July 15, 2013

Glade Wax Melts Now Available

Glade Wax Melts

WHAT?! Glade Wax Melts? Yup! Glade now has a series of Wax Melts aka Tarts available in stores. I located a display recently at the evil empire (Walmart) and proceed to squeal in the aisle. The thing is Glade makes some really killer limited edition room sprays (Maple Pumpkin anyone!?) and I have hopes that this new line of Tarts means we’ll see some of those rooms sprays converted into a tart at some point!

Take a look!

Glade Wax Melt

Glade Wax Melts are $3 each and contain eight wax melt squares. You can also purchase a warmer for around $9-$10.99 to use with the tarts if you want but I have plenty of Yankee Candle Hanging Warmers so I def do not need to indulge.

I believe there are a selection of at least eight or ten fragrances at the moment. I picked up Apple Cinnamon, Hawaiian Breeze, Jubilant Rose, and Vanilla Passionfruit. There’s also Mixed Berries, Vanilla, Cashmere Woods, and a few other scents to choose from!

Glad Wax Melts and Tarts

If you’ve never used wax melts before you simply place on in a tart warmer, light a votive under it, and as the wax melts it will fill the room with fragrance. I haven’t yet used these but I’m hopeful they have a strong scent and throw!

I’m hopeful Febreze will do a series of tarts too at some point.

Anyone try or see these yet?

Do share!

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  • Marsha D

    I picked the Hawaiian Breeze scent up at Wal-Mart and I am IN LOVE!! These things are super easy to take out of the container and they work well in my scentsy warmer! They keep the house smelling good. I’ve had it on for a whole day and night and the smell is still present!! YIPEE!! 🙂

  • Amiee

    I LOVE Hawaiian Breeze! It’s my favorite glade scent. I hope the wax melts smell like the plug ins and the solid air fresheners. The Sense and Spray version and the car versions don’t smell the same.

  • Kimmwc03

    I recently got a Scentsy warmer so I want to pick up some of these as the are cheaper.

  • Alyza

    I am so stoked about this, too! I have a scentsy melter in my dorm room since we can’t light candles, and I love how affordable these are!

  • charlotte

    Definitely have to check these out. I used to use the candle/melts but with my cats I really do not like having a burning candle around all the time. I’ve been using the Better Homes and Gardens melts that Walmart sells and so far they are the best performing I’ve found (strong scent and last 2-3 days) but I’m always looking for new ones.

  • NIcole

    Hi muse! Febreeze DOES make tarts! I’ve bought a couple of them from Wal-Mart and they’re wonderful!

  • Sam

    I hear such mixed reviews on the Febreeze bars! I can’t wait to try these though!

    • the Muse

      i did too some say they are weak! :-/ I hope the glade ones aren’t!

      • D

        I purchased a pack of Febreez melts and was not impressed at all. To begin with, none of the scents offered as a melt is a scent available in what we already know, plug in, candle, or spray, so if you want Linen & Sky, Meadows & Rain, Gain Original, etc. as a wax melt, you’re out of luck. I didn’t like the scents available, but chose the one that I was ok with, which was a peachy something, but I’m not a fan of having my home smell fruity (or spicy), but rather clean and fresh. The throw was decent, but it didn’t last too long; as someone mentioned above, the Better Homes & Gardens melts are one of the best ones I’ve tried.

        Happy sniffing!

        • the Muse

          thanks for the update D! awww I love all those Febreez scents can’t believe they didn’t do them in tarts boo!

          • D

            I know! I would have loved Linen & Sky, and paying $9 for a plug in pack of 2 is slightly ridiculous.
            On a related note, as I remember, the wax melts were also not in the same isle as the plug ins & sprays. I bought them at Walmart & they have another section with oils, reeds, diffusers, and candles (this is nowhere near the plug in-spray isle), which is where this Febreez Home stuff is located. So if you can’t find it where you would think you would, it’s in another isle. Same at Target, but my Target has that isle semi near the other.

      • Sam

        I have two different kinds of warmers so when I pick these up, I’ll definitely let you know which one it does better in! I have 24w hotplate and yankee tea light 🙂

  • julia

    I will test these out soon myself. But everyone please know that using non scentsy wax in your warmers voids the warranty. It is better to burn it in the warmer they are designed for. 🙂

  • Ashlie

    I picked these up when I was in the store last month – love them, but the scent only lasts a couple days when on all day (I have it in my classroom). I’m not sure how that compares to similar products, this is the first of this type that I have used. But, the Pumpkin Spice (or something like that) gave me & all of my students a headache – so out the door it went. No problems with any other scents though.

  • Donna

    I tried the Glade Apple Cinnamon. It does smell good and strong, but it has given me a massive headache. Back to Scentsy!