July 30, 2014

Bath & Body Works Smart Soap No Touch Dispensers Coming Soon

Bath & Body Works Smart Soap No Touch Dispensers

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I had heard that Bath & Body Works Smart Soap No Touch Dispensers were on the horizon so I stared googling but didn’t find too much info. Of course, being the crazy beauty junkie I am I had set a Google Alert for these and much to my delight the first images of these new dispensers popped up on a personal blog called Yankee Candle Sisters.

Now these are at an outlet location which means they are kinda in a test phase more than likely so not sure if they will go mainstream but I sure hope they will. The owner of the blog relates they are a bit more expensive for the refills which I believe are marked at 3 for $18! I’m curious how much the dispenser! But needless to say I’d like buy the dispenser in a heart beat since I already use Bath & Body Works Hand Soap in every single room in my house (kitchen, bathroom, etc..)

I hope that seasonal and limited edition hand soaps will be available in the refills because I honestly love the LE items but I don’t necessarily go out of my way to grab any of the permanent fragrances!

I’m really looking forward to the Bath & Body Works Smart Soap No Touch Dispensers!



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  • Ellen

    These were at my store the last time I visited. I tested one out, and I thought it was pretty cool.

    • Tiffany

      The soap dispenser is $30 and individually the soaps are $8. At the test stores the deal is a dispenser and any soap for $20. You get the same amount of soap as you would in a pump bottle but this thing uses less of it so it lasts longer. The batteries are meant to last through 2 soaps.

    • jessica huff

      My mom and I bought 9 on Black Friday. We live in AL but were in PA at the time. We got a great deal… buy 3 get 3 free. What a savings as the dispenser is $30 and the refills were $8. However, we ended up a dispenser short and no one around us sells them. Customer service is to get back with us. What good is getting them if you can’t buy more or buy more refills.

      I love these but not the lack of availability.

  • Trish

    Yasss, I want these. They look cool so my kids will like them and use them..;)

  • Kimmwc03

    They’ve had these at my local store for about a month. The dispenser with one soap was $20 (for a limited time). I decided against it since I already have a stockpile of hand soaps and these dispensers take up more space than the soaps do.

      • Crystal

        The soaps really do last longer than the other ones, so if you get them (especially when you have a coupon) it is really worth it!!

  • Adrienne

    I saw these at 1 store last week “on sale” for $25 for the dispenser and the refill. This saw them at additonal locations-includign the free standing in the outdoor strip malls and they were now 2 for $15. If you still have any of those $10 off $30 purchase I would try them now and that makes them about $5 each for 2 dispensers and 2 refills. I haevn’t reie them yet. I’m still using my Lysol one.

  • Megan

    I don’t get it, these have been in my area since the beginning of the year.

    I’m in Ohio, so maybe they released them around here first? Since Columbus is the home office of B&BW. But I don’t have test stores in my town, so I’m still kind of confused.

    • Isabella Muse

      I guess you’re lucky Megan 🙂 they haven’t become available in New York, haven’t seen ’em in a single store here yet! but as you can see from comments quite a few people have seen ’em so that’s good news!

      • Victoria

        They have been in Syracuse NY stores for awhile, as I bought some for Christmas 2014. However, I spend the winter in Florida, and they are NOT available there.

  • Bob

    Bought in Lancaster PA for 21.00 with one soap you get 300 pumps. refills 8.00 or 3 for 18.00 all this minus my 10% coupon.

    • Karin

      Just picked this up this weekend and I love it! I got the dispenser and soap 2/$20. Batteries are included too. We’ve all been using it since it’s a new thrill since Saturday, and it really doesn’t look like the soap went down too much. It dispenses a nice amount..just enough.

  • Danielle

    Just bought 3 of these tonight… They are $20 for one and you get a soap with it, also the refills are 3 for $18. So far I love it and am extremely happy with my purchase, now hoping they keep it around do and bring out all the scents for this soon!!!

  • Emily

    I have bought two of these and I am going back for a third as a gift. They are wonderful and I hope they keep them around. My store is offering them for $20 with a soap less any coupons. I need to go stock up on refills as well.

  • Val

    While visiting a friend in another state this summer I saw these at her local store. I did decide to buy one for my kitchen (so nice not to have to touch the soap when my hands are gross!). It’s been great, but I do notice the soap going down a little faster than my normal pump soap. The batteries that came with it died after a day, but the new ones I put in are still going strong. I was told in their store that they anticipate them being released in all their stores sometime in the first few months of 2015. I didn’t buy refills at the time, but now wish I had. Mine is about half empty and don’t think I’ll make it until then. I do really like it, though!

  • Lisa

    I love mine, but it eats through batteries. I have changed batteries three times, not including the batteries that came with it,and I have only gone through 2/3 of the foaming soap.

    • Crystal

      I have not had to change the batteries in mine yet, maybe you should take it back and exchange for another one. It could just be a glitch that it is using up battery life like crazy.

  • Renee S

    When my daughter bought one of these for me for my birthday in July I thought “this is nice but we’re going to go through soap like crazy.” I know we do when we use the foam pump which is why I won’t buy them. I was very surprised to find that the soap lasts a long long time and we use it a often! In fact I love it so much that I’m buying another for my bathroom. I hope that they do start carrying these in all the stores soon. I actually would have thought maybe they would have released them for Christmas sales. I think they’re missing the boat on an opportunity for huge sales by not doing so. I know someone else said they had gone through batteries on theirs quickly but in 3 months of use multiple times a day we have only had to replace ours one time. I suggest using good batteries when you replace them. This is definitely worth the money.

  • Crystal

    I bought one of these with four different refills the nice thing is you can change the refill whenever you want and it will not leak out or go bad. I got one for each season/holiday so I can change mine. I also like the feature that you can turn it off so it does not go off any time unless you want it to. I bought it about two months ago, I use it in the kitchen a couple times a day and the dispenser is still close to full so it is correct when it says it uses less soap. I would like to get one for my sister in law and I can not find them on the store website, I am going to check the store and hope they have them. They are a great gift idea and I think B&BW should have launched them for the Christmas season they would have had big sales with this.

  • Mary

    We bought this soap dispenser and refill on a trip to visit our daughter, son-in-law and new grandson in Nashville, TN. Wish we’d bought more, as we can’t find them anywhere in central IL! We’ve searched all over the Internet, but can only find an occasional one for sale on eBay. We paid $20.00 for the dispenser and one soap. It’s been six months and we still have soap and the batteries are going strong. Everyone uses and loves it! Been trying to buy several for Christmas stocking stuffers with no luck. Hope they market these in every store and soon!!

  • Melanie

    We have them in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The b&bw website says you can call a store that carries them and have them shipped to you. To find a store near you that sells them you are suppose to be able to call the customer service number and they can tell you were they are sold.

  • Elaine Carl

    I received one of those dispensers for Christmas and I absolutely love it! Everyone who comes in comments how much they like it. But I can’t find any refills can anyone help plz.thank you. Elaine

  • Jody Elkins

    I love this soap dispenser, I got one for Christmas now I need refills and can’t find any.

  • Sue G

    I picked one up at my local store and about 9 refills. The cashier joked that I’d be set for more than a year and I was like “yeah right”. Well….almost two months ago….we’re on the SAME REFILL. And there are two adults and three kids using it daily. Crazy, right? I’m so ready for a new scent. But, i love it. I had a different brand and it broke right away. This one is much sturdier….plus its pink 😉

  • Anne

    I just bought one of these today and love it. I have a question for all you who have had yours for awhile. Do you keep it in the “on” position at all times? Does it eat away the battery when you do that or is it just when it actually pumps the soap? If it does eat the battery up & you keep yours “on” all the time-how much life do you get out of it, if for instance you use it maybe 3 or 4 times a day? It seems a pain to have to turn it on/off, especially if my hands are gross & don’t want to have to switch it on with gross hands, but I also don’t want to be getting batteries every few days. Thanks!

    • Kirsten

      Anne, we have ours in the kitchen and use it several times a day, it is always in the “on” position. Got mine when they fist came out in my area, around 10/14 and have replaced batteries once and that was in the past month. So, seems pretty reasonable to me. Also FYI, it seems to last longer than the regular hand soaps, which I love. Perfect for the kitchen when you don’t want to touch anything before washing sometimes. :-)Couldn’t find refills on website…anyone know anything? Is this in-store exclusive?

      • Karin

        I bought 2 more last week at my local B&BW store. It is like one of the last remaining stores open in the mall and I was afraid they will close and I wouldn’t be able to get the refills anymore. The employee told me we are one of the “test stores” to see how they are selling and they are selling well. They will eventually be released on the website. That’s what I was told, so hopefully.

  • Barb

    I am from Ontario Canada and was down to Erie Pennsylvania last July and bought one of the soap dispensers and refills. The soap lasted 5 months before I had to replace another refill just after Christmas. I love it and was recently in to the bath and body works in Ontario and they are not available as yet. Hears hoping they are soon since they told me in the states they would be available in Canada in the new year, but nothing yet.they are definitely worth buying if anybody is interested.

  • Lola

    I bought several of these when they first came out. When they clearanced the “seasonal” fragrances last winter, I bought several refills. A couple of weeks ago, I went to get some more refills and our Test store only had dispensers and no refills. The clerk said that was all they sent them and they didn’t know when they would get the refills. My question is: How can you sell a test item when you don”t have all the items? They told me the closest place to get them was Indiana or Michigan…I live in South Dakota!!Love the item, tho!!

    • Jaime

      I bought some also when we lived in Virginia we have just moved to Tennessee and guess what they don’t sell them hear. I wrote bath and body works of course they were no help at all. So I did a Google search and Amazon sells the refills.

  • Jerry Hardwick

    What a disaster! Bought a couple of dispensers from my local store when they first came out and enjoyed them immensely. So much that I decided to purchase more as Christmas gifts that year for family and friends. And the trouble began. As I was informed that liquid soaps would be confiscated at the airport I decided to purchase soap refills at the location in which the gifts would be distributed only to learn they were not available at the time in Florida. Also learned these products were only available in “test” locations. So on return to Tennessee ordered refills to be sent to the recipients. Found out yesterday this practice is no longer allowed, i.e., ship from store or store to, and they are not available online. All of the recipients of my gift reportedly have thrown their dispenser away or they have taken them to Goodwill, etc. Learned yesterday my local store is no longer a test store and that I can return the dispenser to the store but will only be reimbursed at the lowest price ever sold which could be as little as $0 as many were sold as a package. (“Should have read the small print on the back of the sales slip.”). Would suggest everyone do that. It would certainly slow down BBW sales as customers stood at the register reading the back of their sales slips. My dispensers will join others at Goodwill. BBW you should be ashamed of yourself! This “test” should be dumped and your current and former customers reimbursed.

    • Terri

      Found this out last week as well. I was highly disappointed. Now looking online of course Amazon sells the refills for a ridiculous price. At least if they’re going to sell something like that it would have made sense that you could use their liquid hand soaps instead of different inserts.

  • Lota Golding

    Purchased 4 of these dispensers as soon as they came out. It is the best product BBW has ever created. I am so upset that they created this great product and are holding off on selling the refills. I emailed them and asked them why I can’t find the refills and requested for a refund on the the dispensers if they can’t make the refills available in all their stores. Their reply was a link to other locations that are 20 miles or more away and 2 of them informed me they don’t have any at all. The bottom line is it was so popular because its more economical and they probably lost sales on the self pump ones . It’s all about the money. Corporate greed!!! Don’t give your units away too soon. You can use other foam hand soap refills like method and wegmans also has refill foam hand soaps which are so much cheaper. The white top of the refill comes off. Just use a butter knife to snap it off and make sure you do it carefully and not damage the area where the soap comes out. After opening it the first time it isn’t hard to open it again. So start saving the empty containers. The method brand comes in 28 ozs for less than $5.00 and the wegmans brand comes in 64 ozs for $7.00. You will save so much money. We have to outsmart these greedy corporations.

  • Lota

    BBW created a great product that they are not supporting. These dispensers were so popular and sold very well in all the stores or test markets because they are so much more economical than the self pump hand soaps. BBW probably lost sales of their self pump soaps and that’s why they are making it difficult to get a hold of the refills. Its all about money. Corporate greed!!! Do not get rid of your dispensers. You can use any foam hand soap refill like Method or Wegmans has their own foam hand soap. It is so much cheaper. Method has a 28 oz refill for less than $5.00 and Wegmans has a 64 oz refill for$7.00. Compared to BBW 8.75 oz for $8.00. Just snap the white top off using a butter knife. It will take some effort the first time you open it but will be easier after. Just be careful not to damage/crack the area where the soap comes out. You will save a lot of money and not have to get rid of a great product.

  • Alyse

    I love mine but have found that they are no longer selling the dispensers in stores anymore only the soap refills. Was going to switch all of mine in my house over to them but I guess I won’t be doing that now. Was lied to a while ago about them not going anymore and now they are no more. Very disappointed.

  • Ann Lynn

    I also love these. Bought 3- one for me and 2 as gifts. Two still work fine and the third dispenses soap bu doesn’t make it the soap foam anymore. The soap is just dispensed as a squirt of liquid. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks

    • Lota

      Have not had that problem. The only way that should happen is if the soap inside is not a foam soap. I have not used the Bbw refills. I saved all the refill containers and bought Wegmans foam soap and save so much money. Just make sure you buy foam soap otherwise it won’t work.

  • Preston Potter

    I found my original BBW soap dispenser in a closet and ordered a BBW refill from Amazon. I replaced batteries, put the refill in, but all that comes out in liquid…NO FOAM.
    Can you give me some help on how to fix the problem???