April 4, 2017

Sephora Cake and Bake Liquid and Powder Makeup Sponge and a Story About Mug Cake!

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I saw the new Sephora Cake and Bake Liquid and Powder Makeup Sponge and for some reason the Easy Bake Oven came to mind. I think I’m just thinking of cake at the moment that could be why. By the way, as much as I love the Great British Bake Off I can’t bake worth a damn (it was mentioned in last week’s Supernatural episode and I squee’ed a little hearing that!). So, recently I saw Duncan Hines Mug Cake Mixes at Target and I was like, “Bitch, please I can work a microwave so, I can totally bake a cake!” Not so much. My mug cake came out soggy. I swear to the cake gods (if there are any) that I measured the water accurately but still I got soggy a$$ cake. Listen, you only have to rip the envelope open, dump the cake mix in a mug, and add 1/4 cup of water to it. Stir it, stick it in the microwave, and apparently you’ll be magically gifted with a moist, fluffy cake in minutes.

Now, I happen to be Microwave Marge. I’m pretty handy with a microwave, just don’t ask me to cook anything because I burn boiling water. But obviously, in this situation, it was again reinforced that I am not a baker nor will I ever be one especially if I couldn’t handle making a simple one ingredient mug cake. I had somewhat of a emotional moment when it came out of the microwave oven because I thought it was going to be so good. Not to mention at the time I was on a long distance call with my x-boyfriend and he said, “Bells, why do you even try to cook ANYTHING?? You’re going to hurt yourself!” And can I tell you, to add insult to injury and salt to my open and raw wound, my best friend happened to pull out the mix last week and was like, “OH WOW! Is this mug cake? Can I try one?” And I was all like, “Don’t! They come out horrible!” And he was all, “No worries, I’ll eat anything!” (don’t I know it! He inhales everything!) and of course, he whips up a fluffy freaking mug cake.

WTF! My cooking life sucks it hard!

So, here’s the deal if I can’t bake a cake, I can’t, bake my makeup. Nor will I try with my dry as hell skin! Sephora’s a little late with their Cake and Bake Liquid and Powder Makeup Sponge but as they say better than never. They created this sponge exclusively for baking your foundation with two sharp, flat edges that make it idea for packing on full-coverage makeup and baking it.

As for me?

I’ll avoid baking cakes and baking makeup.

Sephora Cake and Bake Liquid and Powder Makeup Sponge available now at Sephora.com.


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Isa

    So. Many. Sponges!!! Heh, I can’t cook either. The only time I tried to bake (forced to, it was a class in school), my chiffon cake had the texture of a cheesecake.

    Well now instead of wanting a sponge I want a sponge cake lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      Mmmm! sounds yummy haha 😀 You sound like me! Yes, please, to the sponge cake!

  • Diane

    That looks really hard & rough! Why did they think it’s fantastic??? Other sponges look soft & can get close to your eye. Wouldn’t touch this one.

  • Ruth

    I wonder if your water was too cold? Since it had to heat then absorb to make a fluffy cake, it may have needed more micro time. just a thought =)

    that whole baking under the eye thing is totally a no go for this older chick! I don’t have many fine lines around my eyes but powder seems to find them all and looks like a crepey mess.

    • Isabella Muse

      good question, I think the water I made it with was like warm! I stuck in for 2 minutes and stuck back in for a minute more to soak up more of the water but still soggy :-/ I can’t do baking! I don’t know how anyone does it! It’s just TOO much!

  • Stephanie

    Aww Muse! You’re not alone! I suck at cooking and baking so I can relate to your struggle lol.

  • Anie

    I’ve never heard of cake mix that can be made in a microwave. Might depend on the power of your microwave vs the ones Duncan Hines uses. Personally, we just use Betty Crocker’s SuperMoist Cake Mix and listen to the box: mix eggs, water and oil, mix in cake mix, add to pre-heated oven and leave it in until the timer goes off for the lowest time, and poke with a toothpick. If the toothpick has goo on it, cook it more, if it comes out clean with some crumbs, it’s cake time. Granted, I’ve been doing this since I was 5; Mom let me lick the beaters >D

    • Isabella Muse

      Mug cake is pretty popular in the food world or at least it was trending a while back ago! 🙂

  • Annie


    No way in hell do I want to apply foundation marketed with “cake” in it’s name in case it makes my makeup look cakey!

  • Susan

    I am gobsmacked at the prices various companies are charging lately for a chunk of sponge. And yeah, I wouldn’t apply foundation with something labeled “cake” either!

  • Chris

    Chuckling at the antics at trying to make a microwaveable mug cake. I like the oven made Perfect Size cake from Duncan Hines to make — perfect for two people to share. I never use water in a cake recipe, I substitute milk.

    I just looked at the Duncan Hines website — it’s on the home page — mug cake. Maybe your mug was too big? Lots of factors for cake being soggy.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol you have no idea! I live such an exciting life! Mug cake drama 😀 haha! Heavy sarcasm! I TRIED that perfect size cake and OMG it was so much work and I ended up burning it! haha! Maybe!? It was like 8oz in size?