February 19, 2014

5 Beauty Products You Should Try

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five beauty products to try

Have you ever mad a list of beauty products you should try? I do! Sometimes I have lists of the most basic products that everyone uses but I never, ever tried! And the product remains on my list for literally years without me every buying it.

And mind you it’ll be a product that a certain brand has had in their general catalog for ages. A product that might even be a cult favorite and again, it just sits on my little “to be tried” list but I never get around to trying it.

I took the liberty of creating a little list of 5 Beauty Products You Should Try today. Perhaps they might be on your little list of “I need to try this” one day.

Take a look!

Benefit Lemon Aid
One of the most popular products that reader’s always tell me, “wow, I really meant to try this….” It’s actually an HG (holy grail) product for me! I refuse to be without it and lord knows if Benefit should discontinued it one day I might as well just crawl under a rock and never come out again. I use it all over my lids and highbrow area to brighten my ENTIRE eye area. If I’m looking particularly bright eyed and bushy tailed you can blame this creamy neutralizing yellow base that brightens and diffuses the look of dullness on my upper eye area.

Pop Beauty CC Cream (Review and Swatches)
Here’s a little bit of a sleeper hit! Pop actually took the time to create an actual CC Cream that’s available in a single white shade with color adapting technology that works. It brightens, it eases dullness, it creates a more uniformed even skin tone, and it’s about as close to an Asian CC Cream as you’ll get on the US market at the moment. Do like!

Bite Line & Define Lip Primer
(Review and Swatches)
I always feel like Bite’s chubby transparent lip liner has made it onto people’s to be tried list but somehow, someway it got lost in the shuffle and the people that added it to the list forget it existed! It’s one of my favorite ways to prevent lipstick from migrating onto my forehead. This moisturizing formula can be used to line lips and to even prime them for lipstick and gloss so both not only wear longer but also stay put without feathering or migrating around your mouth or in my case all over my face!

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel
(Review and Swatches)
It’s ALIVE! No really it is. This interesting clear transparent gel facial primer literally retains its shape! Press it, slice chunks of it off, smoosh it, and it bounces right back to a smooth surface. It comes with a little scoop for application and creates a dewy smoother finish on dry, flaky Winter skin to create a beautiful fresh and moist canvas for your foundation!

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup (Review and Swatches)
I love me some Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation and I’ll never give it up but Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup comes a close second when I want a naked, second skin finish on my skin. This liquid foundation provides coverage to ease dullness, brighten, and create a smooth finish on my skin that’s my skin but oh so much better!

What are five beauty products you want to try but never have?

Have you tried any of the items mentioned in this post?

Do share!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Melissa

    I do love invisible fluid! Be sure to stock up as it appears its going to start phasing out soon ๐Ÿ™

    • Isabella Muse

      I noticed I was kinda hopeful they’d bring in something new and exciting to replace it!

      • Meg

        Invisible Fluid is my favorite!! When you both said it was being phased out I contacted Estee Lauder and they responded saying that it’s not being discontinued in the US, but it is going away in some of their markets in Asia and the UK. I really hope this is true and that it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s a great foundation and I agree with everything you’ve said about it, Muse! More people should try it!

        • Isabella Muse

          thank GAWD! I love this stuff! hopefully more people do after seeing this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • *Estrella*

    Defly gonna try the Pop CC Cream, I’ve been trying tons of “bb,cc” creams and have been disappointed. (i’m too scared of a dud, to try and order an asian brand). That Bite Lip Primer has definitely been on my wish list for a while. Is it at all similar to the E.L.F. brand one? I’ve tried every lip primer I can get my hands on and nothing stops bright colors from feathering down into my fine lines on my lower lip.

    • Isabella Muse

      I haven’t tried the ELF one Estrella so I’m not sure how they compare chica!

  • Nadia

    I also love Illamasqua’s hydra veil gel! An essential for the winter! One item that I think is a must have but I never hear about is Lancome’s effet miracle. It is like a peach paste and it completely blurs your pores!r

    • Isabella Muse

      what?! I never heard of this! googling ;-D I need to apply it on my nose!

  • Meesha Kaw

    What primer would you recommend for an Indian bridal makeup? I think I might have asked you for a similar suggestion in a comment on another post. Sorry. I’m getting married in a few months. Indian weddings are mainly indoors. It will be in Summer. I have normal – oily t-zone complexion. I have no idea about primers and powders. Not even foundation or concealer but I have narrowed that down to EL Double Wear and MAC Prolong wear. I don’t want concealer to conceal, but just give that highlighting effect. I don’t plan to contour or bronze b/c I think that can look a bit muddy if not done right. Yes, I really want to do my own makeup b/c I live in the U.S., but wedding will be in India and I b/c I’m unfamiliar w/ the salons there… I don’t trust someone else to do it.

    • Isabella Muse

      can you sit and tell me every single last detail about your wedding!??!?!?! I’ve been two three Indian weddings in the US and I’m obsessed with EVERYTHING BOLLYWOOD Team shahrukh khan FTW! Everything is so freaking colorful and beautiful and red and gold and bronze and and and and and…lol! Becca has a rather awesome primer that seals on makeup well and minimizes shine/oil https://www.musingsofamuse.com/2013/03/becca-ever-matte-poreless-priming-perfector-review-swatches.html

      • Meesha Kaw

        Aww, of course I will share all the details. I can try to share the pics w/ you via Facebook. Not sure if I’ll post them on my blog, for public. Let me know if you would like to try out any makeup from India and if I am able to find it for you, then I can mail it to you. And you can be a celebrity guest at my reception, which will be here in U.S. and show off some Bollywood dance moves that I’m sure your friends have taught you.
        And lastly thank you for the primer suggestion. I admire you so much for your genuineness that I will search no more! What would you recommend for a transparent powders for just setting the foundation in place, yet not taking away the natural dewy look and brightening the face?

        • Isabella Muse

          AHH that’s is awesome I WOULD love that! You’re going to look amazing I’m sure ๐Ÿ™‚ AW THANK YOU you’re so generous to offer ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate that. hahahaha! but of course! I can totally bust a move Bollywood style I’ve practice plenty while watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham when I grow up I’ll be a good a dancer as Amitabh Bachchan ๐Ÿ˜€ haha…! my pleasure! I hope it works for you! oh that’s a hard one as I always feel like powder takes so much away from the natural look of my face! Clarins has several great loose powders and typically I use those followed by a moisturizing mist spritzed very far from my face, it kinda refines the appearance of the powder for me…I used Hada Labo Gokujyun Mist to do this. some of mac’s new color correcting powders are brilliant especially reveal but you might wanna test them on counter prior to indulge to get the perfect fit for your skin tone!

  • Leslie

    EL Invisible Wear Foundation is my absolute HG foundation! Listen, I don’t understand how this product/foundation doesn’t get much hype/love in the beauty community! It’s an amazing “second skin, great for oily skin type” foundation. But hey MORE FOR ME! LOL LET IT STAY UNDER THE RADAR! LMBO! JK -Leslie

  • breyerchic04

    Until last week the top item on my list was Mac face and body, I bought it at a cosmetics company store and LOVE it.

    Otherwise um those YSL eyeshadows that are multiple colors, and the $50 Lipstick Queen lipsticks.

    I wish lemonaid worked for me but it goes grey and weird. I do use mac painterly similarly.

    • Isabella Muse

      amen on the fifty buck Lipstick Queen lipstick because they be expensive but damn are they awesome! oh no really?! sorry girl!

  • Amy

    I’ve started to use Lemon Aid in the Concealoholic Kit, I find it’s actually really good for hiding spots with concealer on top (Bo-ing is way too drying) as well as lightning my eye area. Finally a corrector that works with my dry skin <3

  • Cindy

    I’ve always wanted to try Nars Orgasm since it seems to work on every skintone and I love me some peachy pink blushes, especially ones that gives me a slight glow. Also, MUFE HD Foundation has been on my bucket list for quite some time as well as the MUFE Full Cover Concealer (which I have finally bit the bullet and bought last week), just waiting for it to arrive in the mail because I don’t like going to the actual store (even though instant gratification is such a great thing). I also wanted to try the Amazing Cosmetics Foundation and Concealer but I think I might’ve ordered them in the wrong shade ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • Lucille

    I found the Pop CC Cream at Urban Outfitters for $4.99. Online it is $9.99. If you are looking into it buy it at Urban.
    The color adapt really works, it is one of the best CC creams I have tried.

  • Karen

    Estee Lauder is pulling this out in Asia?! How soon! Im from Asia and I am loving this foundation. This is the only foundation I’ve tried that doesn’t feel like I am wearing a foundation. I tried a Shiseido foundie but I felt that its too heavy on me or maybe the SA gave me a heavy foundation. Can you suggest a foundie that acts the same as Estee’s Invisible Fluid. Thanks!

    • Meg

      Hi Karen- When I had reached out to Estee Lauder to get the scoop on if it was getting discontinued in the USA or not, I didn’t ask for more details on when or what markets in Asia and the UK it was being phased out of. Do please call or email Estee Lauder customer service to confirm this info–hoping it’s not going anywhere. As far as what foundations are similar to the Invisible Fluid, the following have been compared to it, although these contain sunscreen: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua SPF 15 and Shiseido Sheer & Perfect SPF 18 (was this the Shiseido foundation you had tried?).

  • Blythe

    I am so hooked on the Illamasqua. I can’t even say why. That’s a fine how do you do , is it not?

    I just can’t stand to be without it. In packing for a weekend getaway today, I was going to leave it out but then just couldn’t!

    I love the way if feels when I pat it on. I use it before my mix of Dermadoctor DD cream and Clarin’s Sunscren tint. Is this OK to say in this forum?

    Hope I didn’t bend the rules here.

  • Jade

    I have so much love for Garnier’s oil free BB cream. I use the Oil Free/Combo to Oily skin BB cream, and I love it that much, I’ve stopped using anything else!! I’ve tried the original as well… and they are extremely different products in my opinion. The oil free feels quite silicone based and sets matte, no need for powder. I can also attest to it’s lasting power – I work 8 hour days (plus commuting time!) in 30+ degrees Celsius, in a building with CRAP air conditioning. And at the end of the day it’s still there. Yeah it’s melted a bit, but honestly most other products are halfway down my neck. And for $15 AUD? TRY IT!!!

    I also really rate the under-eye tinted roll on, though it’s just been discontinued and replaced with a “BB cream” version… I really hope it’s just the same product rebranded, or actually a BETTER product in general – if not there will be BLOOD!!

    MAC Liquidlast Liner is on my list simply because I’m pretty sure it could withstand the apocalypse. The only shade available now is Point Black. This stuff does. not. move. You need oil to remove this baby at the end of the day.

    Unfortunately my next product is only available in Australia… (sorry!) Face of Australia Face Base Primer. Another very inexpensive product which I constantly reach for over much pricier ones. It’s a blow for blow ingredients dupe for Napoleon Perdis’ Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer. They are identical. And Napoleon is 4 times the price…

    Lastly, Rosehip Oil. I have hormonal, normal to oily/acne prone skin and I love what Rosehip does for my skin. I wake up and my skin is glowing. I’m going to break out regardless so I may as well have lovely hydrated skin between breakouts!!

  • Kate Regier

    Ooooh, I love these posts!! ๐Ÿ™‚ This was super helpful for me and I can’t wait to try that pop cc cream and maybe the lemon- aid!! wow. Thanks so much for this X