December 3, 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow for the Holidays

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Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow

True story, when I was like 13-14 I used to wear these little stick on jewels at the corner of my eyes. I dunno, I was thinking maybe I made a major fashion statement with those little jewels but now I look back and think, “What WERE you thinking?” I actually have those thoughts about past love of Vanilla Ice and NKOTB as well…

I mean did you ever think you’d reach an age in your life where you’re literally embarrassed to think back to grade school and High School? Does this mean I’m getting old?

Anyway, there was also that one time where Vajazzling was a thing and it completely entered my mind when I saw the new Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow Set. Yeah, perverted moment.

This set is for YOUR BROWS though….!

Honestly, I don’t see the point of the Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow Set. Not knocking it, just thinking, well, I don’t think I need this even if I do like shimmery, sparkly things.

This set includes 52 Swarovski in 2 colors as well as a mini tweezer. Each has a peel of backing sheet with self adhesive so you can use the tweezer to gently press the jewels directly on your brows. Honestly, the idea of going around with crystals on my brows, even during say a Holiday party, sounds beyond my scope of sparkle but hey, to each their own!

Now lord knows if I were 13 again I’d probably totally love this set.

So perhaps there is hope and a demographic for the Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow Gift Set.


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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • auntymaim

    I totally did that in the 90s (usually the corners of the eyes) and have no regrets! I’ll glitter up any damn thing, sparkly is my favorite color. Nonetheless, I suspect that the Venn-Diagram overlap of People Who Can Get Away With Face Rhinestones and People Who Can Afford $25 On Non Essential Grooming is a small sliver of recipients of generous trust funds. I love the idea but let’s be honest, I can’t wear ’em to the office and on my weekends I’d look like an oaf sportin face sparkles while I putz out to the quickmark for a Diet Coke during an all day Dragon Age bender.

    • Isabella Muse

      me too! ;-D haha you’re awesome aunty 😀 actually wearing them WHILE playing dragon age would be rather fabulous just sayin’ last night I was totally rocking bright red lipstick while playing Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD remix so yeah, makeup+games=EPIC!

      • auntymaim

        LOL! I’ve done the full over-the-top makeup while spending a day gaming on multiple occasions, but I’ll always do something like hop out for a diet coke or order dinner, and only after I’ve started interacting with another human being do I realize that I have on purple glitter lipstick AND sweatpants. I feel like those guys in high school who would wear fancy hats and ratty tshirts, probably not a Great Look but I gotta be me! 😛

  • Ember Darling

    This is cute and I would honestly wear them but not for that price. You can just glue some on with some eyelash glue for under $5. (not directly on your hairs though- ouch!) I would wear them like on the website the 3 underneath the tail. I like that look and am totally gonna steal it for a holiday party.

  • Angel

    Hahaha! I wore those little jewels on my eyes as well. I think Gwen Stefani was rocking something similar to this Benefit kit at one time as well. I swear I remember bedazzled eyebrows on her.

    Few years back, Sephora sold some kit that you could put little plastic balls on the tips of your eyelashes. Yeah, I wore those a few times and look back and sigh LOL!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Yeah, this as teenage girl written all over it. Then again, what kind of teenage girl has the money to afford Benefit products?