April 26, 2017

Imagine A World Where The Next Big Makeup Release Is Being Cooked Up in An Incubator

I don’t think we have to imagine a world where the next big makeup release is being cooked up in an incubator somewhere in the Valley. This is literally happening right now, this very second. Makeup releases are accelerated to a point that you wonder how much work was actually put into releasing the product. I remember a time when brands were busy cooking up their next release years in advance but nowadays it seems like within a 5 month period they already have their latest big release on the table and ready to go.

You might think of Jobs and Woz hanging out in a garage somewhere in Los Altos baking up Apple but incubators have come a long way since 1976 and no, they aren’t all run by Erlich Bachmans of the world.

I read a really interesting article recently on Racked about beauty incubators that got me thinking, let’s chat this a little more below.

Beauty incubators are already a reality but not necessarily a beauty business standard at the moment, I imagine they’ll become more mainstream in a few years. Many smaller startup beauty brands are turning to beauty incubators to nurture and improve upon their ideas and in some cases come up with new ones. For example, Colourpop recently revealed that, yes, indeed as many suspected, they are involved in the production of Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie has a hand in the creation but I imagine Seed Beauty aka Colourpop’s incubator can also own up to a lot of the credit for the startup and nurturing of Kyle’s brand not to mention the creation, packaging, and formulations.

I guess when we think incubator our minds won’t automatically go to Y Combinator or Matter because the future appears bright for beauty and makeup incubators. So, perhaps, the next time you think of an incubator, Seed Beauty might come to mind or Sephora Accelerate. Sephora Accelerate is an incubator that helps new brands find their footing while aiding them with support and funding. I’m actually surprised more Influencers and Gurus haven’t taken advantage of the program to start up their own brands.

What do you think of beauty incubators?

Do you think the next big makeup release might be cooking up in one right now?

Do share!

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  • Isa

    Hmm, I wonder if that new Pretty Vulgar line is a product of Sephora Accelerate? Sephora seems to be the only stockist as of now and I think it’s pretty rare for a line to be launched first at Sephora unless it’s a house brand. Brands that are owned by others seem to only be picked up at Sephora only after they have gained some traction on their own.

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t think so but I could be wrong. I’m wondering it it might be a house brand?! Not a lot is known about the brand yet…!

  • Agona

    Everything is too fast. You don’t really get to enjoy something before the next release is out. Makes me think I need to cut back on the number of brands I follow/haul. 🙂

    • Dee

      I agree. There is so MUCH anymore, and nothing feels really special because everything is so hyped. I will never get tired of makeup, but it’s one new thing after another new thing and you do kinda tune it out.

    • kjh

      I think that already happened to me, having dropped tf, tarte, benefit, and a few others. Seldom do an LE MAC, either since they are the trendsetter in constant LE launches that breed fomo. Unless a respected blogger gives it a go, I let it roll by. You are so right. Unfortunately, my approach also includes, if you find a formula you like, buy it in every color you’d wear. Oh, well.

    • Silvia

      So true. Way too much and too fast. Leaves you thinking if i purchase this how improved will it it be the same thing in just a week or less? Im specially sick if hearing Mac & Too Faced don’t want to see these two. Way too much!

  • diane

    i want to comment so bad but don’t know hat i am legally allowed to say and not say. arg.

  • kjh

    Incubators do not surprise me at all. With the rise of SM gurus and instant celebrity, the business model needs to respond with lightning fast turn over. The in house R&D really aren’t equipped. MAC seems to have an inhouse incubator for collabs and TNBT. I wish they’d work on helping C&H move along….