March 24, 2014

Guilty Beauty Pleasure: Do You Tivo Beauty?

tivo beauty

So Bare Minerals had its massive QVC Spring debut show that include a ton of products including the new Ready 8.0 Affair to Remember Palette. Lucky enough this went on sale earlier last week so I snagged it off for $36 and some shipping!

I really thought this one would sale out super fast so imagine my surprise that it still is available just at a higher price tag of $40. None the less since I adored the Power Neutrals Palette I really felt an absolute NEED to grab up Affair to Remember.

I didn’t get a chance to see any of the Bare Minerals showings unfortunately which brings me to one of my guiltiest pleasures…

Tivo’ing QVC. Yeah, that’s a thing apparently. I Tivo any and all QVC beauty showings and kinda fast forward through them when I have a chance. Is that weird? Obsessive? Unhealthy?



Needless to say I probably have four or five hours worth of BE showings to watch when I have an extra second.

But of course, this isn’t limited to just BE I do it with Tarte as well and other QVC Beauty shows. It’s an obsessive habit and can be mighty expensive at times.

What really sucks?

The fact that I end up watching it later and missing out on possible free shipping or lower prices on a product I really want. Grrrrrrrr! Thankfully I was able to snag the Affair to Remember Palette at $36 but in most cases I’d be paying the $40 plus shipping if I didn’t notice on the site because I watched the showing too late.


Anyway, one of my guiltiest beauty pleasures is Tivo’ing QVC.

Do you do think?

Do share!

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  • Melissa

    I totally DVR beauty presentations. There is something so therapeutic and hypnotizing about watching it, and like you, if there’s a product I am curious about it, I’ll often DVR so that I can see the demonstration to see how it swatches or performs in real-time (although that’s admittedly not always the greatest indicator. I bought an it Cosmetics gel eyeliner the other day in black because it looked like it performed beautifully, and I was super disappointed. It ended up being a blackish grey and i could hear the sad trombone music as i repeatedly swatched it trying to make it work).
    Seriously though, me and my beauty addiction probably single handedly keep QVC afloat.

    • Isabella Muse

      awwwww I tried the gel eyeliners and it’s one of the few products i didn’t love from It le sigh! ๐Ÿ™ Sometimes the presentations are spot on though, they do give a good idea how the product performs ;-D LOL ditto!

  • Kris

    Me. I totally Tivo the QVC beauty shows. It’s great to be able to fast forward through the presentations that I don’t want to watch and get to the new items.

  • Cj

    Hey is TiVo worth it? I mean is it that better than a regular DVR from comcast?

    Also give me a list of ur fav brand tarts plz. I’m going tart crazy lately.

    • Isabella Muse

      i’ve never actually used anything but tivo….I’ve been tempted to trade up for a Direct TV Genie but I’m so used to Tivo I just stick with it. Really DVR is DVR I imagine, it records and that’s all that matters ;-D LOL yay! LOL Candles, The Bathing Garden, Universal Voodoo (Honey Roast is a MUST HAVE), and of course Yankee Candle has some great Spring goodies!

      • Cj

        Ooooh Ty Ty Ty! I’ve been using scentsy and *cough* walmart *cough* bars so far lol

  • Mary

    I am totally guilty of this too…I also like that you can watch the presentations on QVC’s website in case you forget to record it! Lol…I’m kind of a QVC-aholic. But it is so helpful to see the demonstrations and swatches before you buy.

  • CC

    Me too Muse! I have hours and hours worth. And, yes, I FF thru them too!

  • Dee

    I DVR the beauty shows….and sometimes the Dooney shows. No clue why I find watching these later so entertaining, but glad I’m not alone:)

  • lisa

    Yes!! I DVR IT Cosmetics as well as Laura Gellar and Tarte. If I know something good is going to be on and know I won’t be available to watch it- especially if the first showing is at midnight I totally will DVR it. That’s what a good beauty junkie does…and read Musings of a Muse of course!

  • Butterdaisy

    How about this? I also watch the individual product shows on I like to see the tips for use that I may not have thought of. I love Bareminerals shows & WEN bc I use those two brands religiously. One brand I don’t use at all, but love the shows are the Mally ones. She’s just so bright and cheerful.

    Muse, are you going to review the new BM moisturizing lip stain? There were a lot of new goodies in the latest show!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha sounds like me daisy…I didn’t see the new moisturizing lip stain to be honest, got an item number?

  • trang

    i have a direct tv genie and its amazing. i am glad to see i am not alone in dvr’ing all the qvc beauty shows…lol. its addicting.

    • Isabella Muse

      please tell me everything about the genie because I’ve been wanting to switch but I love my tivo and I’m scared ;D