April 30, 2015

Quick Look At Urban Decay Afterglow Blush

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Urban Decay Afterglow Blush

Time to get excited as Urban Decay After Glow 8 Hour Blush has launched for Summer 2015 in 12 vibrant shades. The new After Glowblush formula promises a lit from within glow in a lightweight formula that’s soft, silky, and easy to blend.

I’m excited?

Are you?

Thank you Urban Decay for setting your standards low. I was happy when I read “8 hours” of wear! Ecstatic actually! Finally a brand who’s reasonable about wear time on a product! I’m tired of the 24 and 48 hour wear claims. I LOVE Urban Decay for giving these blushes a realistic wear time. Thank you! You have no idea how happy I am that someone was being sensible for once in makeup land.

UD Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Blush

Urban Decay Afterglow Blushes

Aside from 8 hours of wear these gorgeous blushes are available in a wide range of shade including ones you might be a rebel about trying out like Bittersweet, a purple shade! These come in both a matte and a hint of shimmer finishes and are infused with lighting diffusing pigments so they look flawless and gorgeous. And of course, a gunmetal compact with a UD fishnet see through lid gives these blushes even more edge!

Urban Decay Bang Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Bang Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Fetish Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Fetish Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Indescent Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Indecent Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Kinky Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Kinky Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Obsessed Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Obsessed Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Quickie Afterglow  Blush

Urban Decay Quickie Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Quiver Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Quiver Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Rapture Afterglow  Blush

Urban Decay Rapture Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Score Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Score Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Video Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay Video Afterglow Blush

I’m busy testing them out now so expect a review soon but here’s a look at them up close and personal!

Anyone try them yet?

Do share!

Urban Decay Afterglow Blushes are available now at Ulta, Ulta.com, Sephora, Sephora.com, and at urbandecay.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • brenda

    I’m really curious because Urban Decay is finally coming to the Netherlands! Makes it a lot easier to buy something 🙂

  • Danadoo

    Of course these had to come out right after I just invested in 2 new blushes! They look wicked awesome and I’m LOVING the color range! Looking forward to the review!

  • Carrie

    Bought Crush last week and I love it! The only thing stopping me from buying more is my poor wallet smacking my wrist.

  • Christina D.

    Had to have the purple one (Bittersweet) so I ordered it yesterday.

    BTW Sista Muse, what is that scary creepy mannequin head thingy in the photo? Is that at your home? Do you sleep with the lights on?

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s prob one of the most unique shades 😀 haha…daenerys targaryen, mother of dragons, Game of Thrones 🙂 totally my geek moment of the week to include her bust in with the blush shot 🙂

      • kimmyyy

        HAHAHAHA omg that made me laugh so hard! I specifically clicked on this post to see if anyone was going to comment about her and we could go all GoT nerd talk. If only it were as pretty as Emilia Clarke! She’s seriously one of the prettiest actresses I’ve seen. I’d much rather look at/listen to her than some of the idiots that’re popular in the states. -_-‘

          • Kimmyyy

            Oooooo you’re right that looks so much better! She’s actually got some eyelashes there!! I’ve read all of the books too so I’m a little crazy about it! I think I’m actually about to reread them because it has been a while and I’m getting a bit hazy on some details. Hopefully good ol’ George doesn’t keel over before he finished those last damn books! And uhh what??? She’s going to be in the new Terminator??? How did I not know this?? Definitely have to Google this now!

          • Isabella Muse

            haha yes! She’s in the new Terminator 😀 hehe! I know, tell me about it, plus HBO went off the reservsation with the story so I have to question myself, “Did that happen in the books!?” “Wait, no it didn’t!”

  • Anne

    The new collection showed up in he German UD online shop yesterday and I immediately ordered Bittersweet. I also ordered some of the new eyeshadow shades. So pretty! I’m looking forward to wearing those funky summer colours again soon!

  • JJ24

    I have bittersweet and obsessed, I love bittersweet but purple is one of my favorite shades in blush so no surprise. Obsessed is lovely too and surprisingly unique for a little pink(as nothing in my large collection is the same). These blush are very soft and very easy to blend, they do kick a bit of powder up even with a duo fiber brush. They also meet the 8 hour wear claim and then some but I usually don’t have blush wear issues.

  • Maria

    These look pretty. Waiting for your review and swatches especially purple one. I am a sucker for new blushes.

  • Miradan

    I bought Rapture and Fetish, and they are both wonderful. Enough pigment to show up nicely, but definitely buildable, so I don’t wind up looking weird (my blush application skills aren’t the best!). Fetish may be my new everyday blush.

  • Simone

    Those blushers are almost as beautiful as Danerys Targarean! Where did you get thattttrtt??!?????

    • Isabella Muse

      haha thanks. Entertainment Earth had it mmmmm last year? 🙂

  • Rachel R.

    I got Bittersweet and Rapture. Rapture is absolutely incredible. Bittersweet is so nice, it has just enough pink in not to drain your face. It’s nice to find a real purple blush. I think it’s fabulous that UD did so many bright colors.

  • Katherine T.

    I have Bittersweet and love it!! It’s so beautiful, and the purple color makes my brown eyes pop.

  • Moja31

    Swatched a few of these at my local ulta, and they seemed awfully chalky to me.

  • Danadoo

    Please say youre going to swatch these on your cheeks! They look so pretty in the package and im dying to see what they actually look like on the skin…especially the purple one! For all the “weird” makeup colors that i use and collect, ive honestly never even thought about the possibility of unusual blush colors and im super intrigued!

  • Wina Chan

    I love that dark smooth metal packaging on these blushes however, out of all the color you chose, there is not a single color that I would wear. All the colors you chose look like color that makeup artist would use and not like the everyday makeup colors

  • Cathy

    Hello, I have W n W mellow wine. I bought UD video, only to get home and realize they look the same in the pan. How different do they swatch or look on? Thanks much!