March 13, 2014

Hard Candy Spring 2014 Collection

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hard candy spring 2014

The new Hard Candy Spring 2014 Collection is starting to arrive at Walmart and is already available at should you like to shop it!

The new collection has some products that you might like to try out as they might be good swap outs for more expensive brands. For example Hard Candy CC Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer Stick ($7) might be a nice little dupe for the Tarte Colored Clay CC Primer.

Let’s take a look!

Hard Candy Ombre Lipstick $6 (Available in 10 shades)
A new effortlessly easy way to great an ombre effect on lips in a single swatch. Two complementary shades create a gradating effect on lips in a single swipe.

Hard Candy Ombre Lipstick

Hard Candy CC Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer Stick $7 (Available in 6 shades)
This multi-benefit stick improves the look and texture of skin over time with a marbled purple and green center core that corrects skin by reducing redness, evening out skin tone, and creating flawless coverage.

Hard Candy CC Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer Stick

Hard Candy Eye’s the Limit Eyeshadow Primer $5
An eyeshadow base that extends the wear of eyeshadows by keeping them vibrant and crease-free through the wear.

Hard Candy Eye's the Limit Eyeshadow Primer

Hard Candy Mod Quad Eyeshadow Palette $6 (Available in 5 Shades)
These aren’t technically apart of the Spring 2014 Collection but they are fairly new. These are quads that contain four sparkling baked shades of shadow.

Hard Candy Mod Quad Eyeshadow Palette

Hard Candy Singe & Loving It Multi-Color Eyeshadow $3 (Available in 6 Shades)
A mosaic eyeshadow bringing together several shades of contrasting color.

Hard Candy Single & Loving It Multi-Color Eyeshadow

Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trio $9 (Available in 4 Shades)
A baked trio to highlight, contour, and illuminate cheeks with a satin finish blush, glowing bronzer, and luminous highlighter all in one compact.

Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trio

Hard Candy Cheeks & Balances $7 (Available in 3 Shades)
A contouring blush and hoghlighter stick that creates a perfect multi-dimensional look in a single swipe!

Hard Candy Cheeks & Balances

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Lite $6 (Available in 4 shades)
A lighter version of Hard Candy’s much beloved pigmented Glamoflauge Concealer in a new dual pencil with two shades for use on your face, under your eyes, to contour with, etc…

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Lite

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Face Primer $8 (Available in 6 shades/formulations)
A new selection of color correcting facial primers to prep skin for makeup now available in three new formulas!

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Facial Primers


  • Ultra Light Formula (lightweight formula to help minimize skin imperfects and prep skin for makeup with a velvety smooth finish)
  • Illuminating (translucent purple facial primer to restore radiance to skin)
  • Perfecting (a skin tone perfecting formula to brighten dull skin while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and pores)
  • NEW Dark Spot Correcting (a skin enhancing formula that helps diffuse the look of dark circles, age spots, and uneven skin tone)
  • NEW Color Correcting (a green tinted formula to correct redness)
  • NEW Shine Free (a lightweight prime for preventing shine and oil while prepping skin)

Sorry about the photos! I was unable to score high res images so I had to do a bit of cropping and grabbing to get some photos of the new products.

These products are launching at Walmart shortly (or you might be lucky enough that your store already has them) and they are also available at now.

Anything you see that strikes an interest for you?

Anything you’ve tried already?

Do share!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Tammy

    The lipstick in the square shape bothers me. I feel like it would make it difficult to apply. The dark spot correcting primer looks interesting.

    • Sarah

      I tried several of the products including the lipstick and ending up returning the shade I got. It was messy and the packaging made it pretty impossible to put the lid back on without gouging the product and staining the cap. I do very much however like the sculpting trio I bought (3X A Lady) and plan on buying others-great color payoff and beautiful shades.

  • Kimmwc03

    I’m interested in all of it and will probably pick some things up in store. For the price, I think it is worth trying. I liked the polishes and lipsticks I bought last year.

  • Janelle

    We can’t forget that at one point Hard Candy was a Moderately to High End priced brand–I remember getting it at one of the first Sephora’s in downtown San Francisco!!!!!!
    I am interested in trying a lot of it as my recent HC purchases have been very good (the square four colored blush was the most recent). Too bad my Walmart sucks and never re-stocks. I may have to order online or search out another Walmart

    • Isabella Muse

      yup! pricing was around $18-$25! 😀 funny! It was considerably better quality though but it still is cute at its budget price ;-D

  • breyerchic04

    I really love stick foundations, so I’ll probably try that one. And the ombre lipstick just because it looks fun.

  • Lacy

    Just saw most of this collection at my local walmart. I may have gravitated towards it whilst searching for curtain rod clips… you know me, I can’t stay away. While I didn’t pick up any of the new stuff I did grab the 1000 lashes mascara primer stuff and hot damn it’s freaking fantastic. I have no idea when it came out but I just know it’s HG status for me. I mean it curls and lengths my lashes like no other. When used by itself it’s amazing results but lay on a coat or two of normal mascara and gosh damn! This ish is the bomb! And I accidently grabbed the brown instead of the black but I tried it anyway and am still blown away by the results just by itself 🙂

    Back to the main topic, I like the look of the new primers, I’d like to try perfecting to see if it’s something I could throw on by itself and go for the days I want to keep it minimal 🙂 Will you be swatching these?

    • Isabella Muse

      lol awesome love those spontaneous purchases lacy! I already have a review of the green one Lacy that I did this week! 🙂 swatched/reviewed etc

  • Ashley

    I’m excited about the baked contour trio because I actually use all three of these Hard Candy products individually, and often find myself lugging them around. I love the quality of these products and the prices are a plus. I really like these new items for easy on-the-go touch ups, and I’m intrigued by the primers. Although I’m not a fan of the square shapes, I’d still try them. ☺

  • Iris

    I’m very interested in the Hard Candy eye primer. They were available as minis at my local Walmart a while back but they ran out quickly.

  • doris

    I’m supposed to be containing my beauty product addiction but now there’s all this cool looking low priced stuff! I really want the blush stick and contour set!

  • Reed

    Oh, I’m excited for to try out these new products!

    Also, I was at Walmart today and I was going to try out Glamouflage but they sold out. Instead, I saw that they had Glamouflage Lite, it’s like a crayonish design with 2 sides. It had a “new” sticker on it. Just wanted to give you a heads up! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi reed! Yeah, I heard about that one 🙂 I didn’t have an image for it so couldn’t include looks good though!

  • GaGirl1103

    I purchased the Contouring Face Trio in 3 Strikes today. It is beautiful in the package. I like the idea of the three-in-one and if the bronzer isn’t too orangey I will be pleased. I also finally saw the fox in a box powder in stock; most of the Walmarts in my area have really trashed Hard Candy sections (if they even have one) so they rarely have much on hand that is available/sealed.

  • Chia

    I LOVE Hard Candy. I have 3 shades of Single and Loving It, 3 shades of the Ombre Lipstick, the CC Ruined Moisturizer Stick, as well as many other products from them and, in my opinion, they NEVER disappoint!

    • Isabella Muse

      awesome chia 🙂 Happy to hear you’re a fan of the brand!

  • Barb Mulholland

    Why do you show Hard Candy Hightlight & Contour Cheek Duo but it does nothing when you click on it?

    • Isabella Muse

      what is it supposed to do when you click on it? Can you please explain what it is you’re trying to do?