November 3, 2014

Shara Shara Color Control Cream Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

Shara Shara Color Control Cream CC Cream

I’m loving on this Shara Shara Color Control Cream CC Cream that came in my Vagabond Youth X Memebox! If you love Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream you’re sure to enjoy the texture and formula of Shara Shara Color Control Cream.

Shara Shara Color Control Cream

Shara Shara Color Control Cream is a color adapting CC Cream with an SPF 50. This comes in a squeeze tube that features a cute girl on both the outer and inner packaging. If you used Shara Shara in the past I think the packaging might come as a surprise as this is kinda artsy where as they normally go with cute doll-like packaging for their products.

This is a color adapting formula so it is white but has a peppering of color changing capsules that are visible when you squeeze some out of the tube. As you apply you’ll find the capsules change the white base into a softer beige with pink undertones. I only tried it on myself but the color seems to adjust well and suits my warmer undertones fine. You have to keep in mind that CC Creams aren’t going to offer a ton of coverage so they give more of a your skin but better appearance and finish. I typically apply CC Cream as my foundation but you can of course, use them under foundation to correct as this formula brightens, evens out, and reduces the appearance of dullness. This offers very light, soft, satiny coverage and gives my skin a bright, even appearance. The color pay off is very sheer so if you already have fairly good skin this will give you a nice even look while brightening things up but won’t offer coverage for any problem areas you might have such as darkness, redness, acne, etc…!

Shara Shara Color Control Cream swatches

Shara Shara Color Control Cream (Shade: 02 Natural Beige)

The Natural Beige color seems to work well for me as it eases dullness, brightens my complexion, and evens it out so I use it as a lightweight foundation product of sorts! I find the finish and texture a very close dupe for Tony Moly’s version but a little thinner in consistency and a little less pigmented.

All in all a very good CC Cream that performs well and wears nicely for around five hours! Shara Shara Color Control Cream was featured in the Vagabond Youth Memebox but you can purchase it from Ebay sellers as well as or explore for other boxes that might contain it!

Shara Shara Color Control Cream2