August 27, 2013

Sephora Flash Delivery Service for $10

Sephora Flash

Want two day delivery on ALL your Sephora orders? Sephora Flash Delivery Service for $10 is a new service that gets you your beauty goods within two days.

The service costs $10 for a full year of service and is in its beta stage at the moment so only a select few will get an e-mail inviting them to try the service out. At some point I imagine it’ll be open to everyone but as of now check your inbox for an invite to the service.

Considering Sephora already has a three day delivery option as well as same day delivery in New York I’m unsure if I really need this service but for those who find it takes literally days to get their package this might be a very good option!

The thing is…I thought three day shipment was bogus because you had to take into consideration the order processing which ended up meaning you’d get the package in five days. So I wonder if two day really translates as four days! :-/


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  • Sara

    I got the email this morning and signed up for it immediately. A lot of the time I want to order something (like a sale item) that’s only $10 or something, but shipping adds $6 to the amount! So paying $10 once for free shipping on ANY order for a year was a no brainer. I just ordered one of the Urban Decay eyeliners for $6 that I’ve been lemming for a while. I don’t care too much about the delivery time, and they have a chart that says if you order by 3pm on this day, you’ll get it on this day of the week. It really is 2 actual business days.

  • AnniLau

    The FAQ says “One-day and two-day shipping refer to your estimated delivery date after our estimated shipping date,” so I’m guessing it’s more like the 4 days.

    • the Muse

      The thing is…I thought three day shipment was bogus because you had to take into consideration the order processing which ended up meaning you’d get the package in five days. So I wonder if two day really translates as four days! :-/

    • AnniLau

      Oh, but then the actual shipping page says orders will be sent out the same day if ordered by 3pm.

  • K.B.

    I was invited to sign up for this a month or so ago, and I immediately took Sephora up on it. Depending on when I order something, it’s anywhere from 2-4 day shipping. My last Sephora order was on a Saturday, and I didn’t receive it until Wednesday, so it’s not any different (most of the time) from 3 day shipping.

    Don’t get me started on how long it takes Sephora to process returns. (rolls eyes)

    • AnniLau

      Oh, I returned a makeup bag not long ago and it took WEEKS for them to process it. It was just silly. They need something like Amazon’s process.

  • Debster

    I’m wanting to sign up for this. Being on the west coast, I get my orders from the NJ center instead of the Utah one most of the time. It takes over a week for the NJ package to get to me.

  • Cj

    Not trying to sound… Entitled or anything, but does any1 else think this be free and automatic for vib rouge peeps?

    • the Muse

      vib rouge do get free shipping with every order but not the two day option :-/

      • Cj

        Yeah we get 3 day right? You’d think $1000 in a year would be worth the $10 flash fee πŸ˜› maybe I’m just being greedy its not like I’m not gonna buy flash anyway lmao. Apparently you can pay $5 each order for “flash” 1 day shipping too :D!

    • Deb

      Not very damn likely, CJ! I signed up for this when it was $25 and I am a VIB Rouge. They’re not offering any refunds or gift cards or anything to make up the $15 difference. That tells me all I need to know about just how “important” being a VIB Rouge is.

  • kimkats

    *stomps around in a huff* I didn’t get the email and I’d have jumped all over it…. *stomps off*

  • Gaby

    I also got the email this morning and signed up for it right away. Most of the time I dont want to spend 50 at once and the closes sephora to me is 45 min away so pay $10 for free shipping for a whole year was a no brainer. πŸ™‚ I come visit your blog everyday muse! I really like it πŸ™‚

  • Samantha

    When I first signed up for this I was charged $25 for the program! Hopefully refunds will be awarded to the ones charged the initially asking price

  • Regina

    WTH?!?! I got this email over a month ago and paid $25 for it. That really sucks…and is frustrating! Also, I’m in Oregon – two of the three orders I have placed since I paid for this service shipped from UTAH which is a two day transit time via ground service. Those orders were shipped ground. BOO.

    • Christina

      Well, I just called customer service. The rep said that they won’t be able to refund the difference to anyone who signed up previously at the $25 rate. He said corporate just decided to lower the price, and it is only for those new invitations. That totally sucks!

      • Regina

        What a bummer. I just sent them an email about it. That REALLY sucks, I feel gyped!

  • Cindy Ramirez

    I can’t complain… my friendly sephora girl gave me an out of stock free shipping code and secretly told me the code never expires, they just tell you it will in a week. I’ve been using the free shipping code for a whiiiiile now. ;] I feel like this should be with a confession bear picture.

    • the Muse

      cthulhu gonna get you Cin. I heard him wake from his watery grave when he heard you type that you were basically stealing free shipping from Sephora on every order. FOR SHAME! ;-D

      • Cindy Ramirez

        This made me go into a fit of laughter! This is why you call me Cin ;] Tentacles and free shipping!

        • the Muse

          i know all your secrets about tentacles mmmm hmmmmmmmm! ;-D positive cin-ful!

  • Michou

    So, considering I was about to buy two Bite lipsticks already (cannot wait to get them – Apricot and Tannin are going to be EXCELLENT late summer/fall shades) – this came at the PERFECT time. I do normally just buy $50 bucks but often find myself not ordering when I want to because sometimes I just want one item and don’t want to pay shipping. I figured $10 for a whole year is a pretty good deal on this, especially as the Sephoras by me don’t often carry Bite (or a few other brands).

  • Phyrra

    So I hit rouge and I paid for this. I’ve always been irked because any time I’ve paid for 2 day shipping in the past it still took longer to arrive. I’ve even called Sephora and complained, and they’ve refunded the shipping costs. Typically, even though I’m East Coast, it takes 4 business days to get here. i.e. if I order on Saturday, I won’t see it until Thursday.

    • Michou

      I’ve had the same issue!!! What irks me too is that they don’t count Saturday as a business day (which should be more clearly stated), but even then it gets there on the fourth day, which is not three day shipping.

  • Corinne

    I never got the email to sign up…as someone in the West Coast this would maybe benefit me….

  • Sher

    My sephora orders usually only take about 4 days with the standard shipping. I didn’t get invited anyway, but I still may have signed up if they offered it for $10. I’ve heard from some people who were offered the chance to join Flash for $25