October 29, 2014

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Last Year’s Stale Candy Corn Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Last Year's Stale Candy Corn

Last Year’s Stale Candy Corn? Can’t be! Stale that is! I always thought of candy corn, marshmallow peeps, and twinkles as rations for the zombie apocalypse….I was positive that when there’s no more room in hell and the dead rise up from their graves that candy corn would be the one thing I could depend on to remain fresh as the day I purchased it.

Of course, did I mention I HATE candy corn with a passion but love the scent of it?

Needless to say Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab crushes my dreams though of using it as a ration for the apocalypse because this perfume oil is all about stale candy corn, last year’s in fact!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Last Year’s Stale Candy Corn is a limited edition Halloweenie 2014 Perfume Oil that recently launched at the Lab.

In the bottle this is sickeningly melted butter like in fragrance. It kinda smells like that popcorn butter they use at the movies to flavor popcorn. It’s revolting to my nose but I’ve come to know you can never ever, ever judge a perfume oil from the Lab by the way it smells in the bottle. Holy cow, applied, gross! More movie butter! I feel like I melted a bar of butter and slathered it on my skin! YUK! Is this what we smell like after eating a bucket of popcorn the size of our head while watching a movie at the theater? One can hope not! Wait…something is coming through the butter…oh no it’s wet dog…! It’s brief, phew! That was a close call! It’s settling now, I’m getting more of a sweet play-doh note now.

Final dry down…ah so candy corn doesn’t really go stale does it? Now I’m getting the scent of biting into a candy corn. Sweetness, a little vanilla, candy corn goodness! A few hours in…even more candy corn…mellow, now, more vanilla a hint and lots of fluffy marshmallows! Lovely.

So…in the end, this isn’t really stale candy corn (yay we can still use it for apocalypse rations!) but a very delicious and true candy corn fragrance. Don’t judge it by the initial application though as it takes a few seconds to get to the really good stuff.

Mmmm! It smells like a Trick or Treat bag to me!

Get it now at blackphoenixalchemylab.com!

I purchased this item.

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