October 23, 2014

Yeah, Tyra Banks Has Her Own Makeup Line and No It Isn’t Cheap!

Tyra Banks Makeup Collection

Tyra Banks has her own makeup line that launched earlier this Fall. She’s quoted in InStyle saying, “I don’t believe in outrageously-expensive beauty products,” and credits a $2 jar of Vaseline as her beauty binge.

Girl, hold up.

The thing about Tyra is she’s always been fairly down to earth. And far be it for me to preach anything about pricing as I’m typically not one for ranting a price so long as the product, makeup, skincare, tech, WHATEVER…has quality backing it. But I was shocked that Instyle also stated, “We love how everything is under $100 and how the 5 Piece TYover Kit was $75.


I wouldn’t say a 5 piece set was affordable at $75…a quick glance at her website reveals $24 Eyes in a Stick Cream Shadow Sticks, $34 2 Minute TYOver Highlighter and Contouring Sticks, $32 Suede & Juicy Lip Color, and $26 Eyeliner (plus many other very highly priced makeup items).

Hold up.

Tyra, is that you girl or did we mistakenly run onto Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford’s Makeup websites?

I’m not saying that the new Tyra Banks Makeup Collection isn’t great. Who knows?! These products could be sent from the makeup gods above and worth every penny you pay for them. But..I have to digress and say I was pretty shocked by the price tags. Tyra seems like she would be one to put out a range of cosmetics at a more affordable price point. Plus this is a freshman venture…you’d think they’d start out low (maybe $15-18 range) and work themselves higher as they grew in popularly.

Honestly, I didn’t expect Bobbi Brown pricing for a Tyra Banks Makeup Collection but lots of luck with it! When you’re busy being quoted as splurging on $2 Vaseline and pricing your Lipsticks at $32, well, one has to question your mentality?!


Do you think the Tyra Banks Makeup Collection pricing is ok?

Or do you think it’s a touch TOO high?

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Denise

    I remember when Tyra used to go on Oprah Winfrey’s shows and demonstrate how to get Oprah’s champagne fashion looks on a beer budget. I am truly shocked that she would bring out such a ridiculously priced line of cosmetics! I would have expected something more along Drew Barrymore’s line.

    • Isabella Muse

      agreed I recall her doing something similar on her own show so it did shock me her own makeup was so highly prices!

  • Jules

    LOL, I love this commentary of yours. I remember the Vaseline from when she had her show. She even gave out bedazzled jars of it to audience members. I think her prices are so high since she got herself a HSN deal. I’ve seen her products on their site already. $34 for a highlighter/contour stick!? Her packaging is uninspired too. Her lippy looks like Too Faced’s. So well will see how the quality is!

    • Isabella Muse

      I remember that show too! that’s one of the reasons I always felt she was way humble but $34 highlighter? no thanks!

  • amy

    Before I form an opinion on pricing, I need to know what the ingredients are. Are they paraben-free, talc-free, free of petroleum byproducts (including synthetic fragrances)…?

    That said, the fact she sings the praises of Vaseline as a beauty product, I have a feeling she’s not opposed to using the aforementioned ingredients, which makes the products way overpriced…

    As for a “freshman venture”, it seems to be the trend to open with high price points. I mean, look at Ardency Inn, Tarina Tarantino, Charlotte Tilbury…

    • amy

      I just realized my biggest issue with this line-it doesn’t look WoC-friendly…

      • Isabella Muse

        mmm I dunno some of the shades are deep like the blush stick. the line isn’t extensive enough to say it isn’t WoC friendly, she only has a few items and most seem like they would suit an wide array of skin tones.

    • michelle

      Hey ladies… well… I personally don’t think her makeup line is expensive… nor do I think it’s really cheap. I want to say that when broken down each item in the 6 minute tyover is $13.76 a piece. Closer to drug store pricing than department store. I pay $28 for my department store eyebrow pencil and $50 for my foundation. I’m not sure where some of your pricing info has come from, I’m assuming it may be a little higher on HSN? The highlight and contour SET is $35. The suede and juicy lipstick is $10. I absolutely love the makeup… and so does every person I’ve shared it with. Almost all of my friends have bought it at this point. I wish I could post some of my before and after photos on here! Oh and as far as the list of ingredients that are NOT allowed in Tyra’s makeup:
      Animal fats, oils, and musks
      Benzalkonium chloride
      Bisphenol A (BPA)
      BHA and BHT
      Coal tar hair dyes and other coal tar ingredients
      Methyl Cellosolve
      Mercury and mercury compounds (also listed at Thimerosal)
      Parabens (methyl-,isobutyl-,proply-,and others)
      Phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP and others)
      Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS and SLES)
      Triclosan and Triclocarban

      I hope this helps you ladies! I also hope you give the line a try… it’s really good stuff… Tyra definitely knows makeup.

      • anna

        You must sell it. LOL I am surprised you didn’t leave your URL. It might be good, but what makes me angry as a direct seller myself is that she allows her product to be on television and available through her direct sellers. So as a beauty product, I have no clue how good it is. I have never been much of a “tube” person. As a direct seller, the competition with stores makes me angry.

        • Michelle

          Lol… I do sell it… kindof. I signed up for the discount and I share the discount with my friends. I love makeup in general, so when I find good things I share them with my friends and when I try things I dislike I share that too. I don’t love all the Tyra products… but I do love the highlight and contour sticks… a LOT. I guess what is expensive and what is inexpensive is relevant to who is buying. I spend ridiculous amounts of money on some kinds of makeup. I think some of Tyra’s makeup is really reasonably priced, and some of it is not worth the price. I only commented here to clear up some of the misconceptions because it seemed like everyone speaking on here had never tried it, so it was all speculation… when I have actually used it. I didn’t leave my URL because it wasn’t a sales pitch just an honest opinion and some facts about the product ingredients. As far as her marketing in stores and on TV… I’m not trying to make a career out of it so I never thought of it… I do know it was temporary and a part of the launch though. If you want any honest feedback about which of her products are “worth it” and which ones are not… I’d be happy to let ya know.

          • Kristen

            How do you feel about the silk extension mascara? I’m interested in buying, but I want to hear some real feedback. Thanks!

          • Heather

            The silk tension mascara is honestly amazing. I only is it on a night out, but it has zero fallout and no clumping. One coat makes a huge difference. I like to use two because I used to wear false lashes so I like that I can build it. Just ask honest opinion. Oh and it conditions your lashes as well s so you’re doing your lashes good.

  • Carol

    I saw this and thought the exact same thing! Those prices are shocking to me. I’ve always liked Tyra and thought the same thing as you about her being down to earth, but c’mon, the average person cannot afford to spend that kind of money on makeup. Especially when you gotta figure what cosmetics really cost to manufacture. I mean look at Drew Barrymore. Her prices are reasonable and her products are decent. I look for this line to either fail or surface in the clearance bins rather quickly.

    • Isabella Muse

      I have to say Flower has some winners but sometimes I raise a slight brow at the prices for the environment it is sold in.

  • Barbie

    that packaging doesn’t even look luxurious…
    If I’m about to drop $32 on a lipstick it better look more expensive than YSL and Marc Jacobs.
    from the looks of the picture, i like my Revlon packaging better.
    and you’re right, for a woman to say her staple is Vaseline and price her own lipstick at $32…sketchy

    • Isabella Muse

      mmm I don’t sketchy so much but it made me think, wait, she says her main splurge is 2 bucks so why price her own makeup so highly? You’d think she’d want something more affordable for fans!

  • Gabriela

    Not even for Noemi I’d pay such insane amount a money…although I still pay a lot for Noemi…ok that was mean but you get me: who the f*** did her market research?

  • Lace

    I find that too high if she’s touting that she’s saying she doesn’t believe in outrageously expensive beauty products. That price range she has is up there for sure. She should have taken some queues from Michelle Phan on the pricing. Even she adjusted her pricing on products due to feedback and seeing what her buyers were looking for. Tyra is going to learn the hard way about the pricing. Those products would have to be the best quality to pay that much for them.

  • Jenna

    Not to mention she’s going to have an Avon-style sales force…it’s going MLM this Winter, I believe, so people will be out there trying to sell it. She’s going to have “Tyra University” to train people.

  • Katherine T.

    Ouchie!!! I had no idea it was going to be that expensive! If they are super high quality products that perform awesomely, then the line has a chance, but if not, I can’t see the line succeeding, especially with such a limited selection. Too bad because I do admire her.

  • Caitlin

    ehhh I hate to be cynical but I think this might be a flop. Why would you spend this much on Tyra Banks cosmetics when you can purchase something of the same splurge price from a more established brand! I would have been willing to try some things out just for kicks but at this price tag I think I’ll be sticking to the brands I already know I’ll get my money’s worth from. Ohhh Tyra why

  • Nicole

    Mmm, too high in my opinion. I also think Michelle Phan’s line started way too high. Some of the prices for that line have dropped, but I still don’t think the price point is very good.

    • Isabella Muse

      Michelle Phan has a lot of sales so that always helps! perhaps we’ll see the same from Tyra!?

    • Anais

      Michelle Phan is a youtube, social media “star” , how is that different than Tyra’s longer professional experience with makeup? Also, Asian entrepreneurs are known for not marketing to “cheap consumers” people will buy into any consumer good that comes from the Asian market and with good reason. Like Korean skin care products. They’re also much bigger consumers than any other race especially when it comes to luxurious products. I see potential in Tyra’s product line but the problem is her demographic are “cheap consumers” , I’m also seeing a lot of hate from her own fans complaining about the prices. I can obviously see why she’s selling it at that price point (there’s more risk but you get a higher return), but she needs to grow her demographics away from “cheap consumers” but unfortunately I can already tell just from reading all the backlash, Black entrepreneurs especially black women, have a harder time of making it in the beauty and entertainment world. It’s really rare to see them sell at such a high price point because it’s harder for them to reach out to the “luxurious spenders” , the way white and asian entrepreneurs do. I really hope this changes, we need to give the black community a chance. -____- As for her products I can say that they are honest and loyal about the ingredients they put into them .

  • Drea

    Mally Beauty had a contour, highlight, and blush stick out earlier this year that looks exactly like the one above. The color of the packaging is different.

  • Lisa

    Frankly, I don’t think Tyra Banks has the…gravitas, I suppose, to pull this off. I can see a ton of people wanting to buy her makeup just to try it, because they like her. But, I would expect this to work well along the lines of a Flower Beauty price point. Plus maybe I’m the only one, but just the fact that it is Tyra’s line makes me feel like it wouldn’t be worth a high-end price tag; celebrity makeup lines strike me along the same lines as celebrity fragrances.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think Flower is very nice but I also think the price point, for the environment it is sold in, is expensive!

  • Sae

    Totally agree with ya there Muse. Especially seeing that product photo, you’d think at that price point you’d get classier packaging. This honestly looks to be drugstore quality. At this price I find most people going towards brands that are much more well known and even more affordable if not the same price point. UNLESS of course she releases something that changes the makeup game (which I highly doubt)..

  • Angel

    I echo everything you’ve said Muse. I saw her stuff on HSN the other day and clicked on some products out of curiosity. My first thought was that the packaging looks dated and cheap as hell. Like drugstore packaging. There are a lot of lines out there that I think are totally over-priced. But when I look at their packaging, I kind of get it. I mean what is lipstick, other than castor oil, waxes, silicone and red lake no. whatever? It’s not the ingredients we are paying for; it’s the pretty tubes and compacts or the prestige of a name. Tyra is banking on her name, and like you said, for a maiden voyage, these prices seem risky. Especially since nothing in her line jumped out at me. It’s all pretty basic stuff. $26 for eyeliner? Who does she think she is, Marc Jacobs?! LOL!

    • Sara

      I will happily pay $25 for a Marc Jacobs eyeliner because they are beyond amazing and I still can’t find a dupe for Intro(vert). But that line earned the reputation. I still want the mini eyeliner set. Hopefully it’s still in stock for the 20% off sale!

      • amy

        There were those who were skeptical of MJ in the beginning, as well, but the line has apparently proven itself (I haven’t tried it, as I already have a few brands that suit all my needs-for less money). Just because someone is a successful HE designer doesn’t mean the makeup will be quality. I personally expect certain ingredients to be omitted if I’m going to spend more. If HE brands are using the same cheap fillers & binders as DS, why pay the extra money?

        • Angel

          I agree Amy. MJ has proven to be a very successful line. That was exactly my point above about the $26 eyeliner. My aunt swears by it, won’t live without it. While I’m no expert on his line, he appears to be using innovative ingredients, especially in his lipsticks.

          Me, I’m still on the hunt for the HG eyeliner. I tried the MJ but it was nothing special for me. It didn’t perform any better than the pile of other black liners I own.

  • Cindy

    I think the collection looks to cheap to justify the price. I think she wants to milk the whole model thing with her “I was a model, I need stuff for on the go”- attitude. But ModelsOwn already does that.

    She could have sold more items if they weren’t that pricey. Let the 15 year old girl with just an alowance that looks up to her buy her make-up. But Iman already does that.

    Maybe she wanted to fill the gap between ModelsOwn and Iman?

    • Isabella Muse

      gosh I don’t get that attitude from her at all Cindy. She’s always been very down to earth and never had an attitude of “I’m a model”

    • Katie

      Iman’s line caters towards darker skin tones (i do love her eyeshadows though–very wet n wild color icon-esque). So Tyra could have tromped over that by catering towards all skin tones and types.
      And yes, the price is crazy. But magazines and stuff throw the word affordable around like they don’t know its definition. E! will have a “get the look for less” thing and call a blouse that’s $140 affordable…and that’s not affordable. Just because it isn’t in the thousands doesn’t equal easy access. Same seems to be going for “celebrity” cosmetic lines.

  • simone

    i noticed her line on hsn yesterday, and even with their bundling and discounted prices i was uninterested and turned off, and lets be honest, im never turned off by makeup
    it does seem as of late the pricing from luxury brands has been out of control, but tyra?? im surprised

  • Nicole Rutledge

    Guuuuuuurrrrrllll. I was thinking the exact same thing. The packaging looks cheap, kinda like you could buy it at Walmart. Does not look like a prestige brand. I like Trya and I hope all the best to her haha but seriously think she missed the mark on what could have been a cool brand.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think she’s fab! but yes, I expected something a little more from her…she seems like she’d be the type to create a more afford collection….

      • Fatima Reynoso

        hmmm… seems like a lot of hating going on here… if you all have a better idea for a makeup line, go and launch one 🙂 the woman is waaaaay more qualified in regards to business than the average person…THATS why she’s so successful! and if people are willing to pay as much if not more for brands such as MAC (which makes people break out) why not try Tyra’s?

  • Rebecca

    They do seem really high, but she’s such a good business woman I can’t picture her having got to this point without having good market research saying it would work?

    • SoundlySensibleBeauty

      I think they took a gamble and decided to try the high end route to get a deal on HSN. L’Oreal & Lancome make the same products but L’Oreal has more volume so even though they sell their stuff for 1/4 of lancome, they generate more revenue.

      The only two options with Tyra were either go mainstream or try to go niche/luxury. She may be a phenomenal business women and she’s done VERY well getting a fanbase out, but she doesn’t have the type of following that would sufficiently sell out drugstores, so they’re trying the luxury approach which will help them make the same profits with a much MUCH lower volume.

      Just my 2 cents. (MSRP of 1/2 a penny.)

  • Courtney

    The quality of the product is the most important thing, but at those prices I expect some luxe packaging. What I have seen online so far is not wowing me in the least.

    • Isabella Muse

      i agree! I haven’t used this and who knows could be amazing and well worth the price. But yes, I did expect something more higher end at this price!

  • Celine

    Those prices are insane, and not the mention the packaging is tacky and doesn’t appeal to me at all. Makes it look cheap.

  • Majick

    Pricing today is crazy because most people just aren’t buying. They raise the price to make up for it. Some people will still buy but in my opinion that number is dwindling.

    I heard an interesting comment from a vendor I know who sells decent clothing at a discounted price. She told me that her selection is not as good because companies aren’t making as many items so there’s a real lack of overstock. Overstock is how Marshall’s etc get their stuff too.

    As far as the magazines and what they think is affordable…um, not just no. I love it when a sales person says something like, “well, it’s a GREAT deal!” and when I ask, “do you have one?” and they look at me like I have three heads (because who makes that kind of money? LMAO).

    WHew! so O/T and a rant too – HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY! (thanks for listening) 😀

    • mirandagrosvenor

      It’s beyond drugstore. It looks like Jordana. (Not that Jordana doesn’t have some faboo products, but we all know what I mean.) For those prices the packaging should make me want to fall over and die for it (see: Charlotte Tilbury).

  • Sandra

    It’s disappointing to see that Tyra is undervalued and marginalized here. I can’t help but wonder why

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t think anyone is undervaluing Tyra at all. I think she’s a very powerful, intelligent woman. She’s very humble and down to earth! I really like her. Her makeup though, that’s a bit over priced!

    • Angel

      I disagree. No one is marginalizing Tyra, the person. It’s her makeup line that’s throwing us for a loop. Cheap packaging for standard looking products. The math doesn’t add up. I just expect better from a millionaire and former model with tons of access. Either take it to mass like Flower or Salma Hayek’s CVS line, or package that stuff up and make it look like its worth BB or LM prices. That’s all.

      • Isabella Muse

        def not, as far as I’m concerned she’s awesome! Miss her show! But it’s her makeup line that def puzzles me! agreed. If she introduced it into mass retailers and set it a little lower price I def understand otherwise I expect more variety and luxe packaging at these prices.

  • JenJ

    I’ve ordered one of the sets and it shipped yesterday. Can’t wait to play around with it!

    • Isabella Muse

      DO TELL me what you think! If it’s good I’d consider splurging. Wish she has a range of concealers, I’d indulge. Always feel like if a brand gets concealer down right all else should be awesome 😀

      • JenJ

        Will do! I go the set that has a lippie, shadow stick and blush stick. I’m tempted to get the contour and highlight stick set.

        • Isabella Muse

          you got it on hsn? or via her site? any good deals on hsn? as I’m curious!

          • JenJ

            HSN of course :D. There are some sets and duos of products with event pricing. Plus free shipping. I used a coupon code on the set I got as well.

          • Isabella Muse

            awesome I can ease my curiousness without breaking the bank 😀

          • JenJ

            Thought I replied. Hmmm. Yes I got it from HSN. They have free shipping going on and several sets that are at event price.

  • Jennie

    I love Tyra but these prices are ridiculous. She’s charging so much for tacky packaging. These don’t even look like high end products. I find this worse than Michelle Phan’s cosmetic line release.

  • Trina

    Well this sucks! I would have loved to try her makeup line, but not for that much money (yikes!). It would have been perfect if it were drugstore prices :/ shame.

  • Lacy

    I’ve always liked Tyra up until you just dropped the bomb of prices for her line. What in the literal F$*@ ?! I still like her but what the hell was she thinking.

  • Maggie

    $26 eyeliner? $32 lipstick? In not so classy packaging? Hopefully these are all top-notch formulas. After all, there are other amazing contenders at lower price points.

  • Iris

    The prices are comparable to Marc Jacobs but the packaging looks drugstore. Maybe the formula makes up for it. I’d be curious to try at least the lipsticks if they shipped to Canada.

  • TwirlyGirly

    Since ending her professional modeling career, Tyra has tried to branch out in many different directions; fashion photography, video directing, writing, makeup artist, talk show host, singing, producing, and now this. (There may be other things; I’ve lost count).

    The only endeavors which have been a success for her are her talk show and producing (ANTM, and perhaps other shows). She REALLY needs to stick to what she knows and what she’s good at. I’m suprised that with all the experience she has with the modeling industry AND all the contacts she made as a result of that career she hasn’t opened a modeling agency – it would probably be quite successful.

    But at the rate she’s going, she’s coming dangerously close to being viewed as a “Jack of all trades; master of none.” Sorry, Tyra, no one is good at everything. Pick something that relates directly to your strengths and experience, and stick to it!

    • Brunette

      Tyra will do fine once she finds her footing.Make up is too high. Maybe this venturce cost her too much to start.

  • maddie

    im from new zealand and in our country thats pretty standard and dare i say a rather affordable line of makeup even with the exchange rate from new zealand dollars to american. i am so keen to try them but they are unavailable in my country at the moment. her range is rather innovative though oops liner is genius and the easy sculpting and highlighting sticks are just what is needed in the market.

    • Betty

      I just decided to join Tyra in her sales force and can’t wait to get my products and introduce them to my friends and family.
      Most make-up that I use from other ds companies are around the same price give or take a couple of dollars.

    • Pam

      How has it been? Are ppl liking it? Is the products good??? I’m thinking about selling. Ty

  • Heather

    They say don’t knock it till you try it, right? When you think about it, you’re using less products. It is worth paying extra to cut out the costs of all the other junk that you’re piling on your skin and you’re saving time. They are quality products that are Paraben free. Why waste money on packaging that you’re just going to throw away when its empty? After trying these products, I’m happy to say that I would consider signing up on launch day. If you’re looking to try these products at a discounted price (& free shipping), watch for the HSN feature again on February 20th.

  • Jamie

    Muse, I would be honored to send you a set to try. It’s hard to base an opinion on packaging or quality based on a picture. I would love to introduce you to a TYover!!

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Jamie! That’s very generous 🙂 I’ll try it at some point on my own! HSN always has great deals!

  • Cyn

    I bought it on sale at HSN and I love it! I’m no makeup artist but it really works. I bought the dark contour, light in a box and blush. I love the way it goes on. It really does work. And the eyeliner is amazing, No drag at all and the pencil is nude on one end and black on another. Smack that FatLash takes my sparse skimpy lashes and makes them fuller and longer. And I love that there is a hint of blue to the mascara. My eyes look brighter with that and the liner. As for the lipstick I love the color and the case is elegant. It all has a good hand feel. And the eye shadow.. really does stick. I use it as a liner since it doesn’t budge.

  • D. Marie

    Don’t judge a book by its cover anyone? I guess I’m not sure how much you thought she was supposed to charge for her makeup line. I understand that maybe it isn’t the most affordable products but I’d much rather hear opinions about the quality of the product or lack there of from people who have actually tried it vs complaints about packaging. I’m just saying…

  • QueenB

    I just found out about Tyra Beauty!! I am so excited about this line of cosmetics and it is Tyra approved…Heck Ya!! So I signed up to become a Beautytainer…yes!! It is in the Beta (pre-launch) stage and full launch coming in September! A true ground floor. She did the direct sales approach tell let everyday women like you and I have a chance to stay at home, retire early…heck even retire our husbands. Oh, and men have joined her company as well…so exciting!!

  • Anyeri

    So the reason this line MIGHT just work and why her prices are high is because she is not the one selling them. Her business here is direct sales so she has reps joining and will be making commossions from selling and recruiting people to join. She was smart in doing it this way otherwise I have no doubt that this will probably fail. Its just her slapping her name on some products but women will buy into it because they will see a friend selling it and they know Tyra and like her. Im already seeing so many women on my Facebook selling it.

  • Brown

    I am a beautytainer so I won’t comment on the makeup or pricing because that would seem bias. But as for the other questions I can answer. Her ima stick and lip model line is vegan. The products are cruelty free. No animal testing. Here is some product info on ingredientsand best practices:

    What is the TYRA beauty Oh, Hell No List?
    A: The Oh, Hell No List is TYRA beauty’s list of ingredients and practices we never use. It includes:
    Animal fats, oils, and musks Benzalkonium chloride Bisphenol A (BPA) Butoxyethanol BHA and BHT Coal tar hair dyes and other coal tar ingredients 1,4-dioxane Formaldehyde Hydroquinone Methyl cellosolve Mercury and mercury compounds (also listed as Thimerosal) Oxybenzone Parabens (methyl-, isobutyl-, proply- and others) Phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP and others) Resorcinol Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS and SLES) Toluene Triclosan and Triclocarban We never, ever test on animals.

  • Linda

    HA!!! I do not sell this product so I am not being biased at all….but you people have got to be kidding me that you think the prices are high! Are you serious? Maybe you all are just used to Wet n’ Wild brand or that NYX stuff. Who knows, but these prices are cheaper than what I’m used to buying and I’ll be giving it a shot.

  • Genna

    i think it is a bit high to start with! Someone added me to a Facebook party for this product and they were posting before and after pictures… One there was a crazy filter on the picture for sure and two there is no way what she used did all that alone. There were def other products used so I feel like it isn’t a fair judge on the overall product! Just because they are trying to say you can do this in 6 minutes with just those products! I would have to put my hands on the product before I say never but I will probably pass on these products.

  • Maria

    In full disclosure, I recently decided to sell these products. I came across this post while looking to find a printable version of the ingredients that are not in the products, and I just wanted to share my thoughts.

    I, too, am a luxury cosmetics girl who knows what she is doing with makeup. I have found that many of my friends want to learn how to do their makeup like me, but they are intimidated by all the choices and don’t know how to find what works for them. I send product suggestions, suggest going somewhere like Sephora for help, YouTube videos – all to no avail. Between all of my brushes and products, plus the expense, everyone is just really confused and want it simplified.

    That’s kind of why Tyra made this line. She wanted it to be less intimidating. That’s why there isn’t a lot of products. The point is to be easy to figure out what will work for you, so the products are made to be universally flattering. I’m betting the packaging is even meant to be utilitarian looking and not fancy to make them less intimidating. They also are meant to be used without tools like brushes and are blendable with only your fingers. They are not meant for people like us who know what they are doing. I was so pleased with how simplified it made the ability to share makeup with my friends, I decided to join up. The only product I am not super in love with is the eye shadow because I love my powders and have a set way of doing my eyes. The sticks, the eyeliners, etc… Are actually really nice and comparable to the products I bought from luxury designers. Oh, and the mascara is like every other mascara on me because I have pretty good lashes to start with, but some people adore it, much like how I see some people loving “Better Than Sex,” etc…

    Tyra also wanted to have control over the whole thing and not just have some input for another brand. I think that’s why it isn’t like the drugstore lines and inexpensive and mass produced. She fronted the investment for it. It is kind of her baby.

    I think they are pretty ingenious and game changing because of their simplicity, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. If you already have a good routine and all products that you love, with the exception of the Oops Liner (that eraser is ingenious), you probably won’t find something you would rather use from Tyra. However, if you have someone you know who is clueless about makeup who wants to start with quality products that work and look good, then they are a good option.

    That’s my honest and real opinion, even though I sell it lol

    Have a beautiful day!

  • Yakana Cross

    I was a Beautytainer with Tyra, but decided to leave because of the following:
    – The limited product options in the line (no foundation, concealer, or powder)
    -The cost to be a Beautytainer when there is a lot of cosmetic company competition in direct sales ($59 to sign up, then you have to buy a kit for either $80 or $139. The kits are optional, but can only be bought at the time of enrollment)
    – A $14.95/month “Technology Fee”
    – A $500/quarter sales quota
    I am fortunate that I found another cosmetics line that is much less expensive, has quality, vegan products, is complete to include skin and body care, has no website fees, no quotas, and a 30% commission (Tyra starts at 25%). Good luck to Tyra and the other Beautytainers. I wish them all the best.

  • Carmen Doyle

    Hi there! Just curious if Ms. Muse has had a chance to try the products, and if so, what did you think of them? Looking for some honest feedback. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I have not Carmen. I thought they were a touch to expensive to indulge!

  • Carmen Doyle

    Ms. Muse – apologies for the late response. I have emailed you my information for contact. Thank you!

  • Lindsey Chrisman

    Hello everyone! Today is my bday. My husband let me splurge on some Tyra Banks make-up. I placed my order today. I’ll give my honest review as soon as my items arrive. 🙂

  • Melissa

    I am with the company! This has been a great opportunity for me and the makeup lasts a LONG time! I have promoted four times in two months and have even received three dozen roses from Tyra for hitting the leadership levels! People pay for quality and how long it lasts. I will say one more thing…. The company is expanding quickly! So many new products coming out this year 2016.

  • Jessica

    The stuff is good. Like really really good. I was stupid skeptical too, but I’m beyond impressed. There are a few items in the line that are not worth the price tag but overall I’m totally satisfied! I signed up to help a friend and bc the kits are on sale $400 worth of makeup and business for $128 yes please! The prices are very comparable to smash box, Lancôme, etc. I’m not too ashamed to share my link because I’d love to earn some of my coin back 😉

  • Amber

    HELLO. I love her make up line and personally can not wait until she adds more, like foundation and concealer. Her makeup isn’t “the cheapest”; but, come on, it’s just like everything else. “You get what you pay for”. AND really, for chemical free, hypoallergenic products… her prices ARE CHEAP! I have VERY sensitive skin and even top lines like “bare minerals” who are VERY expensive, some of their stuff still makes my face break out. I have been using TYRA products for 4 months now & haven’t had any issues.. I just wish she would have foundation out already! HAHA. and if you buy the set that comes with one of all of the essentials, you’re getting it at an even cheaper rate than buying them individually.
    NO other makeup company does that.

    I used to sell Younique… and they have “collections” so you would think that buying those would be a better deal than buying them all separate, but you’re not saving much with them.
    Tyra’s collection deal is $131 worth of products for $75!
    Younique is $210 for $240 worth of product (not precise but close enough).
    I sold more of Tyra’s make up in ONE MONTH than I sold of Younique’s 4 months.

    I mean… $39 plus tax and shipping for a bottle of foundation that isn’t even going to last you 3 months if you use it everyday?? and it isn’t ever even the same consistency. The first time I bought it, it lasted me 2.5 months. It was great, I used my brush and put 5 drops on it just like I was supposed to.. I used it once per day and never got the 3 months out of it that they say it lasts.
    The second time I got it, it was more “runny”, I got 2 months out of it.
    The third time, it was on back order.. I waited 4 months to get it!
    It was straight WATER and it lasted me a month!
    I called the second and third time to say that I didn’t think it was right and I got told, it was find, that’s how it’s supposed to be and if anything the first time I ordered it was too thick of a consistency.
    BS.. I haven’t ordered from them since & ALL of their foundations are still OUT OF STOCK and have been since BEFORE Christmas. The only way you can order them is if you order an ENTIRE COLLECTION.. but the foundation is still posted as being on BACK ORDER, even though they don’t have any at all to give you so you have no clue when you’re going to it.

    Tyra.. when something is out of stock.. it’s out of stock & within a couple of weeks it’s back.
    OR like right now.. they ran out of a specific eye liner “in a stick” so everyone who ordered that they hadn’t shipped out yet is getting an entire palette of eye shadow in place of the ONE eye shadow ( so they are getting a palette that costs $39 if ordered separate in place of their one eye shadow that costs $24 if ordered separate)

    Honestly- Tyra is catering to people. She’s replacing things if you don’t like them or feel they are defective and you don’t even need to ship the product back to her to prove it. AND she overnight ships the product to you at no cost that you want replaced. She has deals.. she puts on her OWN sales instead of making her “beautytainers” do them on their own. She is often posting buy one get ones and such. And she is incredible to her direct sales people. She sends dozens of roses once they reach a certain level, she does wild cards so lucky girls can win a chance to go on the cruises just for being her sales reps even if they didn’t “reach the goal set in place”, she sends gifts, she does incentives, she does her own videos and her own webinars to help people boost their sales.

    Hands down. She’s rocking it! and I’m not just saying this because I am selling it.. I left younique, to sell her products because they are that much better & everything she does is amazing for her direct sales line.

    This is the best direct sales company I have seen thus far.