March 10, 2016

The Art of Fragrance Layering with the Commodity Cocktail Kit

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Commodity Cocktail Kit

Commodity Fragrances have quite the cult following and happen to be a niche brand I haven’t had the pleasure of taking on for myself until recently. Lucky enough Sephora has the Commodity Cocktail Kit which contains 10 Commodity Eau de Parfum vials in 0.067 oz sizes.

This little set contains the entire catalog of Commodity Fragrances so it’s a great way to introduce yourself to this fragrance house but also it’s a nice way to discover the fine art of fragrance layering.

Commodity Cocktail Set

The Commodity Cocktail Kit can be purchased in one of two ways. At you can grab this set for $22 or you can get the set free from however, you have to pay $99 for it! Not really, let me explain! Commodity will charge you $99 for the sample set, ship it your way, and they’ll give you a coupon code which can be used on their website to get a full size of any Commodity fragrance that you end up loving from the 10 piece kit. Pretty nifty right?

If $99 is too expensive for you to splurge no problem they also offer a Duo Travel Spray of your Choice which is $49. So the sampler is free and, later on, you can use the coupon they give you to redeem two travel sprays of your choice on their site. This is also offered at $69 which gives you a trio of Travel Sprays. And again, the sampler set is completely free!

Commodity Fragrances are cocktailing perfumes that were created to be layered. This isn’t to say they can’t be used alone because they can, in fact, be worn alone. But they also work well together create a truly unique fragrance. This is the fine art of fragrance layering, something I haven’t quite mastered myself but love to dabble in.

Commodity has dubbed wearing their fragrances alone as “neat” but they do have a scent cocktail library with ideas for layering their fragrances together to create a completely new scent. Or the kit does contain a sample card with recipes for cocktails! According to them, there are over 1,000 possible combinations to create so the experience of layering is truly a unique one. It’s also a great way to get your creative juices flowing!

Commodity Cocktail Kit4

Their black label line are complex, dark, and intense whereas their white label fragrances are a bit lighter and easier to wear. Typically mixing a black label with a white label product the best effects in my experience. This is also a great way to tame down some of the more intenser black label fragrances.

The Commodity Cocktail Kit includes:
White Labels:

  • Gold is a warm and gourmand scent. This rich concoction of molten amber and Nubian musk is indulgent enough to bathe in.
  • Rain is a fresh and aquatic scent. This pleasant surprise for spring combines soothing notes of lotus, verbena, dew, and jasmine to create a delicate floral symphony.
  • Mimosa is a fresh and citrusy scent. A vibrant marriage of bubbly champagne and sweet mandarin, the scent evokes the best part of a luxurious Sunday brunch.
  • Tea is a citrusy and bright scent. This soft brew of citrus and aquatic notes is infused with cooling watermint leaf that gives it an exotic undertone.
  • Magnolia is an alluring duet of soft florals and dewy greens. This carefree, innocent blend of crisp green notes with a heart of rich, floral magnolia and gourmand hints rests on a warm base of caramel and musk.

Black Labels:

  • Whiskey is a warm and spicy scent inspired by American bourbon casks and rare Irish whiskies. Layers of mahogany, oak, sage, and cinnamon create this profound blend.
  • Book is a fresh and woodsy scent, an exciting mixture of spicy cucumber and torchwood with many unexpected twists and pleasantries.
  • Moss is a crisp and earthy scent that captures the balance between fresh, cool greens and musky earth undertones.
  • Wool is a warm and spicy scent that features touches of Bourbon vanilla and Haitian vetiver.
  • Gin is a fresh and woodsy scent consisting of a rare blend of leatherwood, eucalyptus, and sandalwood distilled with utter finesse.

My personal favorite stand alone fragrance is Gold. I’m not much for amber but this is a warm, soothing uni-sex fragrance that’s warm, comforting, and relaxing. Book is another fragrance that works beautifully alone. It’s woodsy, also feels very unisex, and reminds me of stepping into an old bookstore and being enveloped by pages and pages of stories as old as time. Now Gold and Book happen to be a marriage most divine. Applying a quick mist of Gold following by Book creates a soothing, relaxing warmth. If I close my eyes I can picture myself reading one of my favorite Jane Austen novels curled up in a chair with my favorite soft, fuzzy blanket and a roaring fire going with snow falling outside. The two fragrances together are rich, warm, relaxing, and soothing. If you want to jolt yourself out of the cozy chair you can add a quick mist of Gin which lightens up the warmth of Book and Gold and gives it a little buzz of eucalyptus. This is like reading Austen in front of a roaring fire while sipping on a glass of that quirky little green fairy, Absinthe.

There are so many ways you can wear these fragrances. Creating something unique, different, and complex is very easy to do with the sample set and believe me after using them the purchase of a full size won’t be far behind.

Although the Commodity Cocktail Kit is an excellent purchase at $22 from Sephora, I would personally recommend indulging in one of the Commodity deals I mentioned above as that makes the sampler free. And as I said the purchase of a full size of these beautiful fragrances is likely in your future.

Get the Commodity Cocktail Kit at or grab it free at

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Jen R

    My husband and I sampled several of these at Sephora recently and really liked them! I’ve been enjoying Mimosa and Tea and he really likes Book. I really like this trend towards more unisex/customizable fragrance. I bought several brands of these little sampler sets from Sephora during the 3x points of fragrance offer and both me and my husband have found something to like in most of them.

    • Isabella Muse

      I really like unisex fragrances too! It’s nice for couples as you can interchange and share fragrances 😀 You should try Bond 9 New Haarlem it is to die for and should work fine on both you or hub 😀

  • Elaine

    You had me at Book—! Thanks for sharing such details about this line–I had wondered –and will try it too! I pass along the more masculine ones to my dad and other men in my world–they like as much as the gals do! Wish Bond would do more samplers–so darn expensive but I love it too. Have any pull there, Muse-y? Another stop when I get to NYC!

    • Isabella Muse

      Haha! I’m a reader, so book was def one that captured my attention too! Honestly, I think of the more masculine ones as easily lightened with some of the white labels! You likely won’t want to share or give them away once you start cocktailing with them 😀 Oh me too, and cheaper ones too! They do sets but the sets are so expensive. haha I wish! Anything I’ve gotten from Bond 9 was paid for in blood, sweat, and tears haha! I have about 10 of their fragrances but I’d say only a handful are keepers. Lots of $$$ and not really as great a niche brand as everyone raves so don’t worry you aren’t missing much with them 😀

      • Annie

        I’ve worn Book before and it doesn’t strike me as too masculine for a woman to pull off.

        Commodity isn’t kidding when they say that their fragrances are great for layering. In Sephora I layered Book with Bvlgari Paraiba (turquoise bottle) and got the most unique, fresh scent mixture I’ve yet to smell in any single fragrance.

        • Isabella Muse

          It isn’t, I didn’t say it was, it’s beautiful! And it layers beautifully with Gold. I haven’t tried layering with anything outside the brand! I’ll have to try that!!!!!!!

        • Elaine

          Cool–I have that Pariba–thanks for the idea–I mix a lot with my favorite lemon/lime scents! elaine

      • Elaine

        So True about Bond—I only love Peace — it was a NYC souvenir. I think the little boutiques and niche places you all know and share about are even more fun. My money needs to stretch—:)

        • Isabella Muse

          I love Peace just because I’m a Lennon fan girl 😀 It’s a lovely NYC souvenir that’s for sure!!!!!!!!!!! haha unfortunately in the niche world stretching money is hard :-/ but samples help!

  • Bonnie

    I used to wear fragrances and have about 50 bottles at home. Full-size, all your major names. I never wear them anymore. It just seems that so many people are allergic to scent, or averse to it – even the mildest of spritzes gets people’s back up, whether it’s at work or in my own home, riding the elevator up to my apartment. Yes I get nice compliments sometimes and as much as I love fragrance the only way I’m allowing myself to enjoy my prestige fragrances is to scent my pillowcase before I go to sleep at night. It’s a pleasant way to fall asleep but most importantly I don’t want to be “that woman”. The one getting the stink eye, if you’ve ever been through it you’ll know the feeling.

  • Claire L

    I love the sound of those! Had a look on the site and on Sephora but Commodity don’t ship to the UK yet and Sephora won’t ship this item (or any perfume). Oh well, maybe they will next year. In the meantime, I have my Tocca ‘Meet the Girls’ scents to enjoy and the Zoologist fragrances to arrive . And thanks to another reader, potentially, the Olympic Orchids perfumes another time!

    • Isabella Muse

      darn that stinks Claire! Maybe you can have a friend get a sampler set for you and ship it! Let me know how you like the zoologist fragrances, curious minds!

  • Lauren

    Ooh, I must get this! I’ve sniffed a few of these in store, and remember liking them!

  • Laura

    I really wanted to try this set and had been waffling about getting it at Sephora…. but the coupon deal sounds great! I can’t find it on the Commodity site though…. looking at their shop section, it only shows the option to buy the sampler set for $22. Did they maybe stop doing that special deal?

    • Isabella Muse

      I just looked and it looks like they took it down 🙁 You might want to sign up for their newsletter to see if they do the deal again!

  • Natalie

    Muse,hi again. Same question about the fragrances.Do these contain alcohol at all?