June 30, 2015

MAC Lavender Prep + Prime Fix+ Review

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MAC Lavender Prep + Prime Fix+

If you were curious about my favorite Fix+ thus far I’d say it was absolutely the MAC Lavender Prep + Prime Fix+ ($22)! You must get it, ASAP!

As you may know MAC recently launched a limited edition selection of MAC Fix+ in a variety of fragrances for Summer 2015. Each Fix+ has a unique fragrance like coconut, yuzu, and my personal favorite, lavender!

MAC Lavender Prep + Prime Fix+ isn’t really a product I often use but throw some fragrance in the mix and suddenly I’m fan girling out. I realize skincare with a fragrance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I personally like a subtle touch of fragrance in my skincare products!

I’ve been slowly reviewing and sharing my thoughts on each of the limited edition Fix+ formulas and I must say lavender is not only the strongest of the lot but the nicest. Now I should say I dislike the herbal scent of lavender. My sister, she loves it! In her haircare, in her fragrances, lavender is totally her jam. As for me? Not a fan. But MAC did something unusual and awesome with this lavender scent. To me it smells like some sort of elegant men’s cologne! It’s very warm, inviting, and soothing and quite strong so if you’re wanting to indulge in one of these new Fix+ mists you might want to avoid this one if you’re looking for subtly.

I love this smell! It’s like a warm hug!

Now as I said I’m not much of a Fix+ fan! I feel like I’m totally ruining my makeup when I use it. However, it is an essential tool if you use powder or mineral makeup as it really refines the finish and gives it a lot less of a cakey appearance with a nice natural, smooth finish. Apply your powder as usual and you can mist this in an X across your face to set the powder. I have drier skin so if I am using powder (which is rare), I’ll go ahead and set with a mist so the powder is more refined and not adhering to my drier areas!

Personally, I purchased all these new Fix+ mists to use as a face mist. I simply mist on before skincare! They provide light moisture plus they allow my moisturizer to absorb a little easier into my skin.

Whichever way you use them I’m positive you’ll love them if you enjoy fragrance in your skincare!

The Lavender gets my big old Muse Approval for purchase! I love this scent!

Get it now before it disappears at your fav MAC counter or online at Nordstrom.com.


MAC Lavender Fix+