January 2, 2014

Wen Winter Cranberry Mint Cleansing Conditioner Review

Wen Winter Cranberry Mint Cleansing Conditioner

Wen Winter Cranberry Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a welcome treat today as the snow laying on the floor makes it feel a little like Christmas again!

I recently got my bottle of Wen Winter Cranberry Mint Cleansing Conditioner in the mail and gave it a test drive so here are my thoughts!

Wen Winter Cranberry Mint Cleansing Conditioner is one of four seasonal scents that Wen created and launched on QVC earlier this Fall. It originally became available in a seasonal auto delivery set but is not available in the 16 oz size for $29 at QVC.com exclusively.

I’ve used and loved Wen Cleansing Conditioner for a while now as it eliminates the need for shampoo and acts as a single step to cleanse and conditioner hair in one go. I think people automatically assume it’s some sort of Pert shampoo-like product but technically it is not as it doesn’t lather. This is a SUPER thick, creamy conditioner that acts as a hair mask of sorts. In the AM simply wet your hair as normal and proceed to work three to four (or more depending on the length and thickness of your hair) pumps of Wen Cleansing Conditioner into your hair. I use a comb to work it through all my hair but you can also simply use your hands! Now leave it on for 2-3 minutes (do five)! After simply rinse out and dry as usual.

For me it really refines my wavy hair and keeps frizz at bay. Although, a fair warning, it does tend to build up quickly so be sure to clarify weekly to rinse away any build up.

Winter Cranberry Mint is nice but it does remind me a lot of Almond Mint with a bit more tartness. I think the mint dominates the entire fragrance of the conditioner so that’s why I’m feeling it smells more like the Almond Mint than anything else. The formula does seem quite a good deal thicker than my typical round of Wen Cleansing Conditioner but it does a great job none the less of getting my hair squeaky clean and frizz-free! It adds a nice bit of bounce to my wavy hair and eliminates a good deal of frizz too.

I don’t love it because I wanted it to smell a bit more Cranberry but I like it well enough!

Tried it?

Loved it?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Gwen O’Brien

    I’ve always wanted to try the whole WEN line but haven’t yet. You’ve seen my hair, very thick, very curly and can frizz at a moment’s notice. What do you think? Should I give it a go? I have been using the L’Oreal cleansing conditioner for curly hair and I like it just okay.

    • Nicole

      Hi Gwen! I have no idea what your age is, but in the late 1970’s into the early 1980’s there was a character named Roseanne Roseannadanna (if you don’t know who she is just google the name so you can take a gander at her hair). Her hair is what one of Chaz’s current models used to look like. I think you really have nothing to lose by giving WEN a try and the seasonal formulations are great for all hair types. Just remember if you have a lot of frizz to be sure you are using his styling creme as directed too. 🙂
      I have been a WEN girl since December 2009 and have never looked back; lather will never touch my long lovely hair again. 😀

  • Sandra Zwaduk

    Thanks for the review, Muse. If you need to clarify each week you are not using enough product on your hair, so your hair isn’t getting truly clean, thus why you need to “clarify”. I have been using WEN for three or four years now and never, ever “clarify”. I have (had) curly, frizzy unmanageable hair. With WEN I am happy with my hair every day now. I will never use regular shampoo again. I even take mine with me to my hairdresser.

    • Isabella Muse

      hi sandra, I’m not sure how you can avoid clarifying when Wen is filled with a good deal of silicones, silicones cause build up. I’m def rinsing daily and using the product correctly but build up is something that is bound to happen when silicone is involved.

      • Quennie

        Hi Isabella!
        I just started using WEN and I do notice the build up. Would you recommend using a clarifying shampoo and then followed by a WEN cleansing conditioner? Or use a clarifying shampoo followed by the corresponding clarifying conditioner? Thanks!

        • Isabella Muse

          i clarify my hair weekly quennie with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. I don’t use the products in conjunction with one another as it would defeat the purpose of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner one step and the benefits of the product on a whole. Hope this helps!

  • hazel

    I never thought cranberry and mint can be put together! but hey looks great! 🙂

  • msworld311

    I am just finishing my bottle. I like the thickness of this formula a lot. I swear my hair smells like fruity berries the next day after washing (still!). I smell the berry more than I smell the mint. I noticed there was a bit of a build up issue too and this formula required extra rinsing in the shower compared to other WEN flavors. It has handled winter frizz though, and that makes me really happy. WEN girl for life here 🙂 2 years shampoo free!

  • Nicole

    Hmmm… Have I tried it…? 😉 Yes, I have had it for quite a while now. I have not opened my 32oz bottle yet, still finishing up the 16oz one that came with mt TSV, but oddly I feel like we are talking about two different formulas the Muse. Not by anymeans am I saying I am right and you are wrong so please do not take offence my lovely Muse. 🙂
    For me I find Winter Cranberry Mint to be a frothier and lighter formula on my hair. I find it rinses out much easier than the Fall Apple Spice (which I love). WCM also seems to leave my hair lighter and fluffier. Not that it is frizzy, I just feel like it is lighter on my head. As for the smell, I get mostly tart berries with the mint as something that just sort of makes the scent crisp if that makes sense. I find it VERY similar to the scent of the Pomegranate formula, just a little more tart and fresh with a stronger berry scent. Over all I do like the formula and the scent to me is not offensive, but I would not go out of my way to search it out either. I can’t wait for Spring Orange Blossom and Summer Honey Peach to be released! 🙂
    On a side note, my better half (a WEN user as well) dislikes the scent of Sweet Almond Mint ( he rarely says he dislikes the scent of anything) and he did mention after the second time I used WCM that he smelled mint like in SAM and said the scent of WCM was not one of his favorites that I have used. Since he rarely says anything about the scent of things unless they are good it makes me wonder if my nose is not smelling what some other people are…?

    • Isabella Muse

      hi nicole sorry very delayed reply my dear! it’s a bit thicker for me and the smell reminds me of almond mint but with a bit of a tartness. I don’t like it as much as I do the other formulas I have ubut it is nice enough and very eager for Summer Honey Peach myself hehehe 😀 I dunno..a few people talked to me about the scent on twitter/here/via email and said they really liked it so maybe your hub and I are in the majority hehe!

      • Nicole

        Oh my dear Isabella, there is no need to appoligize! You are busy, we all get busy! 🙂
        Oh my wonderful other half… LOL I love him dearly but sometimes I think one of our sniffers must be broken! LOL
        You and I also have very different hair from what I have read so it would make sense that one of us would tend to like it better than the other. 🙂 I am so excited for SHP!!! 😀

        • Isabella Muse

          AW THANKS Nicole! We all need a few extra hours added to our day eh? 😀 LOL mine probably is! I swear it! ;-D OMG I can’t wait for SHP I feel like I might need a back up of that one ;-D I hope I love it!

  • Deb

    Happy New Year Muse! I finally broke down and tried the Wen Almond and Mint. I’m going to have to be the naysayer of the Wen crowd. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks right now and I’m going to give the rest of it away to a friend of mine with very thick, curly hair. I have fine straight hair with medium thickness and it’s a little below my shoulders in length. I have tried this stuff every way imaginable. Followed the directions to the letter, then tried using less, then tried using a smidgen more. Used one go around. Used two go arounds. Left it on longer than directed, left it on shorter than directed. Rinsed my hair until I thought I would drown. Nothing works. It just leaves my hair a grease ball on and near my scalp and dehydrated mid shaft to the ends. If any other readers out there have fine hair and this stuff is working for you, please share what you are doing!!

    • Isabella Muse

      hi deb very very delayed reply apologies! aw sorry to hear it 🙁 that’s awful! Honestly works amazing for my drier/wavy hair. I’m sure someone will chime in with the same hair type as you and advice 🙂

    • Nicole

      Hi Deb! 🙂 I have very fine (but thick in amount), straight as an arrow, long hair and have used WEN since December 2009. 😀 So here is what I can suggest for you to try. First of all SAM just did not work for my hair type at all. It made my hair very flat and I had to cleanse it EVERYDAY! 🙁 My hair immediately responded when I switched to the Cucumber Aloe formula. It is formulated for people have a more oily scalp. I use the Bamboo Green Tea, Kids formulas, Pomegranate, Six Thirteen, and all the seasonal scents too. The seasonal scents are usually a good place to start. 🙂
      Now USUALLY when WEN is not working for someone the first thing to make sure you are doing is using enough pumps. If you use too little your hair will not end up clean and it just gets gross. Second, are you using the cleanse rinse and repeat meathod? You use half the amount of your total pumps for the first cleanse and the other half of your pumps for the second cleanse leaving the second cleanse in for the rest of your shower (give it at least 5 minutes). 🙂 Make sure you are adding the splash of water to help distribute the CC evenly, it is very important in order for it to work. Then another thing, the last step of leaving the pump (or whatever amout you need for your hair amout/length) should be applied to your ends first. You really want to twist and press it into your ends, but just rake it through the top of your head. If you flat palm it through the top of your hair too much product will be applied and can weigh your hair down very fast.
      I am not sure if that helps Deb, but if you have any other questions I would be happy to try and help you! 🙂

  • anne

    Glad to know the mint takes over the cranberry scent. I personally didn’t like almond mint, and only like the seasonal scents as conditioners

    • Isabella Muse

      really?! Almond Mint is my fav…! but yeah, this has a faint cranberry that’s tart but mint for the most part to my nose!

  • Jules

    I’ve used the almond mint & the pomegranate on my thin, fine textured, color treated, long hair that likes to frizz to the point that I can wake up with a bird’s nest in my hair that just wont come out completely & will have some little knot that I will need to cut off. If I use the Wen, then this doesn’t happen at all. I’ve tried L’Oreal’s sulfate free cleansing conditioner, but that left me frizzy. I use 6 pumps of Wen on round 1 & 4 pumps on round 2. My hair generally stays clean for 3 days. I’ve been using this for close to a year now.

  • Bonnie J. Howell

    I have been using Wen for almost 4 years. I’m one of the lucky people that can use all scents. I have fine, baby fine hair and am currently using the bamboo green tea and fall apple spice. Love the scent. Gives be the same amount of moisture as fig. I would recommend at least trying it. Have turned sister on it. It also helps your hair stay healthy so it can grow.
    I don’t have to clarify weekly either. I do use MORE than recommended though (about 30 pumps for bra-length hair. That may be why I don’t have to clarify (for shrugs shoulders).