March 26, 2015

It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin Collection Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

It Cosmetics CC Your Way To Radiant Skin

The It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin Collection March QVC Today’s Special Value debuts tonight/this morning at 12AM EST on QVC which includes the worldwide launch of the new It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Full Coverage Physical CC Cream Illumination as well as four other full size It Cosmetics makeup products and tools!

The set will be under $60 and available as a one time purchase or an auto delivery option which will bring you new seasonal shades in the eyeshadow trio.

Take a look!

It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin

The It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin includes:

  • 1.08 It Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, or Rich
  • It Cosmetics Vitality Face Disc
  • It Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trio in Pretty In Spring including Fresh, a matte cream shade; Blissful, pale rose shade; and Serene, a rich toffee shade
  • It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Radiance Wand Brush
  • It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe No Tug Dual Eye Shadow Brush

I reviewed the new It Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination and you can find a lot more details about it by clicking here to read my post. I personally thought it was an identical formula to the original CC+ Cream and I did fail to see any glow, radiance, or luminosity in the finish. But I also didn’t feel that the Celebrations Foundation Illumination Powder didn’t have a luminous finish either so just take my personal thoughts with a grain of salt as you might feel the new CC Cream is in fact “glowy”.

It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Full Coverage Physical CC Cream Illumination4

It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Full Coverage Physical CC Cream Illumination swatches

It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Full Coverage Physical CC Cream Illumination Swatches (Medium)

This set, for me, is all about introducing new users to It Cosmetics. For those of us familiar with the brand it can be potentially repetitive although I think the CC+ Cream Illumination might suck you in as well as the incredible value price which is under $60. So if you have to replenish your current stash of CC Cream this is a great time to do so. Quite a few people were excited about the Vitality Face Disc as they thought it would be a new shade selection but sadly it is not.

Products that are new in this set?

Obviously the CC+ Cream as well as the Radiance Wand Brush and the Eyeshadow Trio in Pretty in Spring.

The Radiance Wand Brush is easy enough to dupe from past brushes in the It Cosmetics range. It’s a larger, soft, fluffy brush that’s great for powder use as it’ll buff on a very sheer layer of powder to set makeup. It Cosmetics excels at making incredible brushes and this brush is testimony to that quality. I thought it was a poor choice though to include with this set as I feel like it doesn’t quite pick up enough color from the Vitality Face Disc. You might need a denser blush brush to use with the face disc. However, this is a beautiful brush for sheer powder application!

It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin2

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Radiance Wand Brush

The other brush you’ll receive is the Dual Airbrush Eyeshadow Brush which has a soft buffing shadow brush on one end and smaller liner brush on the other. Again, this is an excellent brush! Soft bristles, no shedding, a very nice sturdy handle! It’s perfect for applying and blending shades out to an airbrushed finish.

It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin5

It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin6

For those who don’t already own it the It Cosmetics Vitality Face Disc contains three shades which you can use to add a flush of color on your face while doing minor contouring work. It contains a highlighter, a golden peachy pink blush, and a bronzer. The texture of the powders are soft and silky. They are a little powdery and at first a little dense but not dry nor chalky. You can review a more detailed view by clicking here.

It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin11

It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin swatches

The eyeshadow trio in this set is a little denser but the shades apply very well with a silky texture. You get two satiny almost matte colors as well as one shimmery shade for highlighting. I find the shades start off a little dense but quickly break down into a softer textured shadow. These are great shades for those looking for work friendly colors. They are soft, pretty, and easy to wear at work or even an evening out!

It Cosmetics Pretty In Spring Eye Shadow Trio

It Cosmetics Pretty In Spring Eye Shadow Trio swatches

This is on auto delivery which means you’ll get the set delivered to you at the same great price three more times for a total of four shipments including the first one. Each set will include the CC Cream, Vitality Face Disc, and a new seasonal shade of the Eyesahdow Trio. You will NOT get makeup brushes in future shipments. Personally I can’t justify the cost of the auto ship because I can’t see myself using a Vitality Face Disc that quickly nor the CC Cream for that matter since it is quite concentrated and pigmented and getting a new seasonal shipment within a few months seems wasteful. However, if you use this products often and think you’ll run through them that quickly by all means this is a great little indulgence!

As I mentioned above this set for me is most appealing for It Girl newbies but not so much for the experienced It Girl who likely already owns a lot of these products already. If you never tried the brand this is a great introduction to many of their finer products like their incredible line of brushes and beautifully pigmented CC Cream. For the rest of us, who know, love, and use It Cosmetics it might prove a little repetitive but could potentially be an excellent purchase if you need to replenish your CC Cream and Vitality Disc!

None the less at under $60 bucks for the It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin and as always this is an incredible value and a great way to get to know this fabulous little brand!

The It Cosmetics CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin launches at the Today’s Special Value price at 12AM EST on

Will YOU BE ordering it?

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • Kamile

    The prices will not be the same for the auto deliveries. It will be $50.

  • Dee

    No, sadly the CC doesn’t work for me. I always itch, and I didn’t like the look on me. I like the eye shadow, but not enough to pay $$.

    • zVintageFashionizta

      You will probably be able to find the shadow on eBay in a couple of days.

  • Katherine T.

    I’m already a big fan, but this is an awesome deal if you’re new to IT and want try their products and brushes.

  • Nicole

    So I did order this on auto delivery for the time being, but I do have a reason that sort of makes sense. Over this past year due to some sets I ordered and some brush sets from ULTA I picked up over Christmas I have some duplicate brushes. So I have now two nieces one will be (Oh My Gosh) 14 in June and the other 13 in July (how the heck did they get so old so fast). 😯 So my plan is that I will make them each a little kit for Christmas of IT Cosmetics with brushes as part of their Christmas gifts. 🎁 Likely I will keep the shadow trios, because you will never meet a more boring person with eyeshadow when it comes to me! 😄
    The swatches look really nice and I still think the spring eyeshadow trio is reminiscent of neapolitan ice cream! The shades seem to reflect well in the light, when I see totally matte matte as an eyeshadow trio it scare me! 😳 These shades look beautiful and I don’t own a vitality disc from it so in all I am excited to give everything a try! 😃

  • Amanda

    I ordered because I have not tried any It cosmetics products and I really want to try the cc+cream. I ordered light because I am pretty pale now but now I’m wondering if I should have went medium.

  • Sarah

    Is the blush in the Vitality Disc the same blush that is in the CC+ Radiance palette?

  • Caroline

    I’m not new to It Cosmetics, but think I will go ahead and order this! I’m running low on my CC+ cream, and I’ve never tried the Vitality Disc. This seems like a good deal! Thanks for the review(s); you’ve helped me make a decision about it! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Sigh…I think I jumped the gun on this. I haven’t tried any It Cosmetics Products — well, I have one of those color-changing lipsticks, which I don’t care for. The brand is getting more hype, so I wanted to try a few things. But I just saw Temptalia’s sneak peek on that CC cream and it looks insane — mega greasy and shiny, like makeup you’ve been wearing for 15 hours–or worse, like my skin with no makeup (cringe). But maybe it will be a good product for wearing underneath powder foundation.

  • susan

    Muse, I thought the same in regards to the illumination, don’t see much of it at all, that goes for the illumination celebration foundation one too. Used one on one side of face, the other on other side. No difference to me. I love all of her products though!!

    • Isabella Muse

      glad I’m not alone Susan as I really didn’t see any glow or anything!

  • Nicole

    My set is arriving today or tomorrow (depends on the roads out hear, we had some rain and everything is coated with ice) but I am excited to get it and try it. I also got the Blurred Lines CC+ Trio! So excited for that to arrive as well!!! 😃 💄

      • Nicole

        We have had some weird weather here this past week! 😟 My CC+ Blurred Lines Trio got stuck in southern WI because of an ice storm for a couple days. Wisconsin weather is like a entity all its own! 😄 My kit did arrive as well. I thought I would really like the kit, I was wrong, I love it! 😍
        I am prefacing my thoughts on the CC+ Illumination Cream with the following so that my review does not seem off the wall and Isabella your hand swatch seems to agree with my findings, which are not scientific at all, just a reoccurring pattern I started to notice. 📝
        After read several reviews and posts on various websites to see if I could make sense of the drastically different descriptions of the CC+ Illumination Cream (“I looked like the tin man” to “my skin looked like I was sick it was so dull”) from person to person I am noticing a trend. It seems several of cases the shade of CC+ Illumination Cream plays a roll in the amount of illumination various people are getting (not all, just by taking a little tally of what I have read this far that have common descriptions of the product in the same shade) as well as the amount some people are putting on. (😳 SCARY in some cases! I don’t even need a full pump for my entire face.) This is by no means scientific as I am sure you all know, I just don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that. It seems the darker the shade you use of the CC+ Illumination Cream the less the illumination is noticed. 😯 I am fair and I actually found this fair a tad darker than the original CC+ Cream. That said there is definitely illumination; to the point people I see all the time asked me if I had done something new with my skin on Easter, so people could tell I looked different and it was in a good way so that was nice. I used the whole kit that day actually and I used the CC+ Blurred Lines Lipstick trio and I tried the Brave shade I was sure I wasn’t going to like, but surprisingly a light coat looked really nice on me (a sheer red sort of shade)! I got compliments on my skin, hair, and the outfit I wore. So I am happy with the kit and I will just have to mix some of the original CC+ cream with this new one so it is a bit lighter to match my complexion. ☺️

        • Isabella Muse

          Hi Nicole! Thanks for sharing your review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I failed to see any glow or illumination either. This was an odd formulation!

          • Nicole

            I am sorry I go on in such detail Isabella; my analytical brain just works nonstop when I am trying to find a pattern to explain drastically different results. 😬
            I look at your hand in the medium swatch and I see the fair swatch on my hand and there is a DRASTIC difference in illumination between the two.
            Another aspect between the original CC+ cream and CC+ Illumination cream that was slightly different, in my experience with the fair shade that I have, is the Illumination formula is I find it just a touch more fluid feeling, still a creamy just a tad less dense than the original that I have in fair as well. I am not sure it this is the case for others but I could do a study based on that factor using the reviews I used that lead me to the hypothesis I came to above.
            I would like your opinion Isabella; do you find the consistency of the two CC+ creams different even slightly in any way? ☺️

  • Jimmi

    I ordered this from QVC then was worried after I read your review that it wasn’t different than the original CC cream and wanted to come back to comment on it now that I’ve been using it a little while.
    The CC is WAY shimmery. Almost too illuminating. I started using it alone and now I mix it about 3/4 illuminizing and 1/4 of the original and now it’s just enough shimmer to not look crazy.
    Hope this helps someone 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      Thanks Jimmi for commenting! I didn’t get the shimmer factor at all 🙂 I think I missed out somehow haha! But thanks for posting, it’s very helpful!

    • Amanda

      Same here! If you look in mirror very close you can see lots of fine sparkles. I’m afraid of what it would look like outside in sunlight!

      • Nicole

        Hi Amanda!
        If you don’t mind sharing, was the light shade the shade you stayed with and if so was it a good match for your skin tone? 😊

        • Amanda

          Yes I ended up getting light and it seems dark to me. Definitely more of a medium. I amnot sure yet if I am goi g to keep or return yet. I feel like during the day all around mynose is burning from dryness. I have never felt dry there before and I have even tried using moisturizer first.

          • Nicole

            I know what you mean, I saw the light at ULTA and put a dot on my hand… 😳 I have fair skin and the light on me looked like I was doing a really bad job applying some sunless tanning product! 😄 The fair in this formula seems a touch darker than the original CC+ cream so I am mixing them at the moment.
            That is too bad about the dryness around your nose area, I have not experienced that, although I found if I do not use a brush to apply it I easily can apply much more than I need on and on my forehead when I did apply too much the are did become dry in the original formula. I do still apply serum primer or moisturizer under my CC+ cream because I find I get a more flawless finish (for lack of a better way to describe it). Maybe a primer would be a good fit for you or at least around your nose, no harm in getting a sample of a primer or if you have one you love give it try. 😀 Just an idea to try.
            Thank you so much for taking time me your thoughts on the light shade! 💐

    • Nicole

      Oh Jimmi, you have me so curiosity peaked now! 😃 Do you mind sharing what shade you are using in the CC+ Illumination Cream you are using? 😁

    • Josie

      I got this in the medium and it is definitely shimmery! When i looked at my face in the sunlight I could see micro-glitters everywhere! Also, the medium illumination seems to have a little more pink in it than the original cc in medium which to me seems more neutral (My skin is slightly more golden than neutral). So that was a bummer too since it’s now a little more off on my skintone than the regular medium had been. But i like the way it feels on my skin so i’m going to keep it. I honestly don’t find the shimmery-ness too horrible on me, but i would have preferred it to be toned down so i’ll have to mix it with the regular one so i don’t get too self conscious with all the shimmer.

      For those that bought the illumination in light, what was the undertone of it? Thanks!

  • Nicole

    LOL… Isabella, apparently even though I read it apparently my had no ability to recall you basically observed a lot of the same things with the consistency as I did! Just call Bellevue and reserve the padded room for me… 😜 I don’t know what to say but the part of my brain that has the smart on/off switch in it was obviously not switched on when I read your fantastic review. Next time tell me to flip my smart switch on in my brain today when I ask you something like that! 🔛 😂

  • zVintageFashionizta

    Hi Isabella! have you received or have any information on the June It Cosmetics TSV?