July 28, 2016

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick Is Under $8 Bucks and Fabulous!

I just want to break the news to you that Poldark Season 2 will debut in the UK on September 4th and we won’t get it until three weeks later. I’d also like to share with my deepest regrets and sympathies that since we’ll be seeing it in Fall there will be absolutely no shirtless Ross Poldark scenes. It’s a little chilly in Fall to go shirtless.


I’m so sorry.

This is a confirmed truth. Google it.


I would like it to be known that I personally don’t mind hairy chests but not overly hairy chests, the exception would be Aidan Turner’s. Is that over sharing? I never know when I’ve gone too far.

Sleek Makeup Vixen True Colour Lipstick

You can comfort yourself with a British beauty instead like this Sleek True Colour Lipstick Is Under $8 Bucks and fabulous!

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick (Vixen)

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick (Vixen)

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick Swatches (Vixen)

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick Swatches (Vixen)

Down to the serious biz of lipstick. Grab yourself some of the sheen (or matte if you will) finishes of Sleek Makeup’s cheap as Sleek True Colour Lipstick! I’m totally a lover of the sheen ones! These are super creamy with an easy glide on my dry lips. They are beautifully pigmented with a lightly moisturizing formula that wears like a champ at five hours.

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick fotd

Best part?

The $7.49 price tag! Score!

I have quite a few shades but my favorite is Vixen. It’s a gorgeous cherry red that should be suitable for meet up with Poldark. Should the event happen I’m hoping someone puts me in a killer corset that gives me mega boobage for him to gawk at.

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick is available now at sleekmakeup.com. Shirtless Poldark not included with your purchase.


I purchased this item.

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  • N

    Aidan Turner is the only reason I watched Poldark on PBS (just being honest). Can’t wait for the next season. I am sure there will be some shirtlessness going on. I liked the first season of the UK series he was on, Being Human. After the first season it got a bit silly.

  • Dena Mcclure

    I don’t know Muse, that last sentence might be a deal breaker…… But seriously I am a fan of the whole brand. Gorgeous selection at great prices.

  • Kathy Agel

    I just tried ordering their lip liners, and I got the message that the product isn’t available in my country. Where are they located? Prices are in US dollars.

          • Isabella Muse

            oh yeah weird I’m having the same issue! Could some ingredient in the liner that’s preventing shipment to the US! I was able to add lipstick just now but not liner! How weird! Try tweeting/emailing them to see if it might be a mistake on their side!

  • Katie

    Ahhhh that Ross Poldark. I am so obsessed! And also cannot wait until season 2!!! No shirtless scenes? I’m sceptical–they were a pretty steady feature of season 1! Either way, at least we’ll forever have the glorious scything scene to revist. Again and again and again. Lol

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise πŸ˜‰ haha gosh I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not, there’s always youtube to rewatch it over and over and over again haha!

  • Carrie

    I haven’t seen Poldark yet, but loved him in Being Human. I’m not a fan of hairy chests myself, but he’s the one exception. On to the product. I wish we got more foriegn companies here in the states I love trying othe countries cosmetics and junk food.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha He’s ALWAYS the exception πŸ˜€ I miss being human! Sadness! I agree, but at least Sleek ships to the US πŸ™‚ If you like junk food from abroad try out Universal Yums! It’s a monthly snack box which sends snacks from all over the world!

  • Heather

    Funny, I had that same picture of Aiden as my phones lock screen.

  • Zovesta

    I’m in the “the hairier, the better” camp for my men. Unless it’s facial hair! =X
    Anyway, beautiful lippie on you, Muse! I need to check out Sleek’s line eventually. Is that a NARS Orgasm dupe (or the real thing) on your cheeks?

    • Kathy

      “I’m in the β€œthe hairier, the better” camp for my men. ”

      You might change your mind if you ever saw George “The Animal” Steele (a wrestler from back in the 80s)..

      • Zovesta

        LOL! Hmm, maybe I’m just weird, but – not a fan of his looks, the hair is fine!=X Although I will say that I’d like it a lot more at about 60% of the back and shoulder hair…

  • Swan

    I agree with Zovesta, the hairier the better. Glad you brought him up, he is pretty amazing! x