September 27, 2016

Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color + Primer and the Exorcist


Oh Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer is now available in a matte finish! Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color + Primer is a new selection of full-coverage Clinique Lipsticks with a matte finish that have a built-in primer which ensures application is smooth, even, and flawless.

I liked the original Pop Lip Color + Primer and didn’t even realize they launched a matte version of this one!

Pop Matte Lip Color + Primer is available in over 25 shades and priced at $18.50 each.

I’m not really a matte lover but I enjoy the original formula as I said above but I’m curious about these none the less.

They are available for pre-order now at and should launch soon at and

Will you be indulging?

P.S. Off topic! But has anyone watched the Exorcist TV Series? I thought for sure it was going to be horribly bad but it’s actually really good. It took me until 40 minutes in to realize that that’s Ben Daniels playing Father Marcus Keane aka the extremely bitchy Paul Grayson that threw a bird’s nest with babies off the top of a building in Flesh and Bone! It also took about 40 minutes into the episode for me to jump sky high, that attic scene, OMG! Stop! Which by the way leads me to American Horror Story this year…..I can’t watch it without throwing a cover over my head. Those pig noises, the constant jumps, I’m going to have a heart attack by the time the season ends.


I have always, always, my entire life been a huge fan of horror films. The irony is I’m not one of those people that can watch without being terribly effected by them! So, of course, the every light is in my house when I watch American Horror Story. And when it ends? I have to make sure I live the lights on the hall way because something might get me when I walk into another room!


What are you watching this Fall on telly?


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  • Jessica

    I felt the same about the Exorcist! I thought it was going to be just meh but then the twist at the end – ohmehgerd! Plus, The Exorcist is my favorite horror film so i definitely had high expectations going in to the show. On a side note, I just finished watching Flesh and Bone and I wish it wasn’t a limited series because it was SO GOOD!!

    • Isabella Muse

      OMG right? The twist was awesome, don’t want to say it here (spoilers) but yeah, didn’t see that coming at all! And the attic, SCARY! I agree! I hated and loved the ending! Also the Girlfriend Experience, that was limited but I have hopes they might another season!

  • Allie

    I don’t understand how I didn’t know about this. Favorite horror book and movie. Watching to many beauty videos.

  • celine D

    Yes ! I Too that that it was going to be Meh . BUT, What a twist! The acting is good too.
    I have always been a Genna Davis fan. “The Fly ” was one of my all time favorite movies as was the original “Exorcist “. It is scary… THEN. “American Horror Story ” Yikes!
    Like HELLO! Creepy as Blair Witch. Im jumping off the couch every second . After I watch
    Those shows I have to watch something like cartoons or Late night comedy LOL! or I can’t go to sleep for hours .. But it seems like both shows did a good job this year w/ casting and music

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! I thought it was going to be as corny as Sleepy Hollow (I’m so over it but will likely watch S4). But it turned out fab. God, I love the fly both the original and the remake! HELP MEEEE help meeeeeee! πŸ˜€ Haha AHS is super scary today! I have my hands over my eyes or a cover over my head lol! I hate when things jump out at me! I can’t wait to see next week’s episode!

  • celine D

    LMAO!!!! Help meeee !!!! I’ll never forget that ! I also loved the original Fly too…

    Old horror movies are the best ! Love me some Bela Lugosi Dracula and Boris Karloff
    Frankenstein and The Mummy Too !!! AHHHH!!! ☺️ When I was little those movies scared the crap out of me ! Creature Feature on Saturday afternoons too – Yikes !