March 23, 2017

Jesse’s Girl Twist & Shout Lip Balm Budget Friendly and Cute!

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

I always have that urge to start breaking into Rick Springfield Jessie’s Girl whenever I slick Jesse’s Girl Twist & Shout Lip Balm on my lips. Yeah, sure there’s an “I: missing here but still, “why can’t I find a woman like that!”

But let’s be serious for a second here and discuss the fact that Rick Springfield got old and stuff. I was somewhat shocked to see how bad he looked in his brief Supernatural appearance. His skin was all Keith Richards I smoked one too many cigarettes looking. Between the runny guyliner he was wearing and the fact he obviously had some ahem work done I was a little bit shocked. I wasn’t shocked at how well he played Lucifer though. Dude, bring him back. He was brilliant and he bounced off Rowena so well. But he sure can just a little moisture….! Maybe a little lip balm?

Jesse’s Girl Twist & Shout Lip Balm might fit the bill!

I have admitted many, many times I’m that girl that stashed away lip balm in the hopes I can use it as currency in the post-apocalyptic when zombies roam the free world. I have them in my desk drawer, my makeup bag, on my vanity, on my end table, on top of desks….they are everywhere. I’m prone to chronic dry lips and I blame my slight obsession with lip balm on that but who am I kidding? My gateway drug into the world of makeup started with lip balm and that child-like wonder I had with them growing up is still very much apart of my life. I just like cute lip balms. There! I admitted it.

If you’re anything like me you’ll adore Jesse’s Girl Twist & Shout Lip Balm. It’s a brightly packaged little balm that’s $3 bucks with a melty almost oily texture once it warms up on lips. It has an easy glide, give lips a hint of shine, and leaves them lightly hydrated. I love this formula because it looks dense at a glance but it actually has a soft, melty consistency that glides on lips like butter. It does have a flavor, I tried Tangerine and it had a citrus-y flavor and fragrance that I found pleasant but sensitive users might not love.

If you need a little light moisture, a hint of shine, and an easy glide from your latest lip balm fix this little budget friendly pick is perfect for you!

Jesse’s Girl Twist & Shout Lip Balm is available now at drugstores or shop it online at or

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • Kimmyyy

    Yay, more lip balm to feed my addiction with! Plus it’s cheap! I’m so glad you love them too and review so many of them! I think I’ve tried everything but the really pricey and foreign ones.

  • Ruth

    I too was kinda shocked at how much he reminded me of Keith Richards!! Holy crackers, he needs to moisturize! As Luci interacting with Rowena, amazeballs! I absolutely love Ruth Connell and her portrayal of Rowena slays me.

    • Isabella Muse

      RIGHT? lol! He seems to have had a bit of plastic surgery, his eyes are kind of tucked back a bit. I do too, she is adorable! And her makeup…!!!!!!!! Photo ops with RS I’m sure at Supernatural cons lol! Can always do one and lie to friends that you met Keith Richards!

  • Kessley Carson

    I am a life-long Rick Springfield fan. For those of you shocked on his appearance, in Supernatural, I say, go to see him in concert. He doesn’t look this desiccated in person! It is apparent that the “work” done on him was performed by make-up artists using appliances as part of the special effects. Yes, he has had some work done, and has admitted to what he has had done. Read “Late, Late at Night” by Rick Springfield. I too love lip balm, but have not yet tried this. I have used Jesse’s Girl false lashes and they are phenomenal, so I will have to give this a “Twist & Shout” to see if I can join in on the future currency for the Zombie Apocalypse.

    • Isabella Muse

      He looked pretty bad in supernatural but totally loved him in it 😀 he did a great job! Nice to hear he isn’t as bad looking in person haha! LOL yes, I’m telling you, lip balm will most def be high on the currency list when the dead walk the earth!

  • Silvia

    I’m a hoarder of chapsticks and all things to save my lips. Although I don’t suffer from dry lips unless sometimes more in winter time since I run and my lips need spf and as much protection I can offer them. I see Jesses Girls items at Rite Aid and am intrigued to try them the colors are inviting and the price is great! But since I already guard WetnWild everything I have never tried Jesses Girl…I hope it doesn’t turn me into late Rick Springfield wrinkly one. Will try this! I been searching for the huge Bonnie Bell lip smacks but can’t seem to find them? Love those. If anyone spots them please shout it out.