March 22, 2017

Facetory is Still Introducing Me To Sheet Masks I’ve Never Heard Of

When you’ve been using sheet masks as long as I have and you’re obsessed as I am with them it’s kind of hard to find me one I haven’t tried. But Facetory is still introducing me to sheet masks I’ve never heard of in my life before!

I subscribed to Facetory about three month ago. Basically, I give them $14.95 a month and they send me a bright yellow boxed filled with seven different Asian Sheet Masks. The reason I signed up was I liked the idea of trying out a new selection of sheet masks. I never, ever expected to be surprised and even delighted by what they would send. I did, however, expect to cancel the box within the first month because I thought they’d be sending me a bunch of masks I already tried or own boxes of.

Here I am though a few months later and I’m still loving this subscription box.

I seriously thought I was a sheet mask connoisseur but obviously I know nothing because these boxes are chock full of $h1t I never heard of. Not to mention many of the masks are actually pretty brilliant. I recently discovered the joys of cream sheet masks thanks to this subscription box! I swear these boxes make me feel like a sheet mask n00b!

February’s box is all about hydration and whitening.

The box included:

  • Ariul 7 Days Mask Lemon
  • Belborn Intensive Bounce Ampul Mask
  • Dearpacker Smart Solution Nourishing Mask
  • Holika Holika Skin Rescuer Mask Sheet
  • Oka Recipe Moistirizing Sheet Mask
  • Dewytree Whitening Deep Mask
  • O & Young Beauty Solution Clear Coating Hydro-gel

So, the O & Young Beauty Solution Clear Coating Hydro-gel is particularly interesting. After you use this they recommend not tossing out but instead storing the mask in a contain with hot water. The mask will dissolve and you can use it as a sort of splash mask after it dissolves. I can’t say I ever ran into a mask like that!

Sheet mask h0r? Or just curious about sheet masks having never tried them before?

Do sign up for Facetory.

I can’t rave it enough!

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I purchased this item.

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  • Michelle

    Ahh, GoT! July can’t get here fast enough.
    So many sheet masks, so little time…

  • Carol G

    I, too, am addicted to sheet masks. Just started with the obsession the first of the year when I added them to my routine. The way they make your skin feel is incredible. Although I swore off all subscriptions, this actually sounds like a good deal. 7 masks for $15 is cheap! Tempting…

  • Kimmyyy

    I subscribed to the seven lux version of this box because you mentioned it a while back and have been really liking it so far. I had super slow delivery for my February box (ordered it on 02/01 and they didn’t even ship it out until 03/01) but the March one was fine, and I love getting such a big variety! Plus it’s a great deal and I found my HG mask in the February box (JayJun Rose Blossom mask)! I will admit that it’s going to take me forever to get through even one box, but I figure I can always use some for gifts if I get to the point that I have too much of a surplus.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh no sorry about the box arriving late! but at least you got it 😀 I haven’t tried the Jayjun rose mask yet, guess I’m trying that next if you love it 😀

      • Kimmyyy

        They apologized and said it was an issue with their shipping company, and since they apparently just switched that up, it wasn’t a big deal – it just frustrated me that I had to reach out to them and that is when they ended up sending it out. Oh well, no big!

        And yes, you HAVE to try the rose one! I have a box of them on standby in my Ebay cart right now for only $18! I will say that I have a thing about textures with foods and other stuff, like masks apparently, and the thicker slimy texture of this one was really wigging me out while I wore it (I need to buy one of those things that holds the sheet mask on your face because this think was slipping and sliding all over the place for me). However, I held out and left it on the full 20 mins, then took your advice and used the rest of the stuff in the package all over my arms and chest, and I LOVED IT. My face was so pretty and glowy the next few days, and even better, it didn’t cause me to break out. Also, I love rose scents (Rose Jam is my obsession) and the fairly natural rose scent of this one was really relaxing. That is the one and only mask I’ve tried from my boxes yet. I want to try the Dearpacker Royal Black Tea & Black Rose Hydrogel Mask (what a name) but the packaging is so gorgeous that I don’t even want to mess with it!

        • Isabella Muse

          hm sorry to hear it! You shouldn’t have to contact them at all that’s why you are subscribed because it should be sent on time:-/ A lot of sheet masks have that smiley feel 🙂 when it drips I simply rub it across my neck area 😀 They always say take care of your next and this is an easy way to do it lol! I have to try it, you have me wildly curious now!

          • Kimmyyy

            Lol, I felt pretty slimy by the end of it, and taking it off was SO satisfying! It got pretty freaking cold too, but that’s my fault for wearing it in a room with the ceiling fan on! Just keep in mind that I’m kind of a sheet mask noob so it may not be anything revolutionary for someone like you!! I think I honestly prefer the kind you just smear on your face because I can still wear my glasses without them getting gross, lol!

          • Isabella Muse

            oh don’t wear one of the cooling sheet masks lol! They make my nose feel like it’s going to fall off 😀 Yeah, sheet masks+glasses=not a good idea ;-D I’m super dry so honestly sheet masks are my go to for lots of moisture 😀 I’ll wear them for like 30 to 60 minutes until they completely dry out to suck every little bit of moisture from them!

  • Pamela

    This is my 4th month with this subscription and I love it. Can you believe the quality of the mask? Who knew there such differences in mask? It’s quickly become one of my favorite subscriptions!

    • Isabella Muse

      I thought I KNEW everything about sheet masks until I started getting this box 😀

  • Carol G

    Hey Muse, I ended up signing up yesterday( Wed ) after reading this post and now this morning (Thurs) I get an email from them saying that starting next month, April 1, they have to start charging for shipping! Boo! I couldn’t believe it. So just a heads up for you and everyone else, that they will charge shipping going forward.

    • Isabella Muse

      I only skimmed the email but I think it said they wouldn’t be changing the price if your were a “loyal subscriber” or am I crazy? It def sucks though 🙁

      • Carol G

        The price will remain the same for anyone who has signed up prior to 4/1 but they are charging shipping. For anyone signing up after 4/1 the price will increase to $15.95 plus shipping. So yes, the price is the same for “loyal subscribers” but everyone is being charged shipping going forward. Yeah, def sucks for sure as I hate paying shipping on anything! ;(

        • Isabella Muse

          ahhh! ok, I thought we weren’t get hit with the shipping price! Too bad :-/

      • Kimmyyy

        For those who received the email/were already subscribed, the base price will not change ($4.95 for Fresh and $14.95 for Lux), but shipping will be charged now for Lux and it will go up for Fresh ($2.95 for Fresh and $3.95 for Lux). Those who were not already subscribed will have to pay the higher base price, plus shipping ($5.95 + $2.95 for Fresh and $15.95 + $3.95 for Lux). I just referenced my email.

        I’m not super thrilled about the price changing and may honestly cancel. I don’t really use enough masks to justify being subscribed forever, so maybe this is my que to leave them. I’m not sure yet! It’s still a good deal, and I love getting a surprise in the mail every month, but I already get Ipsy and Sephora Play, so not sure this is a must for me with it becoming nearly $20. 🙁

        • Isabella Muse

          I’m confused I thought if you were signed up already it wasn’t changing. So it’ll be nearly $20 per a box from here on out correct? I’m not thrilled with that either, sad sigh but it still works out to around $3 a mask which isn’t too bad!

          • Jennifer Piedra

            I did the math and if you’re already subscribed as of April it’ll be 18.90 a box so $2.70 a mask for the 7 Lux. For the 4 pack already subscribed it’ll be $7.90 so $1.98 per. Not sure if I’m going to cancel or lower my box to the 4 pack. You got me hooked lol!

          • Isabella Muse

            haha I love you’re busy calculating this 😀 Honestly, it’s not too bad a deal at all even with shipping!

          • Kimmyyy

            Yes ma’am – here is what the email says (just for the sake of showing exactly what they say):
            “However, if you are getting this email, it means that you have been a loyal member of our FaceTory Family for quite some time. So to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being with us from an early start, we will not be raising your monthly kit or box rate. The new shipping rate however, will still be in effect due to our shipping carrier and surrounding costs that have increased.”
            So, your box won’t change price, only shipping. I agree that it is still a good deal, I just hate when they change the prices of these sorts of things. Oh well! I think it just depends on how much you’ll use them and how much money you want to spend.

          • Isabella Muse

            I totally skimmed over it and didn’t read it right at all! I think it is still a good deal but I’m like you kind of they are suddenly raising the price :-/ boo!