December 2, 2014

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit Review

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit Set

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit is a brand new extensions mascara set that’s launching now at drugstores which takes a note from products like Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System, Tarte Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers, and Mirenesse Lash Transplant Lengthening System.

Honestly, fiber extension sets are dying down at the moment but were right on trend in the Summer so I suspect by Spring we’ll start seeing a bigger push for them and what better place than the drugstore to get a fix.

I LOVED Too Faced’s version and I have to say Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit is even better…problems though.

Take a look!

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit is $12.95 (I actually paid $11 at Harmons plus if you have the time and the patience it comes with a $7 mail in rebate to refund some of your purchase money).

This system is amazing. They did a GREAT job with it but I did have one minor issue that upset and angered me which I’ll tell you more about in a minute.

This comes with a mascara as well as an a tube of extensions. The extensions are quite like the ones you’ll find in the Mirenesse Instant Lash Transplant Volumising Kit as they are black and have a spider-web like look. Honestly, it looks like a mascara wand was dipped into some sort of black cotton as that’s the quality and texture of the “fibers”. I wouldn’t call these fibers in all honesty as they truly aren’t your traditional mascara fiber formula. This is more like a soft, cotton-y web texture which I find difficult to explain. None the less they are pretty darn awesome and my before and after photos below do NOT do justice to the length and volume you can achieve using the set.

I dare to say the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit actually works better than the Too Faced one. The mascara is much better! It has a blacker than black formula with a curved handle that acts very well at providing great length to lashes. The “fibers” add even more length as well as heaps of volume as they fill between lashes and give the mascara something to grip on to which adds even more length, volume, and drama to lashes!

Physicians Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit

Physicians Formula Mascara

To use the system I suggest curling prior. You want your lashes up and out before using the mascara or the fibers. I find without curling things get a little clumpy. First curl your lashes, now brush one or two layers of the mascara through your lashes, following up by brushing the “fibers” onto your lashes, and finally add another layer of mascara. Done! The extensions/fibers add volume and length but they aren’t irritating. They don’t end up giving me that “I got something stuck in my eye” feeling nor do they flake or fall into my eyes and onto my cheeks. The mascara doesn’t smudge once it sets down and it gives my lashes a very black than blacker appearance. The extensions have a spoolie for application so you stroke the extensions on without messing up your mascara application! The lack of bristles on the applicator makes application easy and mess-free.

Honestly, I was delighted with the finished results. It does have a slight learning curve as my first time, without curling, things got messy! My second time, with curled lashes, I saw much better results. I like how well this builds and layers as well as I could keep adding layer upon layer and getting better and better results which each pass without creating a clumpy mess. I fear that it MIGHT smudge on oily lids. It did not on my drier eyes and the box promises 24 hours of wear but it doesn’t say anything about a waterproof formula and it does remove easily so I thought I’d just throw it out there for oily lid users. I think if you have shorter, stubbier lashes this could potentially be messy as you do want some natural length to work with here.

Now I love this stuff with a passion and I can see it easily replacing my Too Faced formula because where as Too Faced has excellent extensions I never really loved the mascara it came with. Liked yes, but never loved. This gives you the best of both worlds. Great mascara, excellent extensions too!

Now my problem….

This could be a fluke and I pray that it is but the mascara is very thick and it seems end up in the top half of the tube. Whenever I place the wand back into the tube mascara just flows out and over the sides of the tube. What a freaking mess. I’m actually on the verge of returning it as I’d like a new tube to see if I have the same problem! I HOPE that the tubes aren’t faulty….I’ll report back as soon as I get a new one but this disappointed me in a major way. The mascara just flowed all over the place. At the time when I originally replaced the wand I didn’t even notice for a moment and I looked down and it was ALL over my hands. Thankfully I didn’t get it on my clothes and caught myself just in time but none the less it was messy. You can see my image below with the mascara flowing from the rim of the tube!

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit 1

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit is pretty darn amazing. Physicians Formula has successfully created a drugstore mascara extension set to be proud of. I’m hopeful the problem with the packaging is an isolated issue because I can easily see myself replacing all my current mascaras for this system. Loves it.

Physicians Formula Instant Lash Extension

Length, volume, drama…this mascara system brings it.

The Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit is available now at drugstores.

Tried it?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Angel

    Well you sure sold me, sounds amazing! But I’m going to wait to see if you exchange this and have the same problem. I really hope it’s just a fluke, maybe something wrong with the plunger. I want to try those fibers with Lights, Camera, Lashes and see what happens 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I’ll update for sure!!!!!!!!! I used it today for the first time with lights, camera, lashes and wowowowowowow awesome sauce! BUT I had a little fall out with the extensions…not sure of tarte’s formula wasn’t wet enough or what but I had little cotton fibers everywhere but it was worth it because my lashes look like doll lashes today ;D loves!

      • Angel

        Awesome!! So glad to hear it works w/ Tarte!! Well sometimes we have to suffer for beauty 😉 If the results are amazeballs, it’s still worth it to me. Not something I’d have the patience to do every day, but for special ocassions this might be easier than falsies.

        • Isabella Muse

          haha too true too true. I just cut out post it notes in a half moon and stick them under my eyes to catch fall out 😀 well worth the effort as my lashes look amazings ;-D

      • Kasey

        Lash extension mascara is usually thicker. Try setting the tune tightly closed into a cup of hot water to melt it back down the tube, it also makes for easier application

  • Fancie

    I have sensitive eyes so I’ve always been a little nervous to try fiber mascaras but this set seems nice. It definitely adds a nice amount of length which I could really use. Guess it’s worth a shot!

  • Lacy

    WOW! I didnt know this stuff existed but i’m pretty freaking amazed! I WILL HUNT THIS DOWN. And any would be crazy not to try it with the $7 mail in rebate..Why do new mascaras keep having to come out all at the same time?! I’m mascara wh0re 😀 as is.. now I’ll have 3 brand new open tubes if I grab this up in addition to the new covergirl full lash bloom and rimmel wonder lash… gahhh. And that’s not including whats already in my regular rotation/ combos…. I just can’t wait or displine myself to use up one tube before I’m on to the next newest thing or back to my two HG’s…. le sigh… But I LOVE that there’s a drugstore version of an extension mascara… I never tried too faced (is it worth it?) and I hated tarte’s. But your review sounds promising and this mascara feels like it’ll be a show stopper and welcomed game changer.

    • Isabella Muse

      the too faced is worth trying lacy for sure but honestly this one is even BETTER ;-D I hope you find/like it 😀

  • Cinthya

    This has intrigued me a lot! I’ve been wanting to try the Too Faced version, but I haven’t been wanting to dish out the money for it. I will definitely try this out! Do you apply the fibers while the mascara is still wet? Or when it has dried?

    • Isabella Muse

      i don’t really wait, apply the mascara and just go ahead with the fibers 🙂 it’s easier when wet as they cling to your lashes a bit easier.

      • Cinthya

        That’s awesome to not have to wait, since I’m in a hurry most mornings. Thank you Muse:)!

        • Isabella Muse

          no problem! also I used it today with tarte lights, camera, lashes, just a note, I had a bit of fall out…tarte might not have a wet enough formula so the extensions were on my cheeks/under my eyes. So if you use it with another mascara just be sure to place something under your eye (like a post it) to catch fall out so you have less to clean up!

  • Carol

    Great review! Been waiting to see a review for this product. Glad to hear it is that amazing. I hope that you just got a bum tube because if they are all like this PF is going to be in serious trouble. Imagine the amount of angry consumers if every tube leaks out like that. I have never seen such a thing! I will definitely be trying this but thanks for the heads up on the major leakage…

    • Isabella Muse

      oh no problem hoping it was just this bottle! I’ll update though Carol 😀

  • Katherine T.

    Oh, I hope that’s a fluke. My lashes are short and sparse, and I don’t want to bother with false eyelashes and glue, so if this works, it would be a godsend

  • Winnie Chan

    This seems pretty promising. I just hope it’s smudge proof on my lids

  • Rachel R.

    I have sensitive eyes, so I’ve been interested in this. I do hope the overflow problem was a fluke. Great results on you, though!

  • Emily

    UGH To the tube problem!! I still just use a cheap mascara with an expensive mascara wand, LOL. I don’t think I’ll be getting this though.

    • kimmyyy

      Just curious: what do you use (wand and formula)? I’m always interested when people say they do this sort of thing!

      • Emily

        I have the lights camera lashes wand and I use it with Maybelline Lash Stiletto. It works so much better that way!!

        • Emily

          Sadness 🙁

          I just unintentionally lied to you, sorry 🙁

          I use Guerlain Exceptional Complete mascara wand (i ought it over a year ago lol) with the lash stiletto.

  • telle

    definitely have not tried this yet (haven’t seen it yet in cdn drug stores). i would also likely pass since the TF/Tarte and i think it was SB or MUFE that had a mascara fiber primer years ago, usually irritate my eyes… they did a stunning job, but the irritation wasn’t worth it for me. have you seen the high shimmer eyeshadow palettes and singles that they have just put out? the palettes totally remind me of lancome 5 shadow palettes and the singles look like color pop and the pricing for the singles are on par with color pop. i wanted to snag to try, but i didn’t want to be out 18$ if they were a total bombo- im going to try and snag ’em on a sale! let me know if you see them! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      no issues with that OMG something is in my EYE! feeling telle 🙂 so it’s well worth trying out. I have indeed! but haven’t seen in store yet! NEED ;_D

  • Nikole

    Muse, what eventually happened with this product? Did you decide to return, and if so, was a replacement tube better? (I’m following up because I bookmarked this page, because i am ALWAYS interested in good drugstore mascaras). Please advise. Thank you!

    • Isabella Muse

      haven’t purchased a new one yet nikole, it was sold out when I went back! Still looking for it so I can retry 🙂 I still have it! I’ve been using the fibers with my other mascaras. so will repurchase and see as soon as I can find it!

  • Ayla

    I purchased this 12/19 at a CVS here in Chicagoland for 40% off ($10). It’s well worth the price for even just the tube of “extensions.” I have tried it a few times with the PF included mascara, stunning results, but oi the frkn tube. There must be 25% of the mascara coating the tube at this point. I plan to try it with my HG L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, a pretty wet and very black mascara.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Isabella Muse

      yay glad to hear it ayla same here 🙁 I started using it with my tarte mascara to avoid the mess!

  • Lacy

    I finally tracked this down at a local cvs but is was 15.49 but at least 40% off, however mine did not come with a rebate? At any rate I LOVE this stuff. With the mascara it comes with its ok. I don’t like the brush but with my other mascara’s it’s the bomb. I hope this becomes a permanent item. I’d buy it just for the extensions alone!

  • yelitza

    Hi muse! do you think it is safe for contact lens wearers? I have CVS extra bucks I will use towards this mascara but I’m in doubt if this will be safe for my peepers LOL!

  • Lacy

    Not to go against the grain here but I wear contacts and haven’t any problems with this. I think as long as you’re tapping off the excess fibers as instructed you should be ok, and I even still get a little fall out on my face sometimes but I have yet to encounter irritation, and most days i’m applying multiple layers of fibers 🙂 HTH.

    • Isabella Muse

      i don’t wear them so you might want to go with Lacy’s suggestions and try it, I was a little worried it would get into your eyes and into your contacts…! I don’t find it irritating at all but I don’t wear contacts either 🙂

  • yelitza

    I’m very cautious about my eyes so I’ll go with your advice Muse. “Eyes are the windows of your soul!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Teresa Licon

    I’ve been using this product & I’m very happy with it. But I also had the same problem with the mascara that you did. Until I started heating up the tube of mascara in hot water right before I start on my lashes. The reason I started doing this is because the mascary is very thick. So now I fill a small glass with hot wateR & stand my mascara in it for a few minutes. Making sure the mascara is tightly closed. It worked for me. Hope this suggestion works.

  • saundra

    Does anyone know how it works with curling your eyelashes? Some mascaras bring down my lash curl. Was wondering if anyone has tried it.

  • Quinn

    I read your review a while back and knew I had to try this product. I was also super excited when cvs gave back the $7 rewards bucks and I will send in the rebate making it a grand total of $.99 (plus tax) YAY!! I am still getting used to it. I was really hoping to love this product as I have long lashes naturally but they are not very full. Some mascaras – or I guess the brush would make my lashes stick together making them look even more sparse imo, so I was hoping the fibers would give me the volume I wanted. This has potential but I may try with a different mascara. The one they provide seemed fine as I was applying it. I guess it dries quickly or is too stiff b/c even though I tapped my fibers several times it seems everytime I touch my lashes with the fibers they just get knocked off the wand. Sorry if this is a little gross but I only add this b/c I am a little concerned (not trying to be funny) but I am hoping those fibers are not harmful if accidently inhaled. I really had no idea at the time but I guess the way I tilt my head back a little so I don’t get mascara on my lids and breathing at the same time my lashes were knocking of the fibers some found their way to my nose. These fibers are tiny and I’m guessing could potentially make it to the lungs, right? Does anyone know if this is potentially hazardous?

    • ayla

      Hmmm. Maybe it’s the application technique? I apply a pretty generous layer of the mascara, then tap off the fiber wand and wiggle and draw it through/against my lashes the same as mascara. I do have a bit of fallout, but not much.

      I don’t think the fibers would make it into your lungs. They’re rather large, they’d get caught and filtered out by your nostril hairs. Maybe some black boogers though, lol.

    • melissa

      yes ur right totally discusting and unwanted EVEN if they don t get into ur lungs !!!

  • melissa

    i m sorry were you payed to write this ??? because u get the same results with regular masacra and the fibbers in the are really discussing and fly everywhere .. when i blew my nose there were fivers in my kleenex totally unwanted !!! not to mention the ones that got in my eye waste of 15$ join right in the wastebasket !!!! i give it 0 out of ten

    • Isabella Muse

      no I wasn’t paid to write this Melissa. I purchased it at the drugstore and had great results with it. Sorry to hear you didn’t like it and had problems with the fibers. Perhaps return it, no reason to throw it out, if you have your receipt bring it back to the drugstore. Good luck!

  • J.D..

    I just bought this product after reading the comments on this website. I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I noticed some people had problems with the mascara oozing out of the opening and fibers falling into their eyes/on their face. I found if you scrape the sides of the mascara brush before removing it you will not have this problem. I also found this works with the fiber brush. My friend also bought the product and loves it. We paid $12.97 at Walmart for it and it did not come with a rebate label attached.I noticed other posters bought it for much less and received the rebate label. I contacted the company and asked how we could get the rebate and that the rebate label SHOULD be attached to ALL Eye Booster Kits, not just some. Hopefully they will tell me how we can get our rebate. Will keep you updated as to how good their customer service/satisfaction is.