July 11, 2013

The Balm En Root Spray Gel Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

The Balm En Root Spray Gel

the Balm En Root Spray Gel happens to be one of the unfortunate products I didn’t like from the En Root Haircare Collection. Sad sigh, sniffle, hold me?

I was so enjoying the Balm’s new En Root Haircare Collection up until now too! Awww you ruined my good run damn you spray gel!

Let’s take a look!

Ok, so I should start by saying that I hope at some point the Balm either A. Creates a hair refreshing mist or B. does some sort of fragrance, body mist, or perfume scented like their hair products. GOD I am so passionate about this brilliant fragrance! Anyone try any of the En Root products? Dontcha just adore the scent or is it only me!? I need some sort of body mist that smells like this. I wish we had scratch-a-vision so you can just sniff it through your monitor. It’s hard to describe but I promise it smells amazing.

And yes the Spray Gel does indeed have this scent.

Now this Spray Gel contains Shea Butter which is a big yay for moisture however, I personally have never gotten the point of a gel that’s a spray!? Hello WTH!? I’ve also never had great success with them. They make my drier, wavy hair look greasy or too shiny and they give that really odd film-y type of feel that isn’t super pleasant. A little gel is never a bad thing even if it does cause major build up! But hey it keeps things in order sometimes…however, spraying it directly onto your locks…I dunno it’s just never really worked out for me. You might be able to scrunch better with this if that’s your technique of choice.

Personally I feel like it weights my hair down and makes it feel sticky and tangled.

Not good.

Unfortunately the Balm En Root Spray Gel or any Spray Gel really doesn’t work for me.

I do however, HIGHLY recommend En Root Leave In Conditioner! Total must have peeps! I’m on my second bottle and just ordered a back up!

The entire En Root Haircare Collection is available now at thebalm.com

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy typing out the balm dot com….I’m a dork.