July 24, 2013

I Really Try To Understand Her


But I dunno what the hell she is trying to tell me. I just passed her by and she started reaching out…for a hug? To give me a high five? To attack me? For a cheeseburger? I dunno…what she needs!?

We don’t speak the same language but we love each others, that’s all that matters…I think!


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  • auroragyps

    Attention. That’s what she wanted. She pulled a “Look how cute I am… love me.” move. They’re really good at that. Lady Zeal does that to me when I’m going to take a shower to go out, because she wants me to stay home. Acting all cute and purring… it’s hard to resist, but someone has to go out and buy food.

    Oh look, she’s being cute right now. Must have known I was talking about her. 😉

  • Michou

    OMG SUCH a darling cat.

    Also, this is how she lures you in before she plots out EVERYONE’S demise. Everyone. In the world. 😛

  • Jackie Diane

    Man, cats are weird. Mine do that too and I just don’t know. I think they’re acting out because we’re invading “their space.” I love them, but they’re ebil!

    • SusanT

      Jackie, that’s what I tell my kitten, that she’s being “ebil.” Since she’s so cute & sweet she can’t be completely evil, so I changed it to “ebil.” I thought I was the only one who said that — LOL! Hug your kitties for me — meow!!! My Daisy says hi to them.

  • Tanya

    So cute! I had a cat that used to paw at my shoulders so I would pick him up. When the cat I have now does it, it means he wants to play. They’re so funny.

  • Miss D

    This looks like a still from a scary movie, Muse! But she’s totally cute!

  • SusanT

    What a gorgeous kitty! Kitty wants love, what all kittehs want. I have a new kitten, so I’m in the midst of a love fest. Kitty love is the best!!!

  • Ruth

    She’s saying, “Momma, lookie at mah jelleh beans! you sees ’em?”