April 27, 2017

Smith’s Tropical Ambrosia Lip Balm Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

As you may know Smith’s Rosebud Salve is the solution to life, the universe, and everything. As for Smith’s Tropical Ambrosia Lip Balm, it’s life changing. Well, yeah, not really, but it sure is damn tasty.

If you’re a fond Smith’s fan girl or boy I’d highly recommend this one.

Smith’s Tropical Ambrosia Lip Balm ($7) is the latest flavor to be added to the Rosebud Salve empire and it arrives just in time for Summer with it’s melody of yummy flavors like coconut and mango. This is a really interesting flavor as it has quite a few layers much like the Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappe! When you first apply it, it tastes like coconuts but as you smack your lips together the sweetness of mango comes out and finally, after a few seconds of wear both flavors combine to create this creamy, tropical yumminess on your lips!

I was little shocked how difficult this was to squeeze out of the tube. I struggled with as hard as I did the new Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Lip Balm. When Smith’s introduced tube packaging back in 2011 it was rather thrilling for fans as no more nasty pot to deal with. However, I always felt like it thinned the formula out and made it a little more melt-y! Not the case with Tropical Ambrosia at all! This is very thick and really hard to squeeze out. The good news is it still has a beautifully melt-y texture on lips and gives them a lovely hint of shine. The color is clear so, it only adds shine but not a touch of tint.

As with all Smith’s products you don’t have to limit use to your lips. It can be used on dry areas like elbows, heels, or knees. You rub it a tiny bit onto your dry hair ends or even mix a tiny bit with your favorite blush to make a dewy color wash for your cheeks and lips. Even tame your brows with a small amount used as a brow wax. The possibilities are endless.

On the downside, it does contain petrolatum as one of the first ingredients so, if that’s something you avoid you might want to skip out (it also contains lanolin!).

All in all, Smith’s Tropical Ambrosia Lip Balm is a great addition to the Smith family! I’m already a Rosebud fan and quite delighted with this new flavor.

Get it now at Sephora.com.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • danadoo

    For years and years I have tried to convince myself that I like these, but truth be told they just feel like an oil slick on my lips, and have even given me blackheads around my lips! I seriously used to pick one up every time I shopped at sephora! Now I reach for the Korres lip balms which are total miracle workers on my chapped lips!

  • Stephanie

    Hi Muse! I personally hate the original Rosebud Salve lol, but I absolutely love the Strawberry one. It’s so good! 🙂

    This new addition sounds really nice. I’ll check it out. Thanks for your review!

  • Jes

    Super loving this one! Has a fruity nada colada flavor and the awesome simple formula that never leaves my lips flaky! Thanks for the heads up on this one Muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      oh my pleasure! Doesn’t it have this awesome layering of flavors when you first apply it? It starts with coconut, than sweet mango, and suddenly it explodes into this yummy tropical flavor 😀

      • Jes

        Totally! It makes me think of the old Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion, and sherbet. Just in time for summer!

        • Isabella Muse

          Me too! Someone needs to create a perfume that smells like Hawaiian Tropics 😀

          • Jes

            Ohh. What a great idea! I would just douse myself in it and smell like I stepped out of a tanning salon.

          • Isabella Muse

            haha we’d smell like a hot summer day in 1982! 😀

  • Sarah

    Yessss! Picked this up with my VIB coupon. Still waiting for my order to ship, but I figured for $6 and change I couldn’t go wrong. Not always a fan of petroleum, but I do like the quality of the Rosebud products.

      • Sarah

        Loooove it!! Flavor isn’t nice. Much nicer than the Brambleberry flavor I’ve been trying to get through. Perfect for summer!

  • Kimmwc03

    I bought it during the Sephora sale and love it. It was really hard to get going at first but it seems to work better now that I’ve used it a few times.

  • Michelle Luna

    As someone who has never tried the original Smith’s because I absolutely abhor anything rose-scented, this is RIGHT up my alley. Will be getting one!

    • Michelle Luna

      Also the super thick texture means to me that this is a good summer formula because heat will only make it easier to apply, but not so thin that it becomes a messy problem. Yes, I keep lip balms on me and in my bags based on what the weather will do to the texture. The thinner/meltier/oilier ones belong in winter where the cold helps firm them up, and the thick/solid/waxy ones are for summer when they go on easier.

  • Betty

    I can’t live without this lip balm either, have to try this flavor out, you make it sound like a dessert!