October 23, 2014

Bpal Wand Cap Review

Bpal Wand Caps

When I started collecting Black Phoenix Alchemy Perfume Oils several years ago I remember being disappointed that they were no applicators for the oils. Each oil comes in a 5ML glass alchemy jar which is cute, vintage looking, and has a certain Gothic air about it! The perfume oil packaging with the custom labels are novel to say the least (I remember Beth used to hand print imp ear labels back in the day). But I remember my very first order I had a moment of, “well, ok, it smells nice, it looks nice, but how do I apply it?” and with that thought some disappointment upon realizing I had to place my finger over the opening of the bottle like a stopper and proceed to tip the bottle therefore wetting my finger with fragrance and proceeding to dab on my pulse points.

I also remember thinking, “There has to be a better way!?” I ended up doing a lot of searching, discussing with other BPAL lovers (because there are so many “How do you apply your BPAL oils?” threads on their forum) and finally discovering wand caps on E-bay. Basically these were the same size as the original bottle caps that graced the BPAL bottles but they had a short wand attached to the end to apply the oils from the bottle to your skin!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Perfume Oil Wand Caps

Black Phoenix Alchemy Perfume Wand Cap

Needless to say this was easier, less messy, and just a nicer way to put the oil on. I have A LOT of oils so not all my oils have wand caps. And sadly after purchasing a few dozen of these wand caps on E-bay the seller dropped off the planet and for many years I was unable to locate the wand caps anywhere.

A few years ago Bpal (which not a lot of people know) started carrying wand caps under their Propaganda header. Every time I place an order now I purchase wand caps to go along with each oil. The caps are either 2 for $2 or 6 for $5.

You can remove the cap your oil comes with and just pop on one of the wand caps and bob’s your uncle you have a rather nice way to apply your oil now. Just rub the wand on your pulse points and you’re good to go.

Nifty right?

Personally I dislike applying with my fingers so this is an ideal way to apply!

You can get them at blackphoenixalchemylab.com.