July 8, 2015

Kiko Softening Toner Review

Kiko Softening Toner

I recently picked up Kiko Softening Toner which is a “softening remineralizing lotion” that can be used as a micellar water of sorts! Since I’m obsessed with facial mist anything I decided to give this a whirl in the hopes I could multitask with it as a toner, facial mist, and micellar water all in one.

Let’s take a look!

Kiko Milano Cosmetics recently opened in the Palisades Mall here in New York so I did go a little crazy hauling a ton of makeup and skincare goodies as until now it wasn’t an easy brand to get here in the US.

Kiko Softening Toner comes housed in a 5.92 oz mist bottle and according to the brand is ideal for all skin types to eliminate the traces of makeup left over after cleansing plus it tones skin and preps it for moisturizer.

I had a few different experiences with this product and I’m unsure if I technically like it. The first time I used it I merely misted it on like a facial mist and thought the fresh floral scent was very lovely! However, Kiko recommends you apply it to a cotton pad and swipe. The next few times I used it I noticed it stung my eyes so I ended up using the cotton pad method for application. I have to admit the mist bottle seems pointless if you can’t mist it directly onto your face! I find to avoid the sting I have to mist from a good several inches away and squeeze my eyes tightly closed when doing it. However, since this isn’t a face mist you should probably avoid doing this.

Initially the mist feels lightly hydrating and does work nicely to tone and prep skin for moisturizer. However, since I started using it I’ve experienced different results. My first few times it worked fine but lately I notice it stings a little bit during application…! It kinda felt there was mint or eucalyptus in the ingredients (but there isn’t!).

It’s just a very weird formula that sometimes works for me and sometimes doesn’t it. Strangely enough it’s supposed to be clinically and ophthamologically tested plus hypoallergenic!

Kiko Softening Toner misses a beat for me. The packaging makes it a slightly confusing product and the inconsistent results I experienced with it makes for a poor experience for me.

Anyone try it?

Do share your thoughts!

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