March 23, 2015

Target or the Evil Empire


Where do you shop more?

Target? or the Evil Empire (aka Walmart)?

I prefer Target. I dig through the dollar bins like it’s my career because I like looking for Hello Kitty pens, pads, post its, etc…yeah so if you see some girl with her head stuck in one of those bins that would be me digging for gold.

I also prefer Target because I find the offerings a bit more classy especially the beauty ones. Walmart, mmm sure they carry the regular range of drugstore makeup and skincare offerings but Target goes a step and beyond merely drugstore makeup. They have a niche of great brands like Korea’s Laneige, Sonia Kashuk, Carol’s Daughter, etc….! Outside of Hard Candy, Walmart fails to have any true exclusives.

And let’s not get started on Target’s all star line up of fashion collaborations. When Jason Wu launched I was up until 3 AM refreshing the page and successfully nailing the White Flared Dress with black lace trim. I was not going to give that dress up without a fight. I also managed to grab the Milu tote which I cherish like the life of an unborn child.

So yeah, I’m a Target girl.

How about you?


Or the Evil Empire?

What’s your pleasure?

Maybe both?


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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Debbie

    Target girl here. ITA with everything you say! Also I find Walmart is so loud, screaming kids, people talking over the intercom, etc…just a miserable shopping experience! I even hate their website.

  • Marianne P.

    I boycott Walmart beacuse they treat their employees so badly and the Walton siblings are 3 of top 10 wealthiest people in the country!

    Americans are subsidizing Walmart employees through food stamps and medicaid because the Waltons are such evil, despicable robber barons! I can live without Hard Candy and Drew Barrymore’s products.

    You can learn more here –

    Keep up the good work!

    • Catherine

      Exactly the reason my husband and I do not shop at Walmart! I prefer to pay a bit more or even go to Amazon than to support such a terrible company.

    • NJ

      I boycott Target because they lobby our government. I want them to stay out of politics!

  • Phyrra

    Target. I hate going into Walmart. The parking lot is always insane.

  • Cate

    TARGET all the way. The makeup aisle at WALMART, the crap that people do to the makeup at Walmart is DISGUSTING.

    Also, I like that Target carries Laneige. Sure, Walmart has exclusive brands like Flower Beauty and Hard Candy but they’re not unique enough for me to seek them out like I do Laneige.

    I admit, I do shop at Walmart from time to time but I have more Target stores closer to where I live and the effort to drive out 20 minutes for the nearest Walmart is not worth it for me.

  • Kate

    definitely target, wal mart makes me way too uncomfortable, and target has better products!

  • Amanda

    Target all the way! Except it seems like it’s the same old thing everytime I go and not seeing much new.

  • Carrie

    Just wanted to point out that Walmart does indeed have a “true” exclusive.

    It’s the ONLY place to find Drew Barrymore’s fantastic Flower line. Flower is one of the few lower priced, yet quality lines that is not only MADE IN AMERICA but it is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

    That only makes it worth a trip for me and many others.

  • Tammie

    Target all the way, Walmart is always a mess with horrible lines aside from what you mentioned. I only ever go there when there is some exclusive I need (doll-related usually)!

      • Tammie

        Yup! Reminds me I need to take a trip to Walmart soon for just that…need that Haunted Rochelle <3

          • Tammie

            Yes, but we are losers together, having fun lol 🙂

          • Isabella Muse

            lol! yes and we aren’t scared to admit to our loser-ish good nature that’s why we are friends! 😀

  • Krystle

    Certainly Target for makeup. Wider selection, more cool collections, cleaner displays, and more brands that serve me well (I cannot with Flower or Hard Candy). I got to Walmart for everything else, but hope to one day completely distance myself from Wally World.

  • JJ24

    I used to be all about Target, now i’m kind of stuck with walmart(moved and no target near me). When I make a long drive to BJ’s Warehouse, i’m all about Kmart as they have elf and milani which walmart doesn’t(neither do my local drugstores).

  • Linda Whiten er

    I’m probably in Target every other week (at least!) Their beauty dept. is certainly cleaner and better stocked. That said, I do go to Walmart every few months to see what’s new from Drew Barrymore’s Flower line and make the occasional Hard Candy purchase (love their Plumping Gel Sticks lipstick).

    Somebody’s paying attention to the complaints about opened and tested makeup, because on my last trip, I noticed that the new Flower and Hard Candy products were SEALED. It’s about time! I just wish those weren’t exclusive to the Evil Empire.

  • Kristi

    Alright, I’m going to be the minority. Walmart.


    Flower beauty and for my area, we have a tiny tiny target-no laneige, nothing special. Nyx is always empty, and barely any NYC or rimmel stock. Hardly any Sonia kashuk.

    So for me…while I like target overall better, Walmart beauty is a winner for my area.

  • alex/revolution

    I don’t agree with the majority of make up people who prefer Target. the forced charity mark up at Target, the limited hours, and the small selection is enough for me to not shop there unless I am doing clearance runs or cartwheel/coupon/price match tricks.

    walmart carries the only low end brands I can stand, Hard Candy and Flower (which is as you say masstige) plus Walmart is the only store that carries Schwartzkopf Ultime which is the best DIY hair color system ever. their LX. shade finally got Danni to her dream platinum blonde which no salon here wanted to do out of fear. they also carry ester C gummies, which are walmart exclusive, and have the lowest price on Alive multi vitamins.

    add to that, 24 hour stores, better return policy, way better receiptless return policy, lower prices on almost anything grocery or personal use related, and location and there is no doubt walmart is the better choice

    once you get past the internet popular anti walmart approach you realize 9/!0 you are better off at walmart unless you are stacking discounts or tracking clearance

    we are also doll collectors and can not live without either. ghouls rule!

    • Jane

      I really shouldn’t reply because I have no intention of returning to this thread, but you really don’t grasp what many of us don’t like about Walmart if you think we just dislike it because the Internet told us not to.

  • Ms.Heathen

    Um, Meijer?
    I like Target but they don’t have the good grace to be on my regular bus line. I go in twice a year when we go all the way out to the mall. They have a great beauty section and those gorgeous Sonia Kashuk brushes.

    Otherwise I content myself with Meijer, which has just started carrying Zoya polishes and NYX cosmetics. <3

  • Sarah

    I’m Canadian, soo :'( Target is in the process of closing up, and they carry ELF and NYX, which I love and would prefer for that reason alone. I find the displays were cleaner and better stocked . I used to like Walmart a lot for Wet N’ Wild, but they don’t sell it in Canada any longer. I usually end up at Shopper’s Drugmart for makeup now because at least some of them carry brands like Smashbox and Benefit!

  • zVintageFashionizta

    I shop at both; Target sells a lot of great products and has reasonable prices for food so I love it there, the closest Walmart to me is not a mess & the employees are pleasant, when I am there I make sure to shop for health and beauty aids and it is the only store where I can always get my crystal light also Walmart ships for reasonable prices or free with a purchase of only $50. Walmart also has great prices at their pharmacy for prescription medications, way less than any other Pharmacy and their vision center has great prices for contacts and occasionally has my prescription in stock so I can buy it on the spot as opposed to having to order them and wait for them to arrive.

  • Dolly

    Definitely Target. I cannot stand the “express lane” at Walmart. I swear, I walk into Walmart expecting to get in and out in a short period of time. Nope, I’m guaranteed to be in line for almost an hour.

    It’s also waaay easier to save at Target. You get the red card, coupons from the mail, target coupon, and then the target app. You definitely get more deal breakers at Target.

  • Dina

    I prefer Target in virtually every way and live smack between a Target and Walmart. Almost close enough to walk to either. There are only two advantages I can see where Walmart edges out target…Super Walmart has a better grocery selection (although I rarely grocery shop there) AND they are open 24 hours. So, if I feel the need to organize my makeup for the umpteenth time, and, it’s 3am, and I just CANNOT wait until a civilized hour, my butt is going to Walmart.

  • Susan K

    Target. It’s brighter, cleaner, (store & people), quieter, (again, store & people), the aisles are wider, lines are shorter, merchandise is better quality, parking is better. Shopping at Target is a relaxing, pleasant experience for all the above reasons.

  • Jessica

    Target! I never shop at Walmart because of the way they run their business and treat their employees. I would go pretty much anywhere before Walmart.

  • Bonnie S.

    I wanted to shop at Target, but when Target came to Canada it turned out that they had bare shelves in the makeup department. No Sonia Kashuk, no cool treats previously only available in the US, nothing that I couldn’t get at any Toronto drugstore for less. I never went back, nor did millions of other shoppers who couldn’t find what they were looking for either. Target Canada declared bankruptcy and is shutting its hundreds of stores across the country. A complete and massive fail by this retail giant, with 16,000 people now out of work! Boo Target!

  • Jenna

    Wally World keeps getting more and more beauty exclusives and it makes me wonder…why? All of the stores I’ve been in are an absolute mess, everything opened or out of stock. Now Walmart has the exclusive on the new Ken Paves haircare line, “You are Beautiful” as well as the Schwarzkopf Ultime hair care line by Claudia Schiffer. I want to try these brands but don’t want to have to set foot in there.

  • Melanie

    I shop Target.. I personally do not support Walmart or Sams club in any way shape or form. I don’t find Walfart any cheaper. I use coupons and Target Coupons on my everyday items plus the cartwheel savings…..I save quite abit! Target is clean, associates are pleasant and the stores are on trend. Ours in the Phoenix area are remodeling….and wow to the trendy new displays. The one I shop at just started displaying top name brands and expanding the home goods section….OMG I’m in heaven. Quality of merchandise, better brands offered…. well the list just goes on and on why I love Target. I feel I should at least own a dept by now for all the money I donate to Target on my shopping trips. At least have shopper of the month or something right?? I am sad that the Target stores did not do well in Canada and closed.

    • Amanda

      I don’t know if ‘Walfart’ was a typo or on purpose, but I had to comment that is HILARIOUS!

  • Flaky

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I will always be loyal to Walmart over Target after an experience I had doing volunteer work for a womens shelter. We set up one of those giving trees at a fundraiser with gift cards hanging on it. I was in charge of making arrangements & went to both stores to PURCHASE the gift cards (I was not asking for freebies)The manager at target yelled at me& told me I “better not bring a bunch of hobos in here”. Unbelievable! She couldn’t be bothered to listen – if she had she would’ve found out we were helping moms with small children.

    My next stop was Walmart. Not only did they welcome me with open arms, the manager filled my car with stuff to bring back to the shelter! The employee who helped me out to the car told me she knew all about the shelter & had been a client at one time. They’ve been loyal partners ever since -dropping off carloads of overstocked clothing all the time. In return, I have been loyal to their store & only go to Target when I absolutely have to. I know target has cute things, but I can live without it.

    • Jane

      One bad retail manager overwhelms worldwide human rights abuses, a corporation that has helped drive the loss of American manufacturing and the middle class?

  • staci

    Unfortunately, I only have Walmart where I live. All the bad stuff everyone is saying is true. I shop at Target when we are out of town. I like their makeup and their clothes so much better. Plus Target is cleaner and better stocked.

  • Amanda

    Target! Target! Target!

    I will be right there next to you with my head in those dollar bins, love them!

    Walmart just reminds me of a dusty flea market, they need to clean up and work on their lighting.

  • Kimmwc03

    I shop at both. I find Target’s makeup aisles to be too bright though and they are usually out of whatever Nyx, Sonia Kashuk or Pixi item I am looking for. I don’t hate on Walmart but I will say that Target’s clothing selection is miles above Walmart’s (and I love the designer collabs too).

  • Eli Caroline

    Target for sure! It has a much nicer layout. Walmart can seem slightly dingy and cluttered. I was at Target the other night looking for some NYX Prismatic eyeshadows and my boyfriend even mentioned how it was the brightest spot in the store and very well lit and nicely organized.

    Also, I wish the Walmarts in my town actually carried the Flower cosmetic line – I might be a little more excited to venture into Walmart.

  • Iris

    I liked Target and am sad they are closing their Canadian locations. The Wal-Marts here aren’t bad but I’ve found their selection varies greatly depending on location. Target was consistent in selection but ran out of product quickly and took a while to re-stock. Both had their pros and cons for me.

  • Danadoo

    Something happens to me every time i walk into a walmart..i just feel pissed off for no real reason, i just HATE it there and will try to avoid it at all costs! Not to mention that the makeup aisles are just disgusting and filthy! Target is a completely different experience in my opinion, clean, well lit, not hate inducing..the list goes on. My only grioe is that the target in my city is ALWAYS out of NYX products. I swear they’ve had the same 5 lipstick colors for the last several months, and the last time i was there, they literally had ONE jumbo eye pencil! Im not sure why it’s so hard for them to get on top of this!

  • Amber M.

    Since a Target opened 10 minutes from my house with a Starbucks, I’m there all the time. But it wasn’t always that way. When my older son attended a daycare was near a Walmart, I’d go there regularly, especially when Norma Kamali had her line there. However, we know that not all stores are equal and when they re-did my Walmart a few years ago, it truly went down hill. I now order my Flower products online.

  • Christine

    I’m a one zillion percent a Target girl!! First off,I live about 5-10 minutes from our local store so it’s super easy..Second I ALWAYS find what I need and more then likely a bunch of things I didn’t have any idea I needed! I’ve never been in a Walmart but I’ve heard horror stories and seen the pics!! I’ve also heard that they treat their employees very poorly..As far as I’m concerned, Walmart can close their doors forever and I wouldn’t blink an eye..Although I might miss those People of Walmart videos on YouTube!!! 😃😝😄

  • Cinthya

    I shop at Walmart. I love Target more though! That problem is the only Tatget near me is about an 1 hour away. So whenever I get the chance I will shope there. But for most of the time, it’s the evil empire:/ ;D

  • Tanya

    Target. It’s kind of funny, 10-12 years ago I actually used to like Walmart. Not more than Target, but I still enjoyed going there. Then it was like as each year passed it just got worse and worse. Now it’s broken nail polish bottles on the floor, rude customers and employees and that’s only a small part of my complaints against them.

  • mirandagrosvenor

    The fact that you say “evil empire” and everyone knows what you mean…that just kind of sums it up, doesn’t it? Walmart’s human rights abuses and community destroying business practices are not worth any lipstick. I still rue the fact that (when I was stuck in my hometown and Target hadn’t entered my state yet) I bought a Sassaby beauty organizer from Walmart. (I’ve pretty much amortized the cost down to negative numbers though, so I guess that’s yet another guilt issue to discuss with my therapist. LOL)

    I don’t know what Drew Barrymore is thinking having her line be exclusive there….I thought she was smarter about things like this. Rimmel eventually learned that being Walmart exclusive was costing them customers and goodwill, and I seriously hope that Drew will, too.

    As far as closeouts, check out K Mart on a regular basis if you can, because they have TONS and they’re real discounts, not the 15% off at Target. It may not be pretty and you may have to dig but when you find that $9 Revlon lipstick for $1.25, it’s so worth it.

  • Ashley

    My opinions kinda funny I suppose lol…I shop at Walmart mostly…but it’s only really because that’s all that’s in my current town. I’ve only been to target like 3 times because it’s an hour and a half away and I have to say I’m typically disappointed. I know, I know I guess in my head target supposed to be some sort of Mecca but it’s not lol but it’s just, I see everyone else just worships target so it’s easy to idealize (did I really just write that about a store? Hahaha). I must say though that I truly hate my local walmart. They never have what I want and they don’t carry Flower or Hard Candy, but the town over does and they keep much better stock as well…so they’re the lesser of the two evils Lol my local walmart also has a repulsive makeup section…but that’s not really walmarts fault, it’s the people! I guess they could throw away the opened products more often but I’m sure it’s hard to keep up with. As far as the people of walmart vs target I’m gonna have to go with the people of walmart. Sure they maybe wearing pajamas, lacking in the teeth department, and of course there’s the people who are pretty sure they own the store, but for the most part the people I encounter are really nice and down to earth. Oddly enough I feel kind of intimidated in Target…I just feel like I’m being judged…and at my closest target I can’t say the cashiers were very…warm? I dunno just all whole 3 times (woo woo) I’ve just been like rushed through the check out even though no one else was behind me…I don’t know I just didn’t like it. But to each their own :p

  • Heather F.

    I just realized I really only buy one beauty product from each–a nail polish remover scrub from Target, and a Clean&Clear face wash from Walmart that my local Target and drugstores don’t carry. Their exclusive lines don’t really appeal to me, so I prefer to buy my low-end beauty stuff at drugstores–better prices and sales!

    That said, I think Target is much brighter, cleaner, better-stocked and better-organized. Walmart is always loud and messy, and I’ve never NOT seen a patron ‘sampling’ a nontester makeup or nail product at Walmart. *shudder*

    Plus I just dislike Walmart on principle. I guess I’m one of those Internet popular anti Walmart people. 😉 (I just prefer to spend my money at places that treat their employees with dignity.)

  • jaz

    I try to stay my tail out of both. I love target though. Honestly, I get most of my makeup (drugstore ) from my job. I can usually catch a sale and I get my discount. Walmart is never clean to me- I have been to one maybe 2 walmarts in my life that I can say I was impressed with their beauty department

  • Genevieve

    It is really interesting for me to read all these conversations above because we do not have Walmart here in Australia, and by the sounds of it, I hope we never will.
    Our Target here is owned by Westfarmers – a very stable and ethical company. It is generally very good but we don’t get a lot of brands like Sonia Kusack, Hard Candy, sugarpill etc just NYX lately.
    I guess it shows that the attitudes at the top really do filter down to the staff and the working environment – which seems quite toxic at Walmart from what I can gather. I feel sorry for the staff.