March 19, 2014

Urban Decay Summer 2014 Arrives

Urban Decay Summer 2014

Urban Decay Summer 2014 arrives quietly this week. Did anyone see an email about this? Or a tweet? I’m a bit remiss across social media lately so I might have just missed out on Urban Decay tweeting or facebooking the Summer 2014 Collection!

Needless to say the new Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette is showcased in this new collection along with some very tasty eyeliner offerings that I must try considering what a super hardcore Perversion fan girl I am.

Let’s take a look!

Urban Decay Super-Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner $22
Urban Decay goes big with a triple pigmented cream gel eyeliner that provides intense, long lasting color in a single stroke. This paraben free formula contains jojoba oil which gives it an extra easy glide across your lash line.

Urban Decay Super Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner

Urban Decay Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive $14
You can use Bondage with the new line of Heavy Metal Loose Glitters to create a jewel encrusted effect that will last for hours. This clear adhesive allows your glittery looks to stay in place with a set that isn’t sticky or gummy on dry down and easily removes with water. You can use it anywhere and best of all it’s alcohol and paraben free.

Urban Decay Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen $20
A new waterproof, precisely pointed fine tipped eyeliner pen to easily create dramatically lined eyes with a shiny, intense blacker than black formula.

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes

Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner $20
A new shine, intense black than black creamy eyeliner pencil with a twist up design and the same creamy formula as Urban Decay’s brilliant 24/7 Eyeliner Pencils but without the hassle of needing a sharpener!

Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner

Urban Decay Perversion Angled Brush $16
A perfect companion brush to use with the new Urban Decay Super-Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner! Use this angled cruelty-free brush to draw razor thin lines or bold, thick lines.

Urban Decay Perversion Angled Brush

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette $49
Ten velvety bold shades of vivid neon for use on face and eyes (some shades are NOT eye safe so user beware).

Urban Decay Electric Eye Shadow Palette

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter $12
Urban Decay’s new loose glitter lines gives you to tools to create a a jewel effect and with a little help from Bondage Makeup Adhesive your can set your look for all day wear!


  • Pyrotechnics
  • Goldmine
  • Reverb
  • Loaded
  • ACDC
  • Catfight

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

Urban Decay Electric Nail Color Trio $12
This new set includes two exclusive, never-before-seen shades which are Deep End (peacock blue) and Goldmine (glittery gold). The perfect way to complete this foxy threesome? A revamped version of everybody’s favorite shade, Woodstock (neon pink).

Urban Decay Electric Nail Trio

The Urban Decay Summer 2014 Collection happens to be available now at

I’d say that new pot gel eyeliner is going to be a huge hit.

What do you think?

Anything you NEED from this collection?

Do share!

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  • Christina D.

    Hey Muse! Not only did I order the Electric palette yesterday from UD (I had the date written on a little post it note as if I would forget), but by pure chance I found the summer 2014 palette for Too Faced called A La Mode on and ordered that (and the new version of their Natrual Eyes palette) too!

    • Isabella Muse

      I saw those they look rocking πŸ™‚ TF promised a release earlier this week so I’m hyped to see higher res images as the ones on Ulta are too small!

  • Alison M

    Most of it. I definitively need the pallet like I need coffee in the morning. I’m most interested in the eyeliners as well. I’d like to try both the pen and the pot. I’ve never seen a marker type liner done well and I’ve never tried gel before. I’ve also never used a bad eyeliner from UD so I’m very excited. The only thing I’m blah about is the self sharpen eyeliner. I’m more cautious about that. I’ve had lots of bad experiences with twist ups and they never have a good enough point for my wings. I want to take a look at that glitter in person and see how chunky it is. I looove glitter but I don’t like the large chunky stuff. I prefer smaller cuts. the nail polish I’ll be picking up shortly as my Ulta has it in stock now. I want to order some of that stuff right now but I’m trying to be good and wait for it to become available at Ulta. I’ve been saving my points since last year for this collection!

    • Isabella Muse

      curious if the glitter is eye safe! and yeah, I never had a bad eyeliner experience from UD so I imagine they are going to be awesome sauce πŸ™‚

      • Alison M

        I wonder about that as well. I was looking at lime crimes glitter and they all have warnings about use in the eye area. I’ve been stalking lit cosmetic’s web site and have been toying with the idea of ordering from there. The downside is they have every color glitter in every cut and size and finish you could dream of and I’m not sure I could restrain myself to just one or two.

        I do fully intend to ignore the warnings about the neon pigments in the new pressed powder palette and smear those beauties all over my eyes. Tastefully of course.

  • Ronda

    Oh goodness I need the eyeshadow palette and the cream eyeliner and angle brush. Dying. Can’t wait.

  • Ash Evans

    I may be mistaken lady Muse but isn’t there also a black velvet pencil?? Or is that older? I was considering trying that and perhaps the glitter adhesive because I wear glitter frequently with the costuming required for my job. I like the look of the electric palette but I don’t know if I would reach for it consistently enough to justify buying it.

      • Ash Evans

        Sometimes I dream up makeup that doesn’t exist so I was just thinking I had imagined it. So yay!! No worries I don’t know how you keep up with it all. but I would love to try some of the liners especially the black velvet pencil.

        • Isabella Muse

          LOL well sounds like a good habit to me πŸ™‚ sorry I didn’t mention! It looks lovely though πŸ˜€ man I shock myself sometimes haha…! I do want to try it myself too as I adore perversion so if they can do something even bigger and badder with black velvet count me loving it!

          • Ash Evans

            Its a fun habit till you go to buy something and people have NO idea what you are talking about πŸ˜‰ I am sort of hoping Black Velvet is Perversions more flamboyant brother or something, There is something about black velvet that sounds so amazing I’d love to get my hands on a tester because I too LOVE Perversion and that is a tough act to follow. I’m a sucker for a black. Black dress, black cat, black eyeliner. LOVE!!

  • melissa

    holy uhoh’s batman. This is the first ud release i’m excited about it anges.. the brush looks like it has a slight curve to it so could it be a replacement for my long deceased shu umera brush? are the automatic pencils as good as mally’s but stay more than a minute on the waterline?.. these are questions I will find answers too hahaha. Can’t wait for this release thanks for posting!!!

  • Heather F.

    I’m pretty wary of color cosmetics; I’m essentially the person for whom the Naked Palettes were created, and feel daring wearing even the coral or lilac from the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette (which I bought thanks to your review!). I have a zillion UD palettes, but have no idea what to do with any of the interesting colors!

    …And yet Electric calls to me, so I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning and snatched one! I still have no idea how to use it, but I guess that’s why youtube makeup tutorials were invented. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your reviews and swatches that tempt me out of my shell!

  • Cindy Ramirez

    I am so excited for this collection! Can’t wait to try the cream liner, pen liner, and of course those glitters!

  • Celine

    I really hope those glitters are eye safe, cause it was super disappointing when some of the shades in the eye palette were not cause I would totally rock those! I was craving color in the makeup world. I am definitely interested in those glitters and I feel like I would have a hard time deciding on which if not all colors to get haha

    • Alison M

      The only reason they are not considered “safe” for eyes are because the FDA hasn’t gotten around to testing some of the ingredients that are considered safe everywhere else. They aren’t labeled “unsafe” just not proven safe in the USA. Many palettes and popular shadows contain similar ingredients and warnings yet that doesn’t and hasn’t stopped people from using them and their insane popularity. Some of the Sleek palettes for instance and all of Sugarpills electrocutes.

      If you still want some amazing and fun color but are still wary about the UD palette try Sugarpill. Their regular pressed powders and the chroma-lust loose pigments are amazing. I own a good collection of them and absolutely adore them. Acidberry,2AM, Mochi, Birthday Girl and Lumi and a few of my favorites. I love love love sweeping some lumi on over Mochi and adding a dramatic black winged liner. So pretty. If you are feeling super brave snatch up Smitten which is the brightest and hottest pink I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

      Join the colorful side!