October 31, 2016

MacQueen New York Serum Tint Review & Swatches

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I picked up a bottle of MacQueen New York Serum Tint recently because it so reminded me of Perricone MD No Blush Blush. But unlike Perricone’s formula this tint is all about lips!

Take a look!


I used to be a massive lip stain and tint users! It was about the only thing I wore on my lips for a long time. My lip makeup has evolved and I tend to wear gloss a lot more as well as lipstick but I still love my lip stains!

MacQueen New York Serum Tint’s packaging was what drew me in. The tiny bottle intrigued me and reminded me of Perricone’s No Makeup Makeup Collection. It’s pretty much a spot on dupe for the Perricone MD packaging with the glass jar and sponge applicator.


This tint is available in six vibrant shades but I only picked up the red to try out. Now that I know I love it, I’ll be back for more!

This is a watery tint with a runny consistency that applies relatively smooth and perfect on my lips with an opaque and high shine finish. The red shade was beautifully pigmented and the runny formula applied surprisingly easy without migrating or feathering issues. Initially it has a very shiny finish but this wears away quickly and the color sets to a stained effect after several minutes of wear. It wears for a nice four to five hours but does feel a little dry by hour three. I can easily eat and drink through the wear without the color transferring. For sensitive users, it does have a slightly fruity flavor and fragrance that disappears quickly after application.



I’m the type of person that fails miserably at reapplying my lipstick or gloss when it wears away! This is one reason I love stains so much. MacQueen New York Serum Tint is a fantastic way to keep my lips drenched in a pretty shade of red for hours on end without the need for reapplication.

Initial Application

Initial Application

After Dry Down

After Dry Down

I’ll definitely be picking more of these up!

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