December 29, 2016

St. Ives Sued Over Apricot Scrub

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We’ve all used it at least once in our lives and we all love to hate it or live to hate it or just love it or maybe just hate it. Whatever your relationship is with St. Ives Apricot Scrub I’m sure it’s been an interesting and entertaining journey. In recent news, St. Ives is actually being sued because of their popular and cult favorite Apricot Scrub TMZ reports.

According to TMZ, St. Ives has been hit with a lawsuit over their popular facial scrub because the walnut shells in the formula can cause serious skin damage (most of us knew that already)! Two users, Kaylee Browning and Sarah Basile, have filed a class-action suit against St. Ives stating that walnut shells in scrubs are unsuitable for use on facial skin. Although the label on the product claims “dermatologist tested”ย apparently St. Ives still doesn’t disclose that the product isn’t recommend by dermatologists.

I’ve definitely used the scrub myself but it is without a doubt pretty harsh. It’s a formula people either really love or really hate in my experience. What you think of the formula?

This lawsuit is only one in a long line of beauty lawsuits lately. EOS was recently sued as well stating that the balm causes rashes, blistering, and even bleeding. WEN was also sued recently stating the Cleansing Conditioner resulted in hair loss.

Phew! What a year for beauty right?

News source: TMZ


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  • Allie

    It’s good but dries out my skin. I am using their oatmeal verison of it. Sometimes I use their green tea one. Both are less harsh then the apricot one.

  • Adrienne

    I’m with you Muse, most of us already knew that. It only takes one time. I think at one time they had a “brightening” body wash/ scrub thst was just as abrasive.I prefer the ones by Origins for my face. I had not heard about Eos. I love their sphere balms and hand cream.

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! A single use and you can see how bad it is for skin! I have to admit, it’s a guilty secret of mine that I do use occasionally when I need a deep scrub! But honestly, it strips so much moisture from my skin I tend to avoid it! I didn’t follow up the EOS one but I think in the Summer someone was suing them over blistering and bleeding

  • Shannon

    I stopped using it when I had to go to an opthalmologist to get a walnut shard removed from my eye…

  • Pdo

    Never used it on my face, just to exfoliate my hands. Don’t know exactly why but for some reason I was never tempted to use it on my face.

  • Brenda

    I have heard all the negative comments about this product and understand the concerns but my dermatologist actually recommends this product for me, I think she is one of few.

  • Kristin

    Almost 15 years ago I had a facial and the technician told me to avoid this scrub, as the walnut shells could rip open my pores. So, (besides being grateful for the advice) I think this is info that has been out there for a while; perhaps not common knowledge to people who aren’t into beauty (hence the suit), but a minimal bit of research would uncover it. Still, it does not negate the fact they were using harsh ingredients (and the whole tested-by-derms-who-don’t-recommend-it thing is just plain sneaky).

  • Lorraine E.R

    I have some right now! I had liked it years ago, it was the first exfoliator I ever used . It could be a little harsh and I worried about it might be making scratches I couldn’t see. I recently picked it up again but it’s not as harsh as I remember. The particles seem smaller. For someone who has mega combo skin (really excessively oily with some little dry patches) it still suits my skin type but I only use it once a week and I use it on my body too. I don’t know if I’ll be repurchasing when I run out again or not.

  • Danielle

    I never liked the smell. My sister had it and I tried it once, but it felt too harsh for my skin. (Then again, my skin is sensitive so if you just touch it it turns red. ) I like Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant or Arcona Cranberry Exfoliant. Clean and Clear makes a nice one, but I still find it a bit abrasive still. Usually i’m lazy and just take a washcloth to exfoliate my face and lips a little.

  • Brooke

    ummm I admittedly use the apricot scrub and really like it….I’ve been using it for years. That being said, I only use it 2, maybe 3 times a week because it is pretty abrasive and any more than 2-3 times a week is too much. I’m a fan of it, honestly. Maybe my skin will fall off one of these years because of it?! Other days, I use their oatmeal face wash and loooooove it!

    • Lisa

      Ditto for me. I use 1-2x week on a wet face in the shower. I don’t scrub really hard. I use other products to take care of my skin of course. I would not recommend using it with a Clarisonic or other cleaning device. Products with man made scrubbing spheres just don’t do it for my skin.

  • Natalie

    I too use their Oatmeal Scrub and love it.As for Wen,I haven’t stopped using that.I guess I am one the lucky ones who did not experience hair loss.I love Wen.

  • CL

    I still have an old tube of this sitting around. I have never used it on my face, as it was obviously too rough for that. I’d be leery of using it even on my feet. I’ll probably just end up throwing it out.

    • Randi MacDonald

      I think it would be perfectly acceptable for your feet. It would probably work really well.

  • Stephanie

    I used to love this product when I was younger, but I switched over to Clean and Clear Morning Burst Scrub because I just loved it a lot more. Recently, I got a sample of the St. Ives’s Apricot Scrub in a beauty bag giveaway and I found that it dried out my skin so much and it started to break out! I didn’t know that the walnut component could tear open your pores so I will definitely be staying far away from this product from now on.

  • Claire L

    I used it occasionally when I was a teenager/student but would never use it now. Just the thought of using it on my spots makes me wince!

  • Chelsey

    Hello beauty! I have never had a problem with the scrub. However I no longer want to use it lol based on this news lol. Do you have any suggestions for a facial exfoliater? Thanks muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      Me either! It’s def harsh but never had a really bad problem with it. Take a look under my archives, I have quite a lot of different reviews for exfoliaters I like!

  • Dani

    I just bought it a couple of weeks ago! Didn’t know it was so bad for the skin. I thought I was getting a good scrub. I’ll probably use it as a body scrub from now on

  • Liane

    My ex-boyfriend used to use this. I remember discovering this when we first started dating. I was horrified and immediately put a stop to it. I should have known then he wasn’t the guy for me. SMH.

  • Kaitlyn

    I think it depends on your skin type. My husband has very tough skin and uses it occasionally with no problems. I use it on my arms, and it does WONDERS for my KP. I really hope they don’t get rid of it for that reason, but they might be better off labeling it as a body scrub. lol

    • Denise

      I totally agree! Just because an individual’s body reacts badly to a particular product doesn’t make it dangerous and the company liable!

      • Isabella Muse

        People seem very, very hungry lately. In my business, I see so many ridiculous lawsuits it makes me cringe. It seems like everyone wants to sue everyone else for the smallest things like a broken nail. :-/

        • Emm

          As a holistic beauty junkie and law student, I take it all with a grain of salt. Yes, compensation culture is definitely a reality. But, products that cause micro tears on your skin should not be allowed to be marketed as a facial scrub such as the St. Ives scrub. Yes, consumers need to be savvier/actually read what they’re buying but huge MNC’s shouldn’t be able to sell things that damage your body (skin is the largest organ!). Just two days ago, Byrdie

          had a little piece quoting how dermatologists recommend against St. Ives Scrub, but then went on to say how Gig Hadid loves it… There are so many contradictions these days its just absolutely absurd but this is what instantaneous information overload mentalities and industries have created, and consumers consume it!

          Anyway, some people were asking about alternatives, I love Laura Mercier’s Face Polish, and it should not mess up your face (in no way am I giving you beauty or legal advice!) Also, Paula’s Beauty dictionary is a great place to start for information on beauty products .

          Finally, I’d like to thank you Muse, for sharing this with us. Had no idea! May you have a wonderful fortuitous year ahead full of remarkable and extraordinary things ๐Ÿ™‚

    • lizziefs

      Oh my gawd thank you for saying this. Seriously? Not all beauty products work for everyone. Some people are allergic to latex. Peanuts etc. Just because it didn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it justifies a lawsuit. I use this stuff all the time and my skin can handle harsher exfoliators. I used a Neutrogena acne face wash that broke me out in rash and I not once considered suing because of it.

  • Christine

    I do agree that the info about this product has been out there for a long time. I do use it once every couple of weeks, for my face, in the shower. I have dry, mature skin but it’s not particularly sensitive. I find this formula much less harsh than others like Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion. I always put on a layer of moisturizer after (sometimes Vaseline, don’t judge ). I feel like this product does a good job of polishing my skin without stripping it but, like almost every product, it works differently for different folks.

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise! I use it once in a blue moon when I need a really deep clean! No judgement here, totally a vaseline lover lol! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jodi Apps

    Hmmm I thought tearing up one’s post adolescent skin with Apricot Facial Scrub was a right of passage!

  • Bonnie

    The only kind of exfoliant like this I use is Cup o’ Coffee by Lush, which in just a few short months has become HG for my still oily, acne-prone (even at 40), although slightly aging skin!

    My thought is that you only have a small window for St. Ives, Noxema and the like, and it’s approximately ages 12 to 17. ๐Ÿ™‚ Skin gets too complicated after that.

    I also agree with others that I think some people will sue for anything–although, as an interesting documentary about the McDonald’s coffee spill lady showed…things aren’t always as they seem, or as cut-and-dried.

  • Meghan

    Oh man I hope they don’t discontinue it, it’s my favorite cheap every day body scrub! D:

  • Thea

    I would never use it on my face. It feels so harsh! I do use it my…*ahem* waxed areas (after like, a week of healing, lol) to prevent ingrown hairs. But yeah, my face gets the good stuff (loving the Farmacy exfoliating powder right now).