August 11, 2015

Staycation Beauty and Makeup Picks

staycation beauty makeup

I typically go away a few times a year but I save my big vacation for the Summer. This year, I decided I wanted to do a bigger vacation in the Fall versus one in the Summer so I’ve had a ton of smaller trips this Summer but not a big two week or more getaway.

Some of of my Summer getaways were road trips, others were by plane, and one was even by train!

If you’re anything like me and either decided to do a Fall vacation, just haven’t had the time in your schedule for a Summer vacation, or perhaps you had a really busy Summer and need a break this would be a great time plan a weekend Staycation. Just pick one day, maybe a lazy Saturday, where you stay at home, binge watch your fav show, read a book, watch a movie, spend a few hours wasting away playing Batman Arkham Knight, just do something you and you alone enjoy doing! Make it an indulgence, spoil yourself, and don’t forget some of these Staycation Beauty and Makeup Picks.

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel pretty so while you’re being lazy treat your skin to a facial sheet mask. My favorite? My Scheming 2 in 1 Shea Butter Mask which has a sheet mask you apply for 20 minutes and a small packet of shea butter rich moisturizer you apply after the mask to leave skin super smooth and soft!

Sitting in the AC and chilling in front of the TV is a novelty but you might be missing the sunny days outside! Hey, sometimes you have to give up one thing to enjoy the other so if you are Staycationing indoors grab some Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes. These coconut water infused wipes smell like a tropical island and you wipe down your legs, arms, and face with them to cool off and refresh skin!

You’ll need a tropical drink to enjoy while you’re chillaxing at home or at least something that smells like a sweet, frosty drink! The Bath & Body Works Poptails Candle Collection is a range of cocktail inspired candles in fragrances like Spiked Cherry Limesicle and Pink Apple Punch!

Turn off the AC for a few hours, run some lukewarm water in your bathtub, and drop in a Lush Granny Takes A Dip! Now put on some of your favorite music, might I suggest Jefferson Airplane to go along with your trippy psychedelic bath bomb that creates swirls of different colors in your tub as it fizzes away and leaves your skin softened and lightly perfumed you with lemony freshness!

Don’t forget to binge your fav TV Shows! Might I suggest Doctor Who and Torchwood?

What are your Staycation beauty and makeup musts?

Do share them!

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  • Terri

    Is it wrong that I find the Dr. Who set the most exciting thing in this post?! 😉

  • Jen R

    What a great idea! My husband and I have plenty of “lazy Saturdays” where we lounge around in our pj’s watching tv until the late afternoon, but I think I’m going to have to do a beauty/Buffy binge marathon all to myself when he’s out of town later this month.

  • Elaine

    Is….lots of staycations here–we live in the prettiest part of Southern Maryland! I also found the Torchwood DVD to be the best idea! I just got into the new Dr Who and other shows affiliated—and love the Brit stars. I was watching The Producers movie (of the Musical) on cable when I was traveling recently—saw John Barrowman in it as the blonde dancing Nazi. So funny! Forgot how silly that movie is–add it to your summer list! E

    • Isabella Muse

      Lucky lady! 🙂 Haha yes Springtime for Hitler, so incredibly awesomely bad haha!

  • Lamesha

    I am in desperate need of one of these. Lots of fruit infused water, black charcoal face mask from Kiko and YouTube makeup videos while I polish my finger and toenails with my fave Essie nail polish. Then naps!