December 9, 2016

This Is Christmas, What Have You Done?

If you could let me hop up on my soap box for a second I wanted to tell you a little something, something….! I find Hardwick annoying. I’m sorry. I failed you as a geek. He’s just too overwhelming sometimes. But guess what? He’s actually a really nice guy and so sweet to his fans. And he’s always telling people to be nice to each other and you know what? I couldn’t agree more.

Be nice to each other.

Not just because the Holidays are here but every single day. Which brings me to point of this post. You shouldn’t have to wait for the Holidays to do something nice but I just wanted to tell you that dog food and cat food at warehouse places like Sam’s Club are around $14 bucks a case. You’re probably headed to one of those places to pick up wrapping paper, decorations, food, or even gifts, why not pick up a case of dog or cat food (or both) and donate it to your local shelter?

And those blankets at the bottom of your closet you never use that are keeping the dust bunnies warm? Why not wash them, put them in a bag and take them with you to your local animal shelter and donate them.

Don’t have a warehouse club card? Amazon has animal food just as cheap!

While you’re overindulging in all the sales it’s a nice gesture to help out a small animal with some food and a warm blanket! They can’t tell you but believe me they’ll appreciate it.

Happy Christmas.

Hopping off that soap box now.

Remember be nice to each other and animals.

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