April 20, 2017

5 Makeup & Beauty Picks from Japan Releasing this Summer!

Spring and Summer makeup and beauty releases arrives in Japan in fashion with releases from brands like Jill Stuart, Anna Sui, and Les Merveilleuses de Laduree. Japan holds a special place in my heart when it comes to beautiful makeup. Don’t get me wrong I love the whimsical charm of brands from Korea like Etude House and Tony Moly but brands from Japan have a certain timeless elegance.

Spring is normally a rather popular time for makeup releases in Japan. Typically January marks a time for skincare renewal here in the US but Japan is typically cocking up different color collections to launch and for me it’s one of their biggest seasons for makeup aside from Fall.

There are quite a few beautiful things that launched or about to launch in Japan for Spring and Summer that are currently on my to buy list.

Here are a few I have my eye on.

Jill Stuart Nude Couture Eyes
I have more Jill Stuart Eyeshadow Palettes than I have eyes but that doesn’t prevent me from wanting to indulge in their new six pan eyeshadow palettes. The beautiful mirrored compacts with gorgeous strawberry vine etching open to reveal a gorgeous selection of nude shades for eyes.

Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Glow
Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Glow is a revision on the original rouge formula with a new luster glow finish that adds transulent color and shine to lips! If you haven’t done so already you can familiarize yourself with the original formula by clicking here and reading my review.

Jill Stuart Blooming Dew Oil in Blush
I’m most excited this year about the new pressed Blooming Dew Oil in Blush. I have all the shades of the long gone loose powder blush as well as several shades of Blush Blossom Dual Cheek Color, Mix Blush Compact, and of course, Jelly Blush so, like any good makeup magpie I need to add some of these new blushes to my makeup vault. This new design has a “glow oil” that offers a luster-y finish with four unique shades to brighten, add color, and luminosity to cheeks.

Les Merveilleuses de Laduree Limited Edition Rouge
The gorgeous rouge shades from Les Merveilleuses de Laduree have a stunning cameo design with a formula that adds color and a touch of glossiness!

Anna Sui Face Color
This delightful floral printed brush consists of two main blushing shades as well as two highlighting shades that add color and a touch of translucent sheen to cheeks and face!

Do you have any Japanese Makeup lemmings this season?

Do share them!

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  • Christina Tran

    Ooh, the Laduree blush looks pretty. But more importantly, I just found out that Japan post will not allow sunblock to be shipped to other countries anymore. Oh what am I going to do!? I hope they’ll still ship to other Asian countries and I can buy from Hong Kong or Taiwan!

    • Isabella Muse

      I know. Amazon Japan is refunding orders that have SPF! I just ordered from Sasa last month but it shipped fine, this was prior to knowing about the regulations. I think online sellers are probably going to still ship it! I see a lot of popular etailers still have a ride range of sunscreens available to ship! I figure I can get at least get it from Taiwan if all else fails! If I can’t? I might have to move LOL! Seriously, I can’t live without my Japanese sunscreen!

      • Christina Tran

        Haha, I was thinking I have to make a trip to Asia every other year and buy tons of sunblock. I know Korean sunblocks are plentiful, but they just aren’t as good, in my opinion. I’m all about the texture and the weight of the foundation, and Japan wins in that area! I’m going to hit up Sasa, Alphabeauty (I think they’re HK based, though) and Goodealer and buy a few backup bottles.

        Also, I was wondering about items that have sunscreen in it, like foundations. A lot of Japanese foundations , powder or liquid, have an SPF, so I hope those are at least still available. I use foundation almost exclusively from Japan because they carry the pale shades that they don’t release here, so I am going to be one irritated person if I can’t get them anymore.

        • Isabella Muse

          Count me in! Or we can move to Thailand because we know for a fact they have hot men not so sure about the SPF though lol! I couldn’t agree more. Their texture can’t be beat. Kevin is in HK but he only sells nose strips! He does have Allie though thank god. Adam is HK too and sells Biore, his prices are fair as well. Unfortunately, Kelly is off my list, she still has many, many sunscreens listed on her site but I wonder if she’ll still ship them!??!?! Right now, I haven’t heard anything about US guidelines, it seems the shipments are restricted to Canada. I wonder about that too because literally EVERYTHING from Japan contains SPF, EVERYTHING lol! ;-D

          • Isabella Muse

            oh dave is in HK too isn’t he? But his site is HORRIBLE!

          • Christina Tran

            Nah, I heard the US considers sunscreen a drug, and the ones coming from Japan haven’t been FDA approved, so customs is turning packages away. As a result, Japan Post put a blanket ban on sunblocks being shipped (for now) to all countries! Woe is us!

            All right, let’s plan a trip together. Oh the damage we’d do!!

            Aside from that, I am jealous you have Jill Stuart Beauty in NY. Nothing like seeing the items in person before making a purchase!

          • Isabella Muse

            oh no! It’s kind of dumb as there are so many quasi-drugs that contain whitening ingredients which are still shipping. Like, for example, the new Hada-Labo premium blue label, I just got three of them shipped no problem but for all intents and purposes it is a quasi-drug. If they start blocking whitening products, we seriously have to just call it quits and move lol! 😀 OMG, you have no idea. God help us! You know their website now sells it online! It’s not the same as being in the store to touch it and swatch it etc but it’s still nicer not having to wait for airmail 😀 You can shop it right on their website.

  • Isa

    I’ve had a soft spot for Anna Sui ever since they first launched in Singapore years ago. I was a teenager then, and the aesthetic really appealed to me. The counters were so different from the other high end brands that were in the department stores at that time. Calling them counters would be selling them short a little bit, actually. They had chairs and tables and chaise lounges in the area and all done in the black gothic style.

    The quality is pretty good too. Very very pigmented eyeshadows and blushes. I remember my friend asked to borrow my blush for a touch up in the middle of the day and she dabbed some on with the puff like she would with other brands and got instant clown cheeks!

    Unfortunately Jill Stuart isn’t available here except through third party resellers at jacked up prices. Otherwise I would probably have a bunch of their stuff too, because I’m a sucker for that packaging.

    We have Laduree pastry stands here but not the makeup. I would much rather have the cosmetics! They have this utterly adorable hat case for their duo eyeshadows!

    • Isabella Muse

      Anna Sui and I go way back too! 🙂 I think my first swap with someone from Singapore was for some Anna Sui powder 😀 The goth packaging drew me in! We have Laduree as well but not the makeup so sad! Jill Stuart we do have, it’s sold in the flagship store but they get newer releases a little later but still nice it is readily available in the US ;D

  • MichelleBelle

    What ebay or amazon sellers do you recommend? I want to get the jill stuart stuff!!! So cute. But I want to make sure I’m getting authentic products. Thanks!

    • Isabella Muse

      Sweets Sweets is an adorable brand but cringe, yesstyle charges so much! ouch! Those palettes are $10 in Japan and most drugstores discount so you’ll prob pay around seven bucks! Jeepers! They are making a buck at YesStyle! By the way, try their cushion blush it’s quite nice 😀 There cushion foundation is fab too!

      • Julia

        When I see what YesStyle charges, I always think I should open my own shop now that I’ll be in Japan for a while. Holy moly!

  • Silvia

    Oh! So, so pretty! These colors would suit this ghost perfectly! Thanks girls for sharing where to get them! Those strips look fantastic fresh vivid colors. Awwww! Trouble! 🙂

  • Jes

    Definitely going to pick up the Jill Stuart and Laduree blushes, and the Anna Sui line all looks lovely. I’m curious about the Sailor Moon Macquillage collaboration.

  • kjh

    Those Anna Suis already caught my eye on Beautylish. These are just plain lovely. Laduree is always out of control via Amazon. Speaking of Japan, my KGD foundation is coming from the Sephora sale. No Benzyl salicylate! No chem sunscreens. BS is a weird chemical that is used as a sunscreen and a fragrance modifier. By Terry uses it all too often. Also mufe waterblend, which otherwise would be great for me. Wouldn’t need the KGD, but am hella glad I found it. Btw, are there any mineral sunscreens from K or J? Where I source locally has only chem. It’d help to know the names of some.

  • Lauren

    That eye palette is gorgeous! I may have to try my first Jill Stuart item!

  • Silvia

    Oh! Each time i see a comment i want to buy these! Such pretty and lively fresh colors.Muse this is torture. Lol!
    Reporting on Rite Aid they have a 30% discount on a few WetnWild items such as lipgloss (I got a few shades), the teeny eyeshadow square, lipsticks, powder, foundation, eyebrow kit also but is funny they have raised the larger eyeshadow palettes to $7.99 after having their sale, same item again but higher prices. Still great and cheap. I bought from PF the peach blush is real pretty they have but one, other free.

  • Caroline

    I just got some gorgeous Japanese face masks; is there any way I can post a pic to show you?

      • Caroline

        Oh. I definitely posted it …. unless there’s more than one user with the same name …?

        • Isabella Muse

          nope that’s me 🙂 you tweeted me or did you post a tweet of it?