October 26, 2015

Get Your Hair Dried Faster with the EcoTools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush

I was compensated by a brand or company but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Eco Tools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush

The weather doesn’t quite know what it wants to do at the moment. Right now it’s fairly warm but there’s a little bite of cold in the air. Now in the morning, well, it’s pretty cold in New York already and it almost feels like winter wants to break through the crisp, fall weather and just take over.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen too soon yes?

I’m shivering just thinking about it.

I’ll tell you a little secret…even if below zero weather I still go out of the house with wet hair. Anyone sobbing in absolute horror? Yup, I’m one of those girls. I like my hair up in a bun, out of my face, and as simple as possible when I’m work so that typically means I wash it and go. I don’t blow dry it, I don’t too intricate styling it, and, well, this could potentially translate as I’m incredibly boring when it comes to styling my hair in the AM.

Now if I’m going out I take a bit more time with it but when I’m heading to work as long as it is out of my eyes I’m happy.

But as I get older I seem to get colder easily so I started drying my hair in the mornings and this can be a very tedious task particularly when you have hair as long as I have.

Eco Tools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush1

When you have tools like the EcoTools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush laying around though, drying your hair becomes a lot less of a chore. This is a great brush for detangling right out of the shower. Drying your hair aside, this actually works quite brilliantly for tangles. It’s an oval shape with a cut out that acts as a diffuser when you’re drying your hair with a hair drier. Personally I find both the shape and the lack of bristles great for detangling my hair as there’s less bristles here to yank on my hair so the brush is gentle as it strokes through and doesn’t catch on my tangles.

But the real benefit of the brush is the lightness of it and the fact that it works easily to dry your hair faster which means a lot less heat damage. The cut out oval shape allows air to travel through the brush as you stroke and blast your hair with your drier. As it separates tangles, heat travels through the oval and allows heat through to your hair which makes for quicker drying times. If your hair is as long as mine and as wavy you likely feel like you’ve had a major work out after drying it! As between holding your hair drier and a larger brush it feels like you’ve been through a half hour of good cardio versus the simple task of drying your hair! This brush is super lightweight so my arm never felt tired as I worked plus add to the fact I can detangle and dry my hair in 10 minutes versus 20 and I’m a happy less exhausted girl!

If you need to cut your drying time in half the EcoTools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush is a good tool to have around!

How do you dry your hair quickly?

Do share your tips!

I was compensated by a brand or company but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • Codename Duchess

    That brush looks neat, but I could never use it. I’ve never been able to manage holding a brush in one hand and the dryer in another. Even on my bangs, I’m too awkward/clumsy to do it right.

    Showering at night is my usual means of avoiding leaving the house with wet hair. When I do have to blow dry my hair (something I only do maybe a handful of times a year), my biggest time saving tip is to make sure to clip it up and dry it in sections. I never realized just how much faster it was to dry my hair in sections until I tried it myself the first time. I knew that stylists did it that way, but I figured it was done for shaping purposes. But it cuts drying time in half. Back when I tried drying my hair all together, I’d get so bored and impatient with the process that I’d always give up before my hair was fully dry. Now I can knock out my whole head in about 5-7 minutes.

    • Isabella Muse

      You’d be surprised as I’m a klutz but this is really light so it is pretty easy to manage both your drier and the brush without an issue! I’m going to try your tip! I never dry in sections! I typically brush through as I dry. I actually rare blow my hair out even in the Winter but I seem to be getting colder with age lol so can’t do it much in the Winter anymore 🙂

      • Codename Duchess

        Definitely try it, it really works! When you blow dry your hair all at once the damper bottom layers re-wet the drier top layers every time you brush through your hair. When you blow dry in small sections, the heat has the opportunity to heat your hair more evenly so it dries much more efficiently. I usually do 3-4 sections and work from the bottom up, clipping hair I’ve already dried back to keep it away from the wet hair I’m taking down.

        • Isabella Muse

          will do! my hair is VERY long so it takes ages to dry! I typically don’t even bother but now that the Winter is coming I def try to get it dried before heading out 😀 thanks chica!

  • VailValleyGirl

    I have been eyeing this brush for a while. Thank you for the review.
    Not everyone can wear long hair, let alone put it up.
    I am going to give it try. I go through brushes nearly yearly, so I shall see how this one lasts.

  • Christina D.

    I just have to comment because you are my Sista Muse. I am completely hair illiterate. For all my cosmetics and makeup brushes, I have no idea what to do with my hair. I use the blow dryer just enough so that’s it’s damp/somewhat dry in order to try and control the frizz. I hate wearing it up so I let it fall as it may. At my age, that’s not going to change.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha me too! I never know the best look for my hair. Typically I leave it loose and flowing if I’m out and about but I tend to slap it up and out of my face while at work. See? We’re sisters for a reason! <3! 🙂

  • Rina

    I have long curly hair and I rarely blow dry also, unless it’s super cold out. Then I will bend down and dry the roots at my neck and then lift up some hair to dry the crown. I don’t worry about the rest. As long as my scalp is dry I don’t get cold and it saves the rest of my hair from damage. That brush sounds neat though. I might try that with drying in sections and as suggested above if I want to straighten my hair out a bit.