December 2, 2015

Lush Snowcake Soap You Need It

Lush Snowcake Soap3

I get a lot of complaints about the fragrance of Lush and how headache inducing their products are. So many people tell me they walked into a store and have to walk right back out because the smell gets to tehm.

It doesn’t personally bother me. I’ve been blogging since 2006 or so and I’d like to say I was probably one of the first beauty bloggers out there that was writing odes of joy about Lush Cosmetics (I could be vain believing that but at the time I can’t recall many blogs writing about Lush).

Needless to say it’s been a big part of my life but I can def understand that some folks have sensitivities and the fragrance of Lush has just turned them off the brand.

Please don’t give up though. Especially if you haven’t tried Lush Snowcake Soap!

Lush Snowcake Soap is released for a limited time every year and I typically buy an entire slab of it to last me through the year but this year and the year before I just settled for hauling 10 or so bars of it and calling it a day 🙂

Lush Snowcake Soap1

It’s such a Holiday classic and I’m not sure how I get through the time I’m without it. I wish they’d make it permanent but sometimes I think that might mean I’d tire of it so maybe it’s good that it is limited to a once a year thing.

It’s one of Lush’s creamiest soaps and it produces beautiful, creamy lather! But most importantly the scent! Oh the scent. Lush calls it rose, they call it vanilla, they call it marzipan…for me it’s like the most perfect, creamiest marzipan in the world. It’s impossible to explain with mere words but trust me it smells so, so beautiful and it’s like no other scent Lush has available.

If you haven’t tried it, I urge you to head to your Lush store and take a little sniff. I can guarantee you’ll fall in love and don’t yell at me if you spend way too much on slices to hoard away for the rest of the year as once Snowcake is gone, it is gone, and won’t return until next Christmas.

Snowcake, as always, is Muse Approved.

Available in stores or online at

Are you fan?


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  • pamela

    Hello Muse,
    I love LUSH and always enjoy reading your posts about their products. Please keep on doing what you love ^^
    I have Snowcake soap, it smells like christmas.. Like marzipan, sweet, warm, creamy, aaaah I just love it! xD

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thank you dear 🙂 xoxoxo! It really does smell like Christmas and snow! hehe!

  • Cathe

    I have never had issues with Lush fragrance! I do, however, have major issues and horrific headaches from the awful cinnamon scented pine
    cones and brooms that craft and other stores roll out during the holidays–incredibly offensive and disagreeable scent

  • Dora

    Oooh, I love marzipan and may have to get this (although need soap like a hole in the head). Commenting because I LOVE the smell of Lush stores. It can be a little strong, but to me the smells are more . . . natural or something than other places, like Bath & Body Works.

    • Isabella Muse

      AGREED! I love the smell when you walk in! It’s just so, I dunno delicious and soothing 🙂

  • Missy

    Have you smelled the American Cream conditioner? It’s described as strawberry/cream/vanilla something-or-other. I describe it as heaven in a bottle. I’ve been known to condition my hair, then slather it all over my body while I let it soak on my hair. I wish they would release a massage bar or soap in the same scent. I would smell like it all the time and I would be so happy!

    • Isabella Muse

      I have 🙂 It’s been on my hit list for years! I love it doesn’t contain silicones 🙂 When I’m a hair detox I typically use it or Retread which I love the smell of too! They actually did a perfume a few times! Not this year though but it has been known to pop up on the UK site (they ship to the US) as a perform in the Lush Kitchen section!

  • Iris

    I really liked this when I picked it up last year. I don’t mind Lush’s perfumey store scent, but the scent for this is subtle and not overwhelming.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah I know that’s why I was recommending it for people that think Lush is all about harder fragrances 🙂 It’s quite subtle and pretty 😀

  • Katherine T.

    I can tolerate some fragrance in a body wash or body soap. I haven’t stepped into a Lush store for decades, but now you got me curious! Will need to check this one out next time

  • Milo

    Funny. I absolutely hate this scent. I think it smells like dirty mop water or a ton of old in unrefrigerated meat.

  • Bethanne Black

    Hello Muse! I don’t see the peppermint soap anywhere on the Art of Shaving website. Am I missing it?

    • Isabella Muse

      no you aren’t 🙂 It’ll be available shortly for the Holiday season! I’ll keep you posted!

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure! Don’t past up the shaving soap, it’s just as delightful! 😀

  • Chey

    Helloooooo! I realize you posted this over a year ago, and the holidays are just over, but I just have to comment! I love this scent of this soap so much! I believe it was released as Snowcastle this past holiday season. I’m a huge fan of Lush and love a lot of its fragrances. I agree with Dora above that their products have a more natural smell than other brands. Snowcastle has one of my most favorite scents from the store! I just bought some from their post-holiday sale and tucked it into a drawer, and I love how my drawer smells every time I open it!

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Chey! It was indeed, they renamed it for some reason this year but still the best scent in the world 😀 Glad you’re loving it!!!!!!!!!!