December 16, 2013

Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance for Spring 2014

Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance

Look out Falling in Love you’ll have some competition for Spring 2014 as the new Philosophy Loveswept fragrance sweeps onto shelves in time for Valentine’s Day.

I think Falling in Love and Grace were two of my first Philosophy fragrances and I spent a good deal of time telling myself (and convincing myself) that I loved both when in fact I really didn’t. Especially Grace which everyone raves about but I simply can’t understand the love for….!

However, I’ll keep hope alive that this new Philosophy Loveswept will finally be the Philosophy perfume I fall for.

The new Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance for Spring 2014 is a romantic soft floral perfume spray that includes fresh bergamot notes mixed with citrus, pink jasmine, lotus blossom, and purple passion fruit.

It’s available now at and launches in stores shortly.

Are your a Philosophy fragrance fan?

Which are your favs?

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  • Victoria

    Ooh, pretty bottle! I hope it’s nice..I too cannot understand the hype over the graces. So happy there is new fragrance in the “love” bunch!

  • Stellar

    I also don’t understand the hype over the fragrances. They are pleasant but not something I instantly go ‘I love it!’

    • the Muse

      agreed! they have a very strong cult following especially grace who consider it their signature scent but I’ve never really gotten on with it 🙁

  • Mary

    It must be that it smells differently on other people’s skin, because I smell grace on me, and I smell a sweet powdery bit of nothing! I’m so glad to hear that there are others who agree!

  • Robin

    I like Baby Grace and Unconditional Love, but I buy dupes of them and I don’t wear everyday. To me, Amazing Grace smells like room deodorizer in a hotel room.

    Loving Clean Skin by CLEAN. Lasts all day which the Phil fragrances do not.

  • Nik

    I can’t wear fragrances, but I grew up loving fragrance ever so much!!! 😀 as ive gotten older its been harder to tolerate fragrance (i use fragrance free detergent and bar soap 🙁 fragrance gives me shooting pains in my head!) I can only wear amazing and pure grace…without these fragrances, I couldn’t wear perfume. I have people tell me I smell beautiful, that’s a great compliment because scents to me can be offensive and overwhelming. If I could wear fragrance it would be Dolce and Gabbana Desire, that is a beautiful scent. 🙂

  • Elena S

    I used to love Amazing Grace like 7 years ago but then got a new bottle a year ago. I am convinced the smell is different now. Something was changed and it smells different than before. I do not like the new Amazing Grace.

  • SusanT

    Hey, Muse! My favorite scent of theirs, and the only one, is Amazing Grace. And actually I like the body spritz the best, the weakest of the line. I’ve had the perfume and the eau de toilette, but I love the body spritz the best. Yeah, it doesn’t last too long, but so you spray it a few more times, that’s easily taken care of. And the soap and shower gel are heavenly, too. Try it again; I think you’ll like it.

  • Laurie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Amazing Grace and now, the newer, Living Grace! I have allergy issues and can’t wear many fragrances without getting headaches. The Philosophy line of fragrances has been a godsend to me. I’ve worn them for 12+ years. They’re light and fresh and clean scents. My husband loves them, and I used to wonder why my son used to always walk behind me at my desk chair and inhale deeply above my head. It was because of my Amazing Grace. 🙂 I’ve received lots of compliments from people. The best being every time I was volunteering in the school concessions stand and was hot and sweaty, one lady used to always tell me I smelled so good — like I’d just stepped out of the shower! THAT’s how I like my fragrance to be. Soft, fresh, never over-powering (have you ever been trapped in a car or on a plane with someone wearing a strong fragrance??? UGH….) I also enjoy the Pure Grace fragrance when I want that soap and water clean smell. The Falling in Love is okay but a little too cotton-candy scented for me. I’m curious about this newest fragrance, but will probably wait to read reviews. I’m guessing it’s along the same sweet sugary scents of the other “love” products.

  • Nicole

    I own Loveswept and really enjoy it a lot! I am not a Grace fan, but I do have a soft spot for Unconditional Love. 🙂 If you tried and enjoyed Bath and Body Works Merry Marshmallow Kiss from this past holiday collection you will most likely enjoy Loveswept. They share some of the same notes and are both that sweet type of fresh scent. I really enjoyed Merry Marshmallow Kiss so this new fragrance from Philosophy is a hit with me! 🙂 I will also add my better half really enjoys this fragrance on me too! 😉