remained perfectly fit through the wear.

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask Summer 2013

Now it addresses a host of problems from dark spots to dullness and even uneven skin tone while hydrating. It contains a stable form of Vitamin C that brightens and creates a more radiant finish according to Garnier.

It’s a great mask all around. It hydrates very well and has a good deal of essence in each mask so they feel quite saturated and stay quite “wet” through the wear. My face feels nice and smooth after and more supple not sticky or tacky. It does have a fresh citrus-like scent that might prove irritating to some but I had no issues.

Garnier suggests ten minutes of wear but I went ahead and did twenty without a problem. I do 20-30 anyway with sheet masks so I had no issues here.

If you’re in it for the hydrating factor you’ll be pleased however, for brightening and whitening or addressing dark spots I can’t say it really worked. I killed a box off and started on a second box and their claim that using the mask three times a week will result in brighter skin is unfortunately not true in my case. I have minor darkness on my jaw line and of course, duller, lackluster skin that can use brightening up. This provides fairly great moisture but as far as addressing dullness or dark spots it unfortunately disappointed me.

It also happens to be a little pricey because even after shipping you can get far better sheet masks from Asia for less than $16.99.

The good news is that we’ve evolved! Finally facial sheet masks have reached US shores! Hopefully more brands catch on to the trend and we continue to see other brands introducing their own variations. It is rather brilliant being able to walk into the drugstore and purchasing a box of sheet masks without worrying about airmail prices!

These are available now at drugstores.

Anyone try them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask 1

I purchased this item.

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  • Cait

    Ooh I’ll have to try these! Did you know that Freeman has hydrating sheet masks now? I found them in Walmart last night… Individually wrapped for $1.37 each. I’m not an expert on sheet masks but I liked it.

    • the Muse

      shut the hell up! REALLY?! I gotta go look for ’em ;-D

      • Daniela

        Lol I read this before going to wal mart and found them. The ones I found were three different clay ones. I have the red earth clay one on now with pomegranate and cinnamon. OMG this thing is incredible. It’s cooling and smells great. I’ve never tried this brand because it always looked cheap to me but reading the ingredients ( which are crazy impressive and natural…at wally world. What?!) and wanting to try a cloth mask (infused with clay? bonus!) convinced me. These are pretty fabulous. Oh heads up they were 2.47 at my store but I’m loving them so far:)

  • Devin

    Target sells a few varieties of sheet masks targeted for different needs, how ever I haven’t tried those. They are located near the bath products in the isle with the bath soaps, body tools, and bath salts and things. I have tried the ones Ulta sells, I believe the brand is ONE? They also had cucumber eye pads as well as the sheet mask. I wasn’t too thrilled with them. They were WAY over saturated with product. Dripping even. It slipped off and slid all over my face. But both the ones from target and ulta are under $1 🙁 hopefully some more drug store brands will jump on the band wagon.

    • the Muse

      yeah, I reviewed those a bit ago devin ;-D good stuff. I never knew Ulta had any cool will have to try ;-D

  • Daniela

    Ok update on the montagne jeunesse cloth clay masks( oops they aren’t freeman..or are they?) I left it on longer than recommended so it could dry (I like a clay mask to dry you know?) It was about 30 minutes and it didn’t dry totally but some parts did and the whole thing peeled off delightfully. My skin looks kinda awesome…these are super fun and I think worth picking up:)

  • lil’eve

    i dont like anything garnier because nothing works for me. do you think you can review ohui black sheet mask? i see other reviewers online but i dont trust them. lol

  • Laura

    Hi Muse! Which sheet mask to get moisture is your fav at the moment? I’m going to Hong Kong for 5 months and I want to use an effective sheet mask on the plane since its such a long flight, so I’d like to hear your recommendation (Asian or not):)

      • Laura

        Thanks, will try those for sure! 🙂 Can’t wait till I’m there and can try out more Asian cosmetics without having to pay loads for shipping!

  • Gabby

    They actually did work for me. I had dark spots all over my face and now i dont see them!

  • gilda lozano

    thanks for the advice. I was wanting them for my dark spots but now with your review I will not be purchasing them. Thanks for saving me money.

  • A007

    It says 6 masks on the box. :/
    So, is there 6 or 10..?

    Too bad it didn’t work for you. maybe it takes more time to notice a difference, just like with any dark spot treatment after a few months even then you’ll start to notice dark spots fading.

    but I’m interested to try this one, since it’s easily accessible at the drugstore why not? 🙂

    Thanks for the great review! =)

  • Susan

    Hello! Tried this last night and was impressed with how non-sticky but hydrated my skin felt. I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin and had no issues with irritation.
    Were you expecting lightening results after one or two boxes? Just curious how much further you went after the two boxes because it would take months with a drug store product like this for results…
    I’ve purchased 4 individual masks($2.99 each but I paid less than $2.50 total for 4 packets with coupons!!)I’m going to do 2 more w/in 7 days and then consider buying a box. If you’ve stuck w/this product I’d lvoe to hear an update…figuring out whether to continue with it or not.
    I really like the write up you did and how much detail you went into. Will check out more.

  • Leslie

    Thank you for the review. I have finally started a very regimented face care routine. I used to only wash my face in the shower and I would put on some nice anti aging moisture cream and maybe some eye cream. Now that I approaching 35 I have noticed some dark spots and wrinkles. Oh how I regret my teenage and college tanning days!!!
    I recently bought the garnier cloth masks at CVS and I have been using them for about 2 wks. I just ran out. I agree with many if the comments and the main review.
    One piece of advice. Carefully cut open the mask envelope after u have placed the mask. Look inside there is still lots of the liquid serum leftover. I use a Q tip to scoop it up and place little dabs of it on spots on my neck chest and arms or hands. It makes me feel like I am getting a bonus treatment!

  • kassie

    awwwwwh i really wanted these to work because ive been looking for a mask like this for sometime. i do have dry skin so they might help in that area

  • Christy

    I actually love these. I am 25 years old and I have very acne prone skin that usually leaves scars. I do have one deep scar on my nose that it may have lightened although I don’t think it was an acne scar ( I have had it for about 2 years now and it feels deep). However it moisturizes great without breaking out my skin and all of my acne scar spots are almost completely gone… I love these masks and I try to use at least one a week!!

  • Sharece

    I can’t use these, unfortunately. I was really excited to see these masks (single packs) in the Target dollar isle, I picked up 3. I showered first, dried my face, and applied the paper mask (very easy to do, no ripping, no running, or sliding). At first I got a little bit of a tingle, I didn’t think anything of it because it sort of felt like Noxema. After about 3 minutes my face felt like it was on fire and I removed the mask, furiously tried to rinse the solution from my face, and cool down the burning sensation. When my face dried I had a raw/red complexion. The next morning my face was dried out, still red, and very sensitive. Today my face is still pink, very dry, and peeling in several spots; I expect the whole thing will eventually peel. I must be allergic to something in the ingredients. I’ve used other Garnier products and never had this type of reaction, in fact, I’ve never had this type of reaction to anything. I do break out easily, and if I have any type of reaction, that’s usually it. Who knows…I just won’t be using this product again.

    • briana

      I’m having this problem right now as I’m wearing it!! should i take it off?! i think I’m gonna take it off now mL

  • Ayman

    Is this mask appropriate for all skin types? Didn’t say anything on the box…….

  • briana

    I’m trying this mask right now and i feel like its burning a tad bit, is that normal? specially near my eyes and a bit on the cheeks here and there, i have eczema (not so bad on my face, just a little bit of flakey skin, does this matter?)

    • Isabella Muse

      Take it off and rinse with cold water. Don’t leave something on that burns.