September 23, 2013

Wen Seasonal 32 oz Cleansing Conditioner On Auto Delivery

Wen Fall Apple Spice

Fall Apple Spice and Winter Cranberry Mint are two new fragrances available in Wen Cleansing Conditioner. If you missed out on the Wen QVC Today’s Special Value that includes Fall Apple Spice here’s your chance to grab it in a large size as well as the other four, limited edition seasonal scents are will be popping up for Winter, Spring, and Summer!

Take a look!

Thanks to reader Nicole who points this out to me as I’d have never known. QVC now has Fall Apple Spice available in a 32 oz size for $49.99 (pictured above is the 16 oz)! Thank GOD! As I love this stuff! Not only can you get it in a larger size but you can also have it auto shopped to you with a new seasonal scent over the course of the next three months.

Your first shipment of Fall Apple Spice arrives right away and later this Winter you’ll get Winter Cranberry Mint with a Spring and Summer fragrance after (names unknown as of yet).

Each shipment arrives every 90 days and will stay at the same price.

I quickly canceled my auto ship of the QVC Wen Today’s Special Value and went ahead and ordered this instead! I feel bad because I won’t get the facial/hair mists but I prefer having the larger Cleaning Conditioners. I wish it was reversed and that the Today’s Special Value included a 32 oz of the seasonal scents but that wasn’t the case as it included a 16 oz of the seasonal fragrance and a 32 oz of Almond Mint.

If you liked to lock on this visit and put in item number A241088.

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  • Nicole

    You are so very welcome to the Muse! I am so happy you you got in on the seasonal cleansing conditioners on auto-delivery! I am in love with the smell of the Fall Apple Spice and I am so excited for all the new seasonal scents. 😀
    I went a little overboard this weekend. :/ I ordered the oil and the 6 oz replenishing treatment mist in the Fall Apple Spice. That was not super bad, but then I added the Six Thirteen nourishing mousse, of course the the 32oz seasonals on auto-delivery, then I added another 32oz bottle of the Fall Apple Spice cleansing conditioner, and then I figured well why not get the Six Thirteen styling creme too! Seriously, my styling creme was practically empty! That was my second order this weekend… :O
    What can I say, I love my hair, my better half’s hair, and Max’s hair (that is our kitty)! Plus I always share my WEN. 😀

    • the Muse

      ME TOO nicole 😀 can’t wait! LOL damn girl you’re set for life 😀 I don’t share well :-/ hehe! MINE all mine!

      • Nicole

        I don’t know about set for life, my hair is quite long, past the middle of my back now.
        I just got the e-mail previewing his new Bamboo Green Tea cleansing conditioner… Should we take bets on how long I hold out before ordering it…? Haha! 😀

          • Nicole

            Oh my gosh, the Muse, did you order the Bamboo Green Tea already?! If you did I am going to have to now; I mean I would not want you to be the only one who can review it. 😉 You have no idea the willpower it has taken not to hit speed buy icon this long…! LOL! I love the kids WEN formulas and the Bamboo Green Tea is rice based as well. The rice based formulas are easier to rinse out and are great for those who have allergies. I actually plan on ordering the Bamboo Green Tea formula for Max (our 4 year old blue point ragdoll kitty) because it does not have tea tree oil in it (tea tree oil is toxic when ingested by cats 🙁 ) and is easy to rinse out like the kids formulas we have been using on Max. I also think the scent of this formula will be great for men so I should probably order it for my better half as well. 🙂
            Anyway, if you ordered this PLEASE let us all know! 😀

          • the Muse

            i didn’t yet but tempted 🙂 awww ragdoll kitty! got a pic? 😀 I haven’t ordered yet kinda considering but with the massive 32oz fall apple I have and more to come I MIGHT wait 🙂

  • diane

    chaz and mally had a show with jacque together the other night. mally had a lip gloss set with these glosses: mally look, orchid, peach, berrylicious and blossom…..chaz said 2 of those 4 names are ingredients in the spring and summer seasonals for this year! so my guess is spring will be something with either orchid or blossom and summer will be something with berries or peach =)

    • Nicole

      From the clues I have heard I am guessing orange blossom and peach for spring and summer. It is just a guess though. 🙂 I heard one of the hosts say something about Florida having to do with one and Georgia had something to do with the other.
      Mally and Chaz cracked me up! Mally had some great stuff in that show too… 😀

  • Shelly

    I have tried Wen Cleansing Conditioners at least 10 times and can never seem to get it right — my hair always looks and feels greasy 🙁

    • Nicole

      That is too bad Shelly, I know it is not for everyone, but usually when used correctly people do have success with it. I am not saying you didn’t use it correctly, it is just too bad it has not worked for you. 🙁
      The only thing I could suggest, if you have not already tried this, is trying the Cucumber Aloe formula. It is the most clarifying and is good for people with oily scalps and dry ends. I also do the cleanse, rinse, and repeat meathod. It really does seem to make a difference in how long I go between cleanses. Best of luck to you and I hope the information is helpful to you. 🙂

  • kim

    New winter scent for WEN for 2014/2015–any hints? I bet he’ll bring that winter vanilla mint back along with a new winter one. he brought back the fall ginger pumpkin this fall.

    • Nicole

      The new winter one coming up is Winter White Citrus and his plan is to bring back Winter Vanilla Mint and Winter Cranberry Mint, just like he did with the fall seasonal formulas this year. 😊