July 29, 2014

Fall 2014 Bath & Body Works Candles

fall 2014 candles bath and body works

OMG I’m going to be so broke because even more Fall 2014 Bath & Body Works Candles are popping up! Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn, Wasabi Apple, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Blackberry Bramble Tea are just a few that caught my eye and there are SO many others. Slay me!

Where am I going to store all of these candles?!?!

bath and body works fall 2014 candles

fall 2014 bath and body works

Bath & Body Works Autumn Candle
Dark pomegranate, red delicious apple and juicy fig.

Bath & Body Works Warm Caramel Cider Candle
Sweet caramel, freshly pressed apples and a hint of vanilla.

Bath & Body Works Harvest Gathering Candle
Autumn with red apple, cinnamon leaf and tart cranberry.

Bath & Body Works Autumn Night Candle
Nutmeg and cinnamon stick layered with applewood and cedar.

Bath & Body Works Cayenne Caramel Candle
Cayenne peppers, rich salted caramel and a touch of brown sugar!

Bath & Body Works Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn Candle
Sweet Vermont maple & a dash of sea salt give wholesome kettle corn an irresistible twist!

Bath & Body Works Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding Candle
Rich butterscotch, sweet vanilla & perfectly aged bourbon whiskey.

Bath & Body Works Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding Candle
Creamy banana, freshly grated nutmeg and brown sugar, inspired by thick-crusted artisan bread.

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Chai Candle
Vanilla bean blended with cinnamon, chai spices and foamy cream.

Bath & Body Works Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Candle
Sweet, smooth caramel swirled with fresh pumpkin.

Bath & Body Works Spiced Pumpkin Cider Candle
Pumpkin-apple cider, ground nutmeg and a hint of clementine!

Bath & Body Works Wasabi Apple Candle
Crisp apples & a surprising sizzle of Japanese wasabi.

Bath & Body Works Blackberry Bramble Tea Candle
Blackberries combined with a hint of sugar and spice.

Aw hell I swear I have a closet full of candles and I refuse to use another closet for them haha…but who can resist some of these? Bath and Body Works surely does know how to do Fall candles.

Yes, I’ll make them all mine!

Except the repromotes…maybe…

We’ll see!

Available now at bathandbodyworks.com.

Will you be indulging?

I can’t wait for Fall!

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  • Melissa

    I am SO glad I found your site, and I am loving reading through your reviews! And now, seeing this one, I plan to stop at my local B&BW on my way home LOL I am easily swayed into things, and I think I can hear the Bourbon Butterscotch one from here saying “take me home Melissa” LOLOL

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks Melissa I LOVE hearing that 😀 omg bourbon butterscotch is totally on my list lol it’s been whispering at me to take it home too ;D

  • kimmyyy

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh sea salt & maple popcorn? Vanilla chai?? Warn caramel cider???????????????????? My debit card is cringing in my purse… It’s times like these that I am so glad I don’t have a credit card. The temptation would just be too great to resist………… I’ll be picking up at least a few of these. They sound like such unique scents!! I’m getting tired of my usual tropical candles, which I have waaaay too many of.
    You’re killin’ me, Muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol kim! you’re better off 😀 I agree, I’m done with the tropical ones now! Time for Fall ;-D hahah sorry!

  • Ash Evans

    OMG I came back from Comic Con to find this!!! Noooooooo!!! Come on 2 for 22 I need these in my house even though I have too many candles as it is. I’m a sucker for fall!!

    • Isabella Muse

      OMGGGGGG JELLY! I didn’t go this year! Tell me everything. My friend scored a pic and autograph of Reeve Carney so my nerdy good nature is a little more calmer about not going 😀 but isn’t it awesome to come home from CC and experience the joys of Fall 😀

      • Ash Evans

        I snagged the Simpsons collection early, though one blush was not available at the pre sale. I saw Benedict Cumberbatch in the street, I met some of the Muppets cast. It was so cool so many things to be seen and had I’m uber broke but it was totally worth it. I think I get a check from the art sales next month so that is going to Fall everything. I have a sinking feeling BPAL is going to be EPIC for Halloween too. I adore fall I love B&BW seasonal, I have been waiting ages for it!!

        • Isabella Muse

          OMG sounds incredible especially the BC meet up!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy cow 😀 oh please don’t talk about bpal *hangs head in pain*

  • Sara

    Vanilla chai will be mine! I just need a good 2/$22 candle sale with a $10 off $30 purchase coupon…

  • Megan

    Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn is just repackaged Summer Boardwalk. The woman at White Barn said it was so popular they wanted to release it again. Also, Warm Caramel Cider is repackaged Cider Lane. I love those two scents anyway, so I wasn’t too upset, but just thought I’d let you know!

    Also, I got the Vanilla Chai scent, and it has almost no scent when I burn it! So bummed about that one.

  • Katie

    Vanilla Chai, you are coming home with me! I love that you post a preview of the B&BW seasonal candles. Otherwise I forget that I need to go buy new ones.

  • S

    I’m going to be so broke too!
    I’m curious about the popcorn one 😛

  • breyerchic04

    I basically want all of these in minis if they’re available. I love the teeny tiny candles they make with metal lids!

    Bourbon! Cider! Caramel! Wasabi and apple even sounds worth trying!

  • telle

    um im ALL about autumn night! 😀 Thanks for sharing, Muse! xo’s

  • Kris Kucher

    What happened to my all time favorite candle scent “holiday”? I would drive the hour & a half to the store to stock up on them. Sooo dissapointed. My friends & I would buy up to 40 of them between us. Not happy at all, but the flower store in town sells Yankie candles & they have a csent that is close. I may have to switch companies. Let me know as I do love all the products but that was my favorite & probably one of the only reasons we would all drive into Calgary for.