December 19, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Leave In Conditioner Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Leave In Conditioner

You NEED Fortune Cookie Soap Leave In Conditioner! Especially the limited edition Holiday 2014 fragrance, Jelly of the Month Club! Don’t say I didn’t tell you this stuff is all kinds of awesome!

This is actually the first time I’m trying Fortune Cookie Soap Leave In Conditioner! I didn’t even know they made this stuff until I recently logged on to grab some Christmas goodies! Needless to say I was really happy it was available in their limited edition fragrance for the Holidays, Jelly of the Month Club.

This is such a lovely fruity fragrance that has notes of strawberries, apples, lime, and orange! Yum!

Needless to say when it popped up back in November on Fortune Cookie Soap’s website I quickly grabbed up five bottles without ever having tried the product because the idea of my hair smelling like Jelly of the Month, well, I was all about it. I love this fragrance. Too bad it isn’t available in a perfume. It’s such a lovely scent!

Thankfully I loved the formula! I’m looking forward to seeing what other fragrances Fortune Cookie Soap releases it in. I typically use it on my wet hair right out of the shower. I mist it on, put my hair into a towel, get dressed, and comb it out after my hair is semi-dry. It has argan oil which scared me a little bit because I was scared it would make my hair greasy. No issues at all there though as it made my hair smooth and shiny. It detangles quite well as my comb glided easily through the tangles in my hair plus it made my hair super soft. Best part though is the fact it left my hair smelling fruity and sweet for a few hours after applying it! Do love.

It’s still available if you want it best grab it before it disappears! You NEED it!

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