December 26, 2013

Futurederm Skin Reborn Facial Cleanser Review

I purchased this item.

Futurederm Skin Reborn Facial Cleanser

I purchased Futurederm Skin Reborn Facial Cleanser ($39) for myself earlier in November because I was looking for a cleanser that would get me through Winter without adding to my already drier skin. I find it hard to find just the right Winter cleanser because many make my skin tighter and drier after use.

I wanted something that wouldn’t necessarily add moisture but something that wouldn’t add dryness either.

Futurederm Skin Reborn Facial Cleanser sounded like a perfect pick as it’s a pH balanced formula that leaves skin smooth but not dry.

Take a look!

At first try Futurederm Skin Reborn Facial Cleanser looks and almost smells a lot like Philosophy Purity Made Simple. This worried me because for a long time I adored Purity Made Simple but technically it was making me terribly dry! I stopped using it several years ago, best thing I ever did for my skin!

This is loaded with some incredible ingredients like SiQube which supposedly firms skin and improves the skin’s natural barrier function. It also contains a variety of antioxidants.

Sounds perfect right?

It is but it has one issue with I’ll tell you about shortly.

It doesn’t lather which I’m fine with and it does indeed whisk away dirt, makeup, etc very easily. It leaves my skin squeaky clean and VERY, very smooth and soft. I can’t say in all my skincare years that I’ve tried a cleanser like this. I love that I don’t feel a single ounce of dryness! Not even a bit of tightness after use! Truly it is a miracle formula. It doesn’t really add moisture but the beautiful part is it doesn’t add a bit of dryness either and that’s absolutely a miracle for me. It has a runny gel-like consistency that reminds me of applying a serum to my skin. You apply on a dry face and simply rinse off with warm water.

Now the problem…

The bottle says don’t get it near your eyes and they are NOT kidding. It STINGS HORRIBLY!!!!!!!! Unfortunately I happen to be one of those people that doesn’t avoid their eyes when washing their face. I mean how do you do that? It’s difficult not to wash your complete face….I mean washing around your eyes feels unnatural to me. I actually didn’t notice the “don’t get this in your eyes” portion of the label until it was too late. With my second use even though I was warned during the rinsing portion I did get some near my eyes again (like I said, hard to avoid your eyes when cleaning your face) I again got it in my eyes. Ugh! The sting…oh lawd the sting.

Needless to say Futurederm Skin Reborn Facial Cleanser is incredible but better still would be a formula that’s eye friendly because as it I probably won’t make use out of the product….! I just find it to challenging avoiding my eyes when I clean my face!


Such a wonderful formula too!

Hopefully in the future this one will be more eye friendly!

You can grab it now if you dare to suffer the burn at

Futurederm Reborn Facial Cleanser

I purchased this item.

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  • Jennifer Davis

    Hi, I’m glad you did a review of the Futurederm cleanser, I was wondering about it. I have dry skin too and my “go too” cleanser when my skin is freaking out dry is Shiseido’s Benefiance extra creamy cleansing form, this stuff is great! Yes it is a little on the expensive side but it’s so worth it. It totally gets all the makeup off without stripping any moisture and a little bit of cleanser does the job, one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used! (I should work for them, life their products!)

    • Isabella Muse

      jennifer gotta try it! never tried this one 😀 wow something from Shiseido I haven’t indulged in yay hehe! I’m so sad Futurederm didn’t work out, loved the formula but the burn just wasn’t working for me 🙁

  • Angelina Kaiserman

    Isabella I love all your choices of products my favorites cute packages!!!! Like Joe Paul!!! your are the best!!!

  • Miss D

    I’m the same way- if something says it’s a facial cleanser then to me, that means it can be used to wash the WHOLE face, not just certain parts. And even after I use cleansing oil or eye makeup remover I like to wash my whole face with a face wash. Sorry it burned so much- ouch! please make sure you thoroughly rinse your eyes out to get that stuff out.
    BTW, I hope you saw my XMAS tree emails I sent you…was Santa good to you this year (I FINALLY bought myself Season 3 of Jem and finally the complete remastered set of The Godfather, so I’m a happy camper)?