August 3, 2016

Inglot Cream Concealer Review & Swatches

Inglot Cream Concealer

I picked up two shades of Inglot Cream Concealer while in St Maarten recently. I’m not sure how long the Inglot store has been there, it’s on the Dutch side of the island and I don’t recall when I was there last year noticing the store. None the less I was excited they had an Inglot store on the island and I ventured in without hesitation.

Sadly, I was disappointed. The store itself was super comfortable considering it was brutally hot out side but it was also small and only had one employee who was unable to help me because she was applying makeup on someone else. Aside from myself, the girl getting her makeup done, and the makeup artist the store was quiet and I was able to browse at my leisure. A majority of the items I wanted were sold out though. They had bright trays of eyeshadow but many were empty because the shades were sold out. I ended up walking out with two Cream Concealer shades and an lash curler because nothing I wanted was available. Pretty crazy right?

But, none the less, I was happy with my concealer purchases and I quickly popped them open when I got in front of a mirror to try them out.

I’ve been using Inglot Cream Concealer on and off for a while now. I have a weird love/hate relationship with it. I love how it brightened up my entire eye area but I dislike the texture immensely and the shades I choose weren’t quite a good match for me. the shades I got were 38 and 23 both of which had too peach an undertone for me. The store was super brightly lit so, sadly, I didn’t notice that peachiness while swatching. None the less they are workable.

This is a matte finish concealer which should have raised alarm bells for me as my eyes are drier and I like a more creamier, hydrating formula. Lucky enough it doesn’t crease nor does it cake under my eyes. I actually liked the smooth, second-skin finish it had. It’s a very even, smooth coverage that didn’t age my eyes nor did it look dry.

My main problem was with the texture. This has a whipped mousse-like consistency which seemed to pill during application. It takes a little work to smooth on and I find a concealer brush is key to break down and sheer out the thicker whipped mousse texture. It’s funny because my long gone beloved Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer had a texture that was similar but it applied a lot more smoother than this. This formula just pills up into little balls during the application and appears to produce a peeling effect. A concealer brush helps a lot as you can buff this into a perfect finish but I thought application was a little bit too much work.

Inglot Cream Concealer Swatches (23 and 38)

Inglot Cream Concealer Swatches (23 and 38)

The good news?

If you have oily eyes, lids, and skin this might prove a good formula for you! I’d advise drier skin to avoid it though as the application technique is a pain in the butt and it’s a little bit difficult to get that smooth, second-skin finish! It requires a good deal of prepping and work. Granted, it looks mighty fine when it is applied correctly but getting there sure is a lot of work.

Inglot Cream Concealer wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for in a concealer formula but my mentality is you win some, you lose some in the concealer world! I’m glad I tried it and I’ll likely make use it in the Summer just fine but when my skin is drier in the Winter I can see myself avoiding this one like the plague.

Anyone try it?

Do share your thoughts on the formula!

I purchased this item.

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  • blee

    No, I have not. I like you like a moisturizing ones. BUT they have some awesome eye shadows. 🙂 Sad that the store was low on the inventory. I had one day dreamed to go to an Inglot store. There are none near me.

    • Isabella Muse

      There are a few in Manhattan and I’ve never bothered going! Suddenly, I see an Inglot on an Island and get hype to go to one haha! Damn shame they were low on everything I wanted sadness!

  • kellly

    Too bad they were so low on stock. Being in a tourist area, they ought to keep on top of this since tourists usually can’t just come back in a few days or next week when the new stock comes in. I wish I had a store around me since I’m hesitant to purchase stuff sight unseen.