January 17, 2017

Hey Honey Trick or Treat Concealer Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

I recent purchased a tube of Hey Honey Trick or Treat Active Propolis Cream Concealer ($32) due to the name and the raving reviews. I was hoping you skipped over that part where I said I purchased because of the name but you likely didn’t did you? I mean who can resist something called Trick or Treat Concealer? Seriously, though this not only sparks my curiosity but also, my great love of Halloween comes out to play.

I actually wasn’t sure why they called it Trick or Treat, there doesn’t seem to be any rhythm or reason to the name. No cute, whimsical reason they opted for that name. Nada! For me, for some reason, it brought to mind the old school Halloween face paint kits I used as a child. To this day, Wet n Wild still produces them. The second thing I thought was oh, maybe it’s a strong orange-y tone that will neutralize darker circles. But nope, none of that applied here. So, the name will remain a mystery.

This comes housed in a 0.5 oz tube and is $32 in price. I questioned the price a good deal before indulging but it is quite a large size at this price. I’m actually not really cheap about splurging on concealer. I’ve paid up to $90 for concealer without blinking an eye as I’m a super concealer junkie so, I don’t question prices over much. I guess I had some smaller reservations because Hey Honey is a brand I haven’t tried or even heard of until this concealer passed by by radar.

I have to admit I did laugh because one of the reviews I read on the site says, “It’s supposed to help with herpes and cover a break-out.” Wait, what? Ahem…well, I can’t say if propolis is a cure all for herpes. Propolis is actually great for those with acne as it rich in antioxidants and vitamins as well as contains antiviral ingredients which are a great treatment for acne or blemish-prone skin. The entire formula of this concealer has a lot going on as not only is it great for blemish prone skin but also has an anti-aging formula with emollient oils.

I don’t personally have blemish-prone skin myself and I don’t use concealer on my face but rely on it mostly under my eyes. So, my typical testing for concealers is how well they perform under my eyes. I have drier, finely lines eyes and I like hydrating, creamy concealers with good pigmentation to conceal tired, puffy eyes. But, if you’re not new here, you’ve already heard me say as such numerous times πŸ™‚

Hey Honey Trick or Treat Concealer promotes itself as a concealer for dark circles and other discolorations around the eye area. Perfect!

The sad news would be this is available in a single shade selection. That didn’t stop me from buying it because from swatches I saw online it looked like a light medium beige which is typical what I look for in my concealer shades. When I got it I was quite happy with the shade on first swatch. But as I blended it disappointment set in. Sadly, the shade morphs a little during the blending process and goes considerably lighter. It’s a lighter ivory that looked quite pasty under my eyes sadly. The formula itself is quite lovely with a lightweight slightly emollient texture that blended very easily under my eyes without creasing into my finer eyes and wearing for a nice six hour period before showing subtle fading but no creasing. It reminded me a little bit of lighter version of It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer. However, it does sheer out considerably during the blending process and wasn’t as pigmented as the It formula. It does brighten up the eye area but that’s because the shade is quite lighter than I originally expected it to be. It didn’t quite conceal my tired eyes though and my puffiness was still quite visible. It’s odd because it seems quite pigmented but the more you blend the sheerer it gets and even building doesn’t help the coverage.

Hey Honey Trick or Treat Concealer shows promise that’s for sure. If I could get a more suitable shade I could see myself purchasing it and using it on days I’ve actually had eight hours of sleep and my eyes are behaving. Sadly, the shade was a little too off for me and the sheering out during blending did disappoint.

Oh well!

Anyone try it?

Do share your thoughts on the formula! I’d love to hear your experience.

Hey Honey Trick or Treat Concealer is available at Ulta.com.


I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • CC

    I have the hey honey gold/honey mask and don’t see any real results with it, honestly. It was $59 too so prolly not a repurchase. The Andalou honey mask, however is great and I get a glowy look from it. It was $14.99. I also got a sample of the 24/6 cream and it’s nothing special either.

  • Tabitha

    Now I want to try the trick and treat. Please do tell because I’m wildly curious…. I gotta know about that $90 concealer,, I’ve never heard of a concealer that expensive! lol I’m wondering if it’s Sisley Paris or something

  • Dani

    I would have loved if it has something to do with Halloween! I took it as trick: trick others into thinking you don’t have dark circles. Treat: treat dry skin under the eye. But Halloween would have been much better! Haha.

  • Emily

    Too bad; it sounded promising but only one color? And too pale for you? Will have to pass. I was wondering, have you ever tried Onomie concealer? It’s another one that’s supposed to have great treatment benefits as well as concealing capabilities. I bought it based on the marketing, but it’s mostly gone unused, because I am not very good at applying concealer, especially under my eyes. I’ve tried a few, and none really seem to benefit me. But I wonder if you’ve had any experience with it, and how it compares with others, you being the concealer expert you are!

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s on my list but haven’t yet! People keep telling me to try it πŸ˜€ I’ll def get there one day soon!

  • Somebody on the internet

    The box says it is called trick and treat, not trick or treat

  • Wyllow Gonzalez

    Normally I never buy a concealer unless I previously tried it and loved it or its super cheap. Recently I signed up for ipsy and I got this concealer as part of the package. I was generally surprised at first and thought it was a skin care treatment. I did some research figured out it was concealer and skeptically tried it. And I absolutely loved it. My skin is very pale so it suited me. It blended so well and didnt give me the bobble head effect most concealers do. also I get black heads like no tomorrow and after just two days of use I already see no black heads anywhere. No mask or care treatments or even proactive helped. My skin is also very sensitive and I usually get an itch everytime I try anything but this was so soft and thin feeling and not uncomfortable at all.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Wyllow! So glad it worked so well for you ;-D That’s great news!

    • Evelyn

      I also have very pale skin & tried it & I loved it.. it’s all like you described.

  • Vanessa C

    It’s called trick AND treat, not trick or treat. It’s named this because it tricks the eye, making you look less tired, and covering your dark circles etc and treat because all of its skincare ingredients… Just an fyi